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Oslo cardigan forever!

I confess I made this version of the Oslo cardigan at the beginning of September – in fact I made two almost identical but can only show you the cardigan I kept.

oslo cardigan

This is the purple sweater knit from Truro Fabrics (sorry cannot find it on their website) made into the Oslo cardigan available in Seamwork, Colette Patterns’ online magazine.  I have made this before out of a red cotton mix sweater knit and it has been a summer stalwart.  In fact I wore it when I was in Cornwall and my Mum liked the style so much that the purchase of purple sweater knit in Truro was already earmarked for two Oslo cardigans.  I bought three metres- it was like carrying a couple of pillows around with me in shopping bags!

This picture so cracks me up

This picture so cracks me up

My Mum knew this would be a birthday present for her and requested shorter sleeves, as that’s her style.  So I made one with the regular long sleeves (& yummy long cuffs- the sleeves cover up wrists so well when it’s cold) – & the other I made with slightly shorter 3/4 sleeves and drafted a different cuff arrangement – it was wider (as the sleeve would be when it is shorter) & not as deep.  I am really sorry I didn’t take any pics, but you can probably imagine it?

This is the technical drawing.  I have not added fastenings to either of my Oslo cardigans so they just hang open unless I clutch them around me, as demonstrated above  🙂

Oslo cardigan

I made them both at the same time, sewing all of it on my overlocker.

oslo cardigan I think it’s the colour as much as the style that makes this such a useful cardigan.

oslo cardigan

For the making notes, have a look at my previous Oslo cardigan as nothing much changed (except my overlocker blade – a huge difference in sewing those triple thickness seams at the join of collar to cardigan!).  I also used wondertape again to set the hem before I sewed it.

The other benefit from these cardigans?  I had enough left over to make an Astoria sweater- but haven’t worn it yet.  I will update you after the opportunity for some trials!  I do find that there are some really good wardrobe builders in the Seamwork package, and did you know the subscription operates differently now?  You collect pattern credits & can choose which patterns to use them on.  I haven’t tried it out for myself yet, so can’t tell you any more than that, but it seems more of a flexible system?  oh to have the hours in the day to sew everything you fancy …

Wearing notes: With my Oslo cardigan, my Itch to Stitch Carey top and my embroidered  Ginger jeans.

Summer river scene skirt

Oh this has been a long time coming!  As I sit here, typing with a very wet & rainy vista in front of me I think back to the handful of days that this skirt has served me well & brought a smile to my lips.  My summer river scene skirt made using Makower fabric I bought in Truro fabrics back in May.

summer river scene skirt

As soon as I saw this fabric I knew its destiny – a simple gathered skirt making the most of the horizontal ‘stripes’ brought by the repeating strip of river’s edge with row boats, yachts & edged with sludgy green summery vegetation- the odd tree, shrub & grassy river bank.

This is a classic no pattern skirt made out of a couple of rectangles of fabric, gathered onto a waistband.

summer river scene skirt

But my design process did not begin with the button up skirt vision, nor the patch pockets- they came later as I was sewing.   I had sewn the centre back seam & suddenly thought ‘buttons!’ – a button up skirt! That’s how premeditated I am.  You can’t see that well, but the buttons are a gorgeous shiny limey green too, gorgeous!

So matching the pattern was clearly very important – at the front and the only other seam – the centre back.  I did not bother to match the exact part of the river at seam lines, that could have been a night mare, but it was important that the whole rivery stripe gave a continuous stripe around the whole skirt.  Matching the sewing took me more time than I thought & I should have taken more precautions when sewing the waistband on for example.  First pass applying my usual carefree confidence was not good enough & I had one side of the waistband finishing far too low for a bodge – out of alignment by possibly a whole centimetre.  I had to take it out & revise my seamline & second time was OK due to more care & attention.

summer river scene skirt

I added the pockets almost as an afterthought too.  The skirt was finished, on Barbarella, & it seemed another good idea.  The first time I wore it for one of our pizza parties it served me well, bringing out beers for the guests!

Summer river scene skirt

A bit of a closer view 🙂

Summer river scene skirt

So it’s been a cute skirt, simple design, but needing proper attention to match the stripes.


i love it & it really does symbolise summer & is very practical 😉

Sewing spending spree no.1

I have had a bit of a splurge at the end of last month.  I can’t seem to keep the pennies in my purse, or the extroversion of my credit card & (paypal) in check.  So let’s assuage the guilt with delight in what I’ve gathered & the plans I have for transforming them.  You up for being my confessor?

It started with some new patterns, around payday….  New to me anyway.  I stopped by Sewbox as I really want to make a summer dressing gown (inspired by Amy’s of Sylko Twist) – mine is too short for anything but a heatwave. So I bought the Buchanon by Gather.

And then, because I was there, I added in the Derby dress by Christine Haynes.

Derby Dress

These purchases were made on one of the sunnier days & I was thinking that the Derby dress (belted ruffled neckline version) would be the perfect summer sundress.  And remembering from a couple of summers back, Flossie Teacakes’ gorgeous rendition that totally changed my mind about how I saw its possibilities.  Whilst the Buchanon was a spontaneous purchase, the Derby was completely justified because I really do not have any sundress patterns that are like this – strappy with a flounce, a tie belt with enough flow of fabric around one’s bod in the heat.  And although I bought other fabric to make it with, this daisy viscose from Croftmill, I have actually cut out the fabric above that I bought at the end of last year from the Fabric Godmother – it was a roll end in the sale, but is gorgeous & will make a wonderful sundress.

