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Lovely things and lovely plans

It’s true that I’ve been a bit below the radar recently. This post has been in my head for weeks. So I’m combining some loveliness: some gorgeous things I’ve been lucky enough to have won in giveaways ( yes, me! I seem to have had a lucky streak), and finally an attempt to de-clog my imagination with all the lovely things I’d love to sew this season.
So first on to what I’m considering gifts:
Check out this brooch from Ladybird Likes. I was amazed to win this courtesy of Amy at Almond Rock. A big thank you Amy and to Ladybird likes as I chose the beautiful lady but she popped in the flutterby brooch too.

Then Evie at Pendlestitches was in cahoots with Simplicity and I got to choose a pattern as my prize. Now I’d been ogling this Cynthia Rowley set of separates (1783) for a while and therefore my choice was easy. I am bursting to make these up, there’s something about the trousers and the blouse I’m entranced by.  The blouse, by the way is woven & deserves to be made in silk I think …

20131004-124321.jpgAnd while I’m at it I have to give a shout of thanks to the guys at Coats crafts for sending me this vintage pincushion and thread set.  

20131004-124458.jpgWant to know something bizarre?  I didn’t have a pincushion!  It’s true.
And these awesome lace edged zips which I am aiming to embellish something unexpected with….

And if that wasnt enough, I feel as if I’ve been on a bit of a winning spree, having also won this mother!!

It’s a big ‘un folks!!  Party on down!  (after the marathon….;-)  )
Now I’m not trying to gloat. I am just counting my blessings as I’ve had rather a tough year so far, and this is a stackful of bounty when you look at it altogether.

So, onto plans.
My head has been and continues to be all awhirl with trying to get some sense and order to what to sew next. Ive been a bit of a pinball sewster, knocking from one quick project to the other without any real strategy. It’s been great, rather decadent sewing!! But. There are things I need for the winter. I’m talking jackets and outerwear. Those makes that require time, patience and a number of sittings ! Not to be made in one afternoon. The opposite of hedonistic sewing.
Remember my plans to sew a coat? From starting contemplation in August 2013, where did they end up last year? No where. I didn’t even cut the pattern out. So in no order of priority here are some of the coats and jackets I would like to sew this season:
Simplicity 2508 in this awesome wool

I’ve seen that Minerva sells faux leather piping! That could be a match made in heaven and fits with my vision for this fabric.
Ok, I also have the fabric and pattern to make a Minoru

And lets not forget the beautiful vintage vogue jacket, (3007) pattern lent to me by Jane

20131004-125927.jpgTeal wool with floral lining.  The teal doesn’t show up very well in this picture sadly.
And finally on the jacket front, I’ve found the perfect pattern, from this month’s Burda mag ( 10/2013) andfirst time I’ve bought one,  to finally use some Chinese brocade , a gift from my Mum a couple of years ago now

20131004-130347.jpgIt’s got a mandarin collar, princess seams and fitted waist.  CUTE as a button.
And whilst I’ve got other things tinkling away, and jackets and outerwear will keep me very busy ( and scared!) here’s something else I want to scare myself with: making this wonderful Super130 wool into a nice pair of trousers, maybe these Winnie (has to be dont you think?!) wide-legged trousers by Maria Denmark

20131004-130712.jpgAnd to blurge out even more of my ideas so you can get a feel for what it’s like to be in my head, mirroring the stateof  my sewing room:

  • A wool Chardon skirt
  • A wool Miette skirt
  • A needlecord shirt dress
  • Some more Renfrews
  • A pair of flannel PJs
  • A merino cardigan
  • A Darling Ranges dress in burgundy linen
  • Polka dot leggings

And that’s not including the gifts I’m sewing for family and friends ( not for Christmas presents either). Hmmm. Good job I’ll get some of my pre- marathon life back!!

And I’m off work next week too!  Woo hoo!!
I think I’ll have one bigger thing on the go for me as I sew something for someone else. What do you think I should start with?