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Sunny outdoor crafting

So we’ve had unseasonably brilliant weather & despite being an outdoor sewster (installing sewing machine outside on the garden table), I’m at cutting stage which is clearly nigh on impossible outside.  Plus it’s really too warm for more navy clover pants fitting, I mean do you really expect me to squeeze my hot bod into those too-skinny leggies of corduroy?  Thank you.  They are at a point though I should say.  Progress has been made.  The decision on whether they remain below knee length has not yet been taken however.  But, enough of the now ex-hammer pants (or poop pants as they were also called!), this is for once not about sewing.

The weather has been really too gorgeous to be tucked away in the attic room cutting.  Therefore, having been very industrious earlier at getting the garden to rights, it felt like a brilliant opportunity to try some more portable crafts.  When I went to Penzance in January, I happened across a wonderful craft shop called Iriss  crafts & came away with a couple of kits (it seemed like the speediest way to chose  since I had men decorating the pavement waiting patiently for me outside).

If any of you saw Kirsty’s Handmade series, you may also have been captivated by the shows that featured needlefelting.    Here’s the how to make a sweet shrug by felting an old cardigan & decorating with needlefelting.  And look here is a needlefelted Robin, more akin to what I’ve made, yes, Iriss Crafts has kits for starting to needlefelt & I chose a cute birdie.

You start out by using a template for making your shape out of woolly fleece & stabbing the  special felting needle loads & loads of times through the fleece into the foam it sits on.

“Take that, & that, & how about some more!”

That’s a dark body in the shape being stabbed (great for acting out any pent up aggression, let me tell you!) & the wing underneath.  You basically keep stabbing it, then turn it over & give the other side the needle treatment too & keep going until it’s nice & felty.  Then you can embellish & blend other colours into it, stabbing away in the same way as before.

I’ve added his wing & some other colours.  Nearly done.  The kit also came with some beads & some metallic thread & a brooch pin.  Here’s my birdie …

I don’t know what it is, but he’s got a really creature vibe to him…despite being pincushioned so evilly.  I bought more fleece, so can experiment a bit now I kind of know what I’m supposed to be doing.  Give it a go if you can, it’s SO satisfying.

I was in the mood for some more outdoor crafting, & sadly so far this year have not kept to my new year’s intention of making some jewellery once a month, which is a shame since that used to be my obsession.  So today I got my kit & caboodle out & made a few bits.

It’s not that fancy, but will be useful.  It’s made from shell & vintage style wire.  Then I got my crazy designer head on & created these earrings

Very much “holiday wear” & I think the most OTT jewellery I’ve made to date.  I had this thing about making jewellery with silk flowers.  It’s a bit tricky as the cheap kinds like this, are mounted on tough plastic that you have to make holes in.  But being an accomplished needle wielder, I got there in the end.  Puts these next babies in the shade somewhat.

A shame the photo hasn’t come out brilliantly…outside photography on a smartphone.  Anyway, they’re cloisonne fishies with trails of swarovski crystals.    I think this makes me up to date with my new year’s intention now.  I also managed to get some knitting in & I was therefore a fully occupied garden crafter.  What about you, apart from gardening what do you take to make in the glorious outdoors?

And by the way I am saving my OWOP outfits for a post at the end of the week to show the versatility of my 3 violet blouses ….