I also bought some fabric (yay for fabric, we love fabric!) in a real shop. I went to Truro when I was staying in Cornwall in May, a few days after my Sewbox purchases.  We visited the relocated Truro Fabrics. Truro Fabrics is not somewhere to go for a bargain, but it has a lovely range of quality fabrics, haberdashery & also a furnishing fabric department (& craft cottons, wool too).  There were some lovely Joel Dewsbury viscoses which I was drawn to, but at £14.99 per metre, too expensive for the lengths I had in mind to make either of the patterns I had just clicked to buy. So I let my heart lead me, searching out fabric that was new to me & gave me a fuzzy buzz.

I always look at the knits, especially sweater knits & found some purple sweater knit at £9/m (good value I thought) & my Mum was so interested in it that I snapped up two cardigans’ worth – one to be a pressie for my Mum & the other for me.  I can’t find it on the website- sorry!  But it’s yummy.

Purple sweater knit

Then there was this lawn with garden birds on it – this was maybe £12.50 per metre & I got enough to make a summer top.  And I might copy Florence again (if I have bought enough) & either make the Hey June Biscayne blouse or some simple version of the Deer & Doe Datura.  Or a camisole.

Finally I love this Makower print (£12.50 also I think) – with its river scene in horizontal stripes. This will be a full summer skirt.  But I cannot find it on the website either.

Summer scene

There. Since then, I have located some fabric for my Buchanon dressing gown.  I might use the  daisy viscose from Croftmill.  Or I also ordered some of this too, it’s a beautiful grey vintage floral, very much a chiffon & would make a special floaty kind of gown.  Maybe.   But it’s more sheer than I really wanted for a mid length gown over summer PJs.   I am still deciding.  I will of course, report back. I think that the Gather kits looks pretty good value, if you haven’t already bought the pattern. I liked the grey …..but had already bought the pattern….

But then I also (intake of big breath) see I told you I’ve been on a roll…bought another piece of fabric.  I think it was also because I got paid for some casual work I did…..(spot the guilt!)  I could not resist 20% off Liberty at Whitetree Fabrics  using the Vintage Pattern Pledge discount that runs this month.    See sidebar in Kestrel makes.  Only for June though.  If you read this later, sorry!  So I bought some beautiful Tana lawn – Lodden.


This is  the perfect fabric for a dress I ripped out of a magazine at the beginning of the year & will become one of my “high hitters”.  A shirt dress of some description.

Speaking of which.  Yes, you’ve guessed it.  “I just couldn’t help it”  I took advantage of the introductory discount & bought the new Sew Over It pattern – the Vintage Shirt Dress.

And shhh.  I have nearly finished my first one.  Just the buttons to buy….And exactly what i made it out of will remain a bit of a surprise for now.  I have maybe incited enough excitement for one day.

And the detectives amongst you will also realise there is another confession to come.  This time with some interesting tools, gadgets & haberdashery I have also recently bought.

So, have you enjoyed any recent sewing shopping sprees? Is it a symptom of the slow start to the summer?  Help.  How do I stop!??   (No it’s OK, don’t worry about me.  July will be enforced cold turkey as far as purchasing goes.  & Lots of sewing :-)).

News and loud purchases

Hey lovelies!!
First of all thank you for so many awesome comments on my last post about my polka dot Chardon skirt. I’ve been away so couldn’t get to the ( reliable and long lasting) Internet plus even if I could it would have been at the expense of being a sociable loving daughter….can’t have that really, can we?! So I haven’t been able to reply yet. So I shall read every comment again and smile with an ear to ear beam.
This is just a quick one to first of all alert you ( in case you’ve also been offline for a matter of days) that the Colette Patterns Laurel contest is at voting stage for Readers’ choice and there are some amazing dresses in there. Gulp. I can’t believe that my blue Laurel had made it through. Have a check out the seriously wondrous takes on Laurel and if you feel like voting for me, then I’d smile even more ( not that I’d know however!!!). Thank you for all your support so far by the way. The first I saw of it was on Twitter ( thank you Vicki Kate 🙂 )
Ok, in return for that I thought I’d show you my purchases from Truro fabrics, which I was able to visit on my Trip down even further into the South West of England. You know my parents live in Cornwall, right? Hence the many visits to the sea. As always it was awesome, but we don’t usually make it to Truro. This time however was an exception ( and maybe the start of a trend/ habit).

Truro fabrics did not disappoint. I’d only been once before and such is my memory that I only had vague recollections of its scale and huge amount of stock. I did not waste my time downstairs in the furnishings dept, but headed straight away to the dressmaking department. Actually, my mum took me to the clearance mezzanine first (;-) ) but nothing tempted us.

So, to cut to the chase, I was astounded by the huge selection and overwhelmed. I did not really have a shopping list, but did have a small budget. I’d seen some stretch cotton sateens on the website and was playing with the idea of those, and in fact that’s what I plumped for. But first, some turquoise Lycra to make my retro style 50s swimsuit ( this is my sewlution) – I already have mccalls 6569 as my pattern, and in theory have enough to experiment with one and two piece versions. They are general sunbathing wear, otherwise the fabric would not be suitable (imagine the drag as you make your tumble turn!)

Nice yes?

Next is a fabric that my mum was interested in, liking the blending of the colours, but not actually liking the colours or the scale of the print. This was my third decision, buying enough for a dress …I think.

The last one to show you, but it was actually my first decision – it was a rebellious choice. My poor mum. We have such different taste, she likes muted pinks and blues that blend. Me? I choose bold and bright. In fact she was quite shocked that I liked this. And maybe it was because of that, that I bought it…

O crikey!! I think I’ve made her feel ill! I bought a metre as it shall become a skirt, a ,Charlotte I think. She is still in denial that I *actually* chose it and paid money for it.
My parents are now bracing themselves for it making its appearance next time I visit them. I don’t think I can disappoint them, do you?!? Have you ever bought something that someone had such a strong opinion about, just because that made it even more exciting?