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Sneaky peek at Sunday ‘s race day fancy dress

I'm afraid it seems comments are still busted, I'm sorry!! The web hosting guys are hopefully making progress…so rather than show you some recent proper clothes I've made, worn and absolutely love, here's a taster for this week's sewing priority: Christmas themed running fancy dress. My running buddies tell me you can get away with a bit of tinsel and Christmas tree earrings. But I didn't even have a Christmas hat! I was all for thinking about ordering some red fabric to whip something up when I remembered a tacky velour mother Christmas dress I'd foolishly bought in an attempt to bring a bit of tat to Christmas. Ill show the original photo on Sunday as it's on my other camera, but here are a few glimpses…..strapless clingy velour with fluff trimmed dress transforms into…


An equally clingy bum hugging tacky skirt ( to be worn over leggings I hasten to add) and enough to make a festive gnome-like hat. Hurrah. But the best bit?

My trainers have a make over!! I was set to make bows, but thought opportunities for fluff were limited. So I conjured up a couple of Pom poms ( using a cd as a template)

Originally I made buttonholes in what would be the back of the Pom poms to house shoe laces, but trying to optimise fluff on top of the Pom Pom didn't work so ….

I made fringes out of the fluff ( much like those camp golf shoes I thought) stitched Pom Pom with button to the fringe, then finished off by hand stitching some ribbon on the back to capture laces.


I'd love to know what you think, but at the moment it seems futile asking. I shall engineer an in-use photo though and tell you whether the skirt fell down, and if so how many times. Hope you are all having a great week, I now need to get back to gift making…..I'd also say”how's your gift making and preparations for Christmas going?” So consider me interested, but at the whim of technology…