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Pussy bow galore

Hello everyone, time for a reveal!

Tie neck blouse shown done in a bow

Celebrating the Simplicity 2614, the “Threads” tie neck blouse recently completed & now successfully test driven.  I’d previously made it in slightly more substantial cotton,with  3/4 length sleeves, my “Randall & Hopkirk” blouse.  This version is far superior for a number of reasons.  I think I’m in love.  In recent comments, it seems as if a few of you have it, but hats off to LinB who said that she’s made this pattern between 6-8 times for her & her daughter & I can understand why.

Give it some "jazz hands!"

It has a pretty 3 piece bodice: the top parts (left & right) are gathered to both below the shoulder forming a kind of yoke, as well as gathers under the bust onto the bias lower bodice.  The back is also cut on the bias, making this a really quick make.

The only change I made to it was to lengthen the sleeves, just by extending the cutting lines, no fancy drafting involved.  What really annoys me about my other version is the sleeves get bunched up under the invariable cardigan I need to wear.  “What’s the point?”, I thought.  Long sleeves needed as this is something for cooler seasons.  The fabric is so light & soft I knew there would be no issues with gathering to a cuff – the exact size of which I improvised with.  I didn’t see the point in making it a button cuff, so just made sure I could get my hand through the finished circle it made, & gathered the sleeve to fit.

This is a perfect work blouse, made out of the most practical & comfortable fabric ever.  Can you see the fabric?  Something about the colours, the greens & blues remind me of old style tattoos.  It really is the softest poly cotton, reminiscent of a lawn it’s so soft  (& it was only £2.30 or so a metre!!).  It’s so fine that it washes & irons really easily, yet is robust enough to cope with being put on & taken off over my head, no closures (helps to explain why it’s so quick to make).

The pattern really is very easy to make – the bit that requires the most accuracy is sewing the collar / tie to the neckline.  It’s important to get really close to the stitching line at the point where the collar parts company with the neckline to become the tie.

Some kind of groovin going on in my sewing room

I just love this fancy neckthing, but am not sure about whether to tie it in a bow, or keep dangling like an overlong neck tie poised to interfere in someone’s dinner.

I could see it being more successful left long when wearing it over the top of some trousers perhaps, as when not tucked in this blouse reaches hipline – possibly where the ties end.  Here you can see it being sported with my Ginger.

And I think in this case the pussy bow look is best.  I’m not sure whether it’s intended to be worn as a bow though – the shape of the ties suggest otherwise.  I suspect a thicker fabric would not like to be bowed up.

I’m sorry it’s all been quiet on the badger front for a while, not just lack of blogging but also visiting your blogs.  I am trying to catch up, but have had some time out from all things computery as a reaction to work getting too much recently.  I needed a technology holiday!  I have however sought solace in crochet, having whipped up a Carly snood (with an innovative & accidental twist- I’ll share, promise), with a second on the way – isn’t it just so addictive – watch TV & bring out the crochet?  On the sewing front –  I’ve just started a Negroni as a Christmas pressie ….  It’s so hard though, not progressing through my own sewing needs – the Clovers, the second Rooibos in floral needlecord, the Lisette tunic or even another pair of culottes ….not to mention some work trousers desperately needed to replace some very old Matalan fake grey flannel ones that are now looking rather jaded.    Still, it’s great not to be selfish & feel semi smug & organised for a change!