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Swimmers shirt dress for a sunny day – with piping

I’ve been enticing you with this – for how long?  Well done for being so patient!!

swimmers fabric

The swimmers: I’ve had this fabric since last summer.  It’s a Makower fabric.  I bought it when I bought the Brighton Rocks fabric & all I knew was that I loved it (having had a swimming childhood at the least I thought I’d use it for a cushion in my living room as I’ve got a bit of a watery/ swimming theme going on there).  Anyways, months ago it spoke to me & asked to be made into a sleeveless shirtdress- but I had no need to make it earlier in the year.  Why did it take the sun to shine for me to get ready to cut into the precious stuff?  Seemingly out of the blue, this really wasn’t on my plan, it was a real tangent, I cut it out using a pattern from an old Sew Mag.

My vision though, was drawn from the 60s, a casual garden/ beach dress.  I could imagine serving up a pitcher of home-made lemonade in it, or else putting it back on having dried myself at the beach in one of those “tube-towels” that had  drawstring neck to promote modesty.  Pale colours, big tan (if only!)

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