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Awards & a bit of badger drama….

Gosh it’s exciting here!

No really we had  a sonic boom over Bath yesterday &  conspiracy theories abound….

Anyway, there are some awards pinging around the blogosphere & I’ve been lucky enough to have been nominated too.  Thank you dear sweet peeps!

First up Farbenfreud (herself a ray of rainbow-filtered-sunshine with polka dots) nominated me for a Sunshine award

Favorite Color: Yellow.  That was my gut feeling, but then red’s also rather a wonderfully cheery colour as well.
Favorite Animal: You would think bad of me if I didn’t say “badger”, but guess what? I like elephants too!
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Peach or real lemonade
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter, but barely!  I am not very good at looking often enough, but when I do I sure know how to lose time!
My Passion: Creating, it has to be.  But actually I am quite passionate about people being the best they can be & living their potential & their dreams ….
Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, it has to be.
Favorite Pattern: This is too hard.  But.  If I had to choose I think I would say the Colette Pattern Rooibos, even though I have only made it once.
Favorite Day of the Week:  Saturday it has to be with the prospect of a whole weekend in which to do the things I love
Favorite Flower: Daffodils & daisies
Favorite celebrity role model: Another apology as I don’t keep up with that world, but would chose someone inspirational who followed their dream & made a success of it (err, as usual my head is empty of examples!).  However thinking a bit more about this, I would say Eddy Izzard was hugely inspirational, particularly for his sport relief feat in 2009 where he ran 30 miles a day for 6 weeks around the whole of the UK, in other words, 43 marathons over 61 days, but get this, he wasn’t a runner.  His progress was televised & I was gripped to the TV.  This was 3 years ago & I am still tremendously inspired by his pain, determination, tenacity & achievement.

Then I also have one of these “Versatile Blogger” awards.  Now speaking of people who are following their dreams, this is recently from Andrea at Stitchparade, who is going on an adventure & when I read about it, I almost cried (due to reasons explained above!)

I think that the lovely Debbie at Minnado’s House also nominated me a “while back” & I became diverted.  Sorry to appear ungrateful, that’s not what was intended.  For this I have to list 7 things you don’t know about me.  Gosh, I feel I’m pretty open on this blog, afterall I seem to bandy the words “crotch” & “gusset” around with regularity.  Plus what can I say that hasn’t already been said in other “10 things” or “7 things” that come with blog-tagging?  So I was going to share the next 7 things in my sewing queue, but I’m not there yet.  So instead here are some of the things I don’t usually inflict upon you dear lovely patient people:

1.    We have been dithering about booking a sailing holiday someplace where we can learn to sail somewhere warm  [cheers]

2.    This sent me into “nautical wardrobe overdrive”, feverishly planning to supplement my few existing pieces to kitsch it up on deck [hoorah!]

3.    Unfortunately we weren’t able to commit to it this summer [boo hoo]

4.    But I’m still going to create a nautical holiday wardrobe for when we do go [yay!]

5.    And have bought some fabric already [shock!  Not more new fabric!]

6.    But it’s OK cos I upgraded my phone contract & sold back my iphone [that’s OK then]

7.    And we’ve committed to a super duper ski holiday over Christmas so we shall all be skiing on Christmas day en famille after not being able to go this season either [Ra ra, super hoorah!]

There you are, aren’t you glad I usually spare you this level of holiday drama!?

Thank you also to Allison from a Fabric Fixation for nominating me for a Liebster award, which I’ve had before 🙂

I’m nominating you all for these awards if you want to play along….much to much pressure to chose a few!