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Blooming heck, Pyjama Party time

After the Clover fail I have not retreated to lick my wounds – far from it.  But I do feel as if I am descending into chaos.

Let me illustrate what it is like in the Badger sewing studios at the moment …..with just a simple example.

Like the scores, nay hundreds of other participants I have joined the PJ Pyjama Party, a sewalong hosted by Karen at Didyoumakethat.  Apologies, I realise you have probably read a variation of this paragraph countless times….

Originally thinking of making up some basic winter warmers, the dawn dawned & I recognised that it’s supposed to be Spring (& it sure is- talk about changeable weather).  I decided to make up something from a book I have only ever leafed through lovingly gazing at some of the pretties, reading up on hints & tips for sewing different lingerie fabrics, elastics & laces, Sweet Nothings by Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader.

Let me tell you that this book has some interesting patterns in it, some great basic patterns, some refashioning, as well as night/ loungewear.  Now I wouldn’t make all of them, but there certainly is a range, from basic knickers, dressing gowns, night wear to corsets & garters with many variations in between.  It was particularly attractive to me when I read that it has full size patterns included.  Well, it has for some of the styles, with some also requiring blowing up by photocopy.   Did I say I have yet to make anything from this lovely book?  There are lots of things I do want to make, so luckily my freaky grey cells worked in my favour this time, synapses fully kicking into action directing me to revisit this book to find the pattern for the sewalong.  Here it is:

Blooming heck, but they’re cute!  Check out the flounce at the hem.  I shall be sewing PJ bloomers!  If I have enough time I also fancy making a camisole with some kind of ribbon lace-up up the front.  Oh & if REALLY twiddling my fingers with sewing free time, I could even make a matching mop cap (Not!)

It is at this point that I’d like to show you the fabric.  It’s to come from an old duvet cover that I had thought would make a pretty dress, but as it is white with bright flowers, it feels very “high summer” to be accessorized with a deep tan, which of course applies to a couple of weeks in the UK summer.  It will get more use being made into jammies.  Problem is, I looked for the fabric last night, through the 5 drawers in my sewing room, then amongst the outrageous pile of “now” fabrics in my “sew me soon” hamper & I cannot find it.  Gah!  This all serves to remind me that:

  • I want to make lots of things this Spring/ summer
  • A nautical theme will feature
  • I have lots of friends’ birthdays coming up
  • I have a wedding coming up – I have bought the Craftsy Couture dress course & the Starlet Suit course
  • I have bought quite a lot of fabric following my iPhone buy-back bonanza
  • In fact I have done quite a lot of buying!
  • I need a prioritised plan ….
  • And then I know which fabrics belong in the “sew me soon” hamper
  • And I can find my PJ Bloomer fabric….
  • Good job there’s a weekend coming!
  • If you’re lucky I could even write up the plans in a nice tidy blog post.  Now that would be organised!
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?


PS I chose this pic for BA’s snarl- he has obviously also noticed the state of my sewing room….that did not even make it onto my list.  I am in denial.

Happy weekend all 🙂