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Fifi summer PJs, aka Boudoir set

Hello my darlings, the word ‘Boudoir’ brings on a different writing style & makes me feel as if I should slow down, & maybe flutter my writing eyelashes at you.  Purrrrrrr….


Here, for your perusal, are two sets of Fifi summer PJs- the latest from Tilly and the Buttons.  On Barbarella I should add, no way will you see modelling shots of these by yours truly.  As mentioned in the last post I was a tester and absolutely loved making summer PJs- the timing was just perfect & let’s just say that I could become addicted, and have been wearing them in constant rotation ever since I snipped the last threads.


A caveat in that these are from the tester patterns and I am not aware of any of the changes that Tilly may have made as a result of feedback.  But they will give you a good idea I hope.  They are obviously made up of a cami style top with french knicker type shorts.  The top has gently  gathered bust cups and uses bias binding to finish much of the top edge and create the straps.  A beautiful detail.  The front is also cut on the bias with the back, princess seamed in three panels.


So I used some fabric I bought from my local fabric shop years ago as a double act – thinking of using the two together ‘at some point’.  The smaller floral design fabric is possibly a little more stiff than the bigger print but just about handles the gathered cups – but I think you want a lovely soft fabric to make these- avoid starchy crafting cotton!!


I made the second pair using a silk/cotton mix that I had also been saving for something small & pretty- underwear or sleepwear, so was very glad to be able to bring it into circulation.


I bought some lace to decorate it and it was quite expensive, but worthy of the adornment it would provide.




Raves about this pattern for me have to be the cups (so pretty!) but also the way the elastic is attached at the top of the shorts- neat !  There is no elastic threading, but a two step zig zag operation which is perhaps one of the reasons why this is classified as an intermediate pattern – requiring a little more sewing experience to make – sewing on the bias, French seams and working with bias binding, but you can bet Tilly provides full & comprehensive instructions if you want to extend your sewing.

I love wearing both of these sets.  I do not ‘lounge’ in them!  But I wear them to bed & am impressed by the way the cups fit around you & almost helps anchor the top to stop it swinging around too much.


And of course they complement my very luxurious dressing gown perfectly …

PS Don’t forget the special offer for this week only to get Bettine and Fifi as a bundle. 🙂

Summer PJs in winter?

If there is one thing you surely must know about me by now, and that is that I feel the cold.  I am always the one hogging the radiator (probably hanging on to it with blue toes), the one that stays in the car that bit longer after arrival (car heaters are just so efficient!) & can think of nothing more comforting than a hot mug in front of the fire.

But I made the finest summer PJs in December.  And that’s because they were destined as a gift for Muppet Cookson (my very occasional photographer) as she was going on a fab Indian holiday in February.  In fact she is probably still there as I write this.  Just.

Summer PJs

I can’t tell you about the pattern I used as it is a one off not available for sale.  It is a simple camisole with french knickers though- & there are plenty of patterns around that you could find, including the Colette Pattern’s Savannah cami from issue 2  and a selection at Measure Twice Cut Once that could result in something you’d wear in bed even.  Burdastyle have a few lovely patterns that would be gorgeous bedtime/ loungewear if you were somewhere hot don’t forget.  This one- with ruffles then there is this empire waisted cami, and these spiffy French knickers.

Summer PJs (3)

Anyway, back to what you see in front of you now.  I had some silk/cotton fabric with some coordinating lace.  There was just enough to eek out a cami & the knickers & then I also cut out bias strips for the straps.

Summer PJs

I used the Seamwork Savannah instructions for sewing the cami, especially applying the lace around the top.  The whole sewing experience was one of fragility.  french seams, the lace, the narrow hems, the delicate fabric.  It was ever so satisfying.

Summer PJs

My spaghetti straps were oh so easy when turning them using the “Bobby pin” method, for which I am eternally grateful to Tanit Isis, showing me the light, but it is also documented in Seamwork, with three other methods for turning rouleaux.

Summer PJS

As I said, this set was a gift & I am pleased to announce that it was well received & was even modelled (on top of existing winter clothing – so at least I didn’t make them too small!)

Summer PJs (9)

i will look forward to finding out whether they put into action in India ….