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Neat elastics!

I’m not going to bore you with all the Christmas gift making I’m doing, but if I find something out worth sharing, then that’s what I’ll do!  My most recent making has been of the special male gift-giving variety, & due to my lack of imagination (& the paltry clothing allowance these particular men give themselves) what do I usually without fail conjure up as man gifts?  Why PJs & pants of course!!

In this post I discussed my desired progression from Simplicity  9958, my fail safe woven (Baggy) boxer shorts pattern to some knit “trunks”, crowing over Jalie 2327 which I have not been able to get hold of.  No matter!  Kwik Sew 3298 (stocked here by Sewbox) came to the rescue & it wasn’t long before it was gathering dust on my sewing table (you know how it is, do all the Christmas thinking miles in advance, then leave the actual sewing until the week before….panic, pressure & chaos).

Anyway, I have two neat methods for sewing elastic waistbands without a casing, but before I do, I have to rave about this pattern in terms of its ease of construction – super quick (& you know me, that is always a winner for me!!) .  Of course it is quicker than sewing woven fabric, as I use the overlocker, & of course the style is different & simpler, but even though I love the Simplicity pattern for its, er, simplicity, I REALLY love this Kwik Sew style –  I think it has 5 quick seams then elastic & hems.  Obviously until they are actually worn I don’t know if they are an ultimate success …& the first pair are made out of, let’s say, mobile jersey with quite a lot of fluidity, which might not be the best!

Giggles?  Oh plenty when constructing the “codpiece”.  Luckily I was watching an appropriate episode of Blackadder – here’s the relevant clip for your delight…

YouTube Preview Image

OK, onto the elastic as promised.  Method 1 is pinched entirely from the Kwik Sew instructions, but I liked it a lot, especially as I have a whole reel of RAINBOW elastic (used here on my iPad case previously).  This method used on these trunks I think could be applied to girly undies too (maybe Zoe’s new pattern – on my “to try list”).  No way just the boys get rainbows on their pants! Anyway,  it basically involves stitching the elastic right sides together in a loop of the right waist size with a normal seam, then opening the seam & stitching the seam allowances down with triple stitch zig zag (or normal zig zag would do I think).  You then mark the elastic into fourths, and mark the waist of your garment into fourths & pin your elastic wrong side to the right side of your pants (ie so that the elastic is sitting right side up on top of your right side up pants) matching the pin markers in their fourths. You position the elastic so that its top meets the top of the fabric underneath.  Using a normal “stretch the elastic as you stitch” method to attach to the pants underneath, stitch using a medium width & length zig zag at the lower edge of the elastic.  Keep stretching the elastic in between your pins.

Once you have gone around once, make another line of zig zag, quarter of an inch above the first.  And that’s the elastic attached.  All you do now is trim the excess fabric away that sits inside the elastic above the two rows of zig zag.  I like it!  Any questions if this is unclear email me (until comment issues are fixed)

And while we’re talking elastic attaching, I thought I’d mention that I didn’t make a folded-over casing to house the elastic in the latest pair of PJs I made.  Gosh!  Shock, horror!!  But can you tell from the outside?

I used the method I’ve been favouring for leggings (& described here in detail  by Melissa at Fehr Trade) – & it works brilliantly for PJs too!  I did nearly everything the same including attaching the elastic with my overlocker.  The only change I made was to just use a normal straight stitch  (as opposed to a twin needle or zig zag) as the final step to top-stitch the attached & flipped  elastic to the PJ waist.

I think it looks really good, & also it will prevent any elastic twisting that sometimes occurs during wear & can be a tad irritating.  Give it a go – it’s quicker than making a casing & threading elastic (& losing elastic & re-threading it)  I reckon!

Big apologies my comments are still not working – I am sounding like a broken record, however it’s nearly 3 weeks now ….SO boring!  .I am desperate to show you new things as well as gift sewing!  (Not only my Charlotte skirt, a Drafting Top and anyone who’s made one of these will recognise what else I’ve just finished …

Exciting !!!!  And yes!  I’ve broken up for Christmas now – one more day of Christmas making by my reckoning…off I go now!

Boxers, shorts, trunks, whatever!

Before I launch into sew-news, I know there’s lots of you who like a chance to air your views, especially when it comes to sewing & what joy sewing brings to you – well there is the most interesting blog post over at Miss P’s which I urge you to visit & leave your views there- she is collecting evidence / amunition/ interest if you like in how well a programme about sewing might be received, what level of demand there is out there.  What kind of sewing related TV programme would draw you away from your Bernina?  Go on, take a look ..join in the debate.

Now onto sewnews.  Despite the standard being set by Tanit-Isis & Caton Designs for crazy awesome super hero frocks, I’m afraid I couldn’t even get close to such fantasy sewing.  Remember I spirited this away with me after a rummage in Abakhan in Manchester recently.

Well there was no chance in its transformation into any kind of girly wonderness.  Not with a mere metre of (what now appears to be) water resistant trunks material ….

By the way, you might think there’s a theme going on here, but truly I am not a superman fan despite my recent poor attempts at impersonation.  😉

It was destined to be made into boxers for a lucky man in my life.  The lucky man in line was my youngest, around his birthday a few weeks ago.  I scrabbled around madly to make him something to supplement his other pressies the night before. Boxers I thought.  Having made a fair few pairs now from my pattern (Simplicity 9958) I knew it was a realistic evening’s sewing .  I placed the patterns carefully to maximise the superheroes appearing in a good place, on the front, leaving the boring bit of the fabric for the back.

No one is interested in the patterns that are happening on the bum afterall (even if low slung jeans-wearing is in operation, which thankfully no longer happens to this 20 year old- maturity does kick in, honest!).  It was only whilst sewing them up that I thought “ere!  This fabric’s not very supple.”  A seam or two later I thought a bit more, “Ere, it might be a bit robust for undergarments!”.  And then it hit me.  I’d only gone & made boxers out of swimming short fabric.  It’s got a kind of water repellency about it.  Not stretchy as in budgie smuggler fabric but you can probably visualise that semi stiff fabric that gets made into board shorts.  So, boxers they are not.  These are “swimming shorts” now.  I didn’t bother to un baste the fly opening (gosh, that would be embarrassing, wouldn’t it?)  especially as they do not have the “fishing net”/ teabag pants inside, but does that matter?

I knew there was no point in asking him to model them, so I had to do it myself….

Now on the subject of male undergarment sewing/ budgie smugglers,  I came across this Jalie pattern

Click image for source at Pattern Review

It’s out of stock through UK stockist, Habithat, but you can buy it through PatternReview (with a whopping $megabucks international postage) where it comes highly recommended, but seriously I am not going to pay that much, it’s ridiculous.  I saw it first on a Jalie iPhone app (what a great way to peruse sewing patterns!)  Now if you were paying attention you’ll have seen it also contains a thong pattern (blushes & hides face behind hands) but there are some nice stretchy “trunk-pants” & even briefs if that’s what he so desires  (but please I urge you to discourage the thong….)  Has anyone made these up ever?  Worth a go? I bet it would be a good way to use up scraps of jazzy knits.  I seem to remember Zoe making her own pattern for “Dude undies” & I want to make some now….

PS I totally love the Jalie modelling with cool kids taking on the adults 🙂