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Bitesize return

Hello lovely people! I am not even going to do the calculations for how long a break I have taken.  But it’s been a while hasn’t it? So much has happened in between, Christmas, New Year and all sorts of others.

How have you been?  Sewing strong I hope?  I have been doing plenty of sewing (although less this last month due to a rather hectic and lovely social schedule), but it is the blogging that bears the brunt of my new life balance.  You see I spend anything upwards of 9 hours a day ( four days a week) on a computer at work so the last thing I fancy is more of the same in the evening.  Not surprisingly I want to run and leap like the imaginary gazelle I am in my head.  But not every evening as sewing does still play its part.  And then there are family and friends to spend time with.  So poor ol’ blog gets a bit sidelined.

I made a deal with myself this evening – if I could use just 30 minutes of my evening to inject some life into my blog I would.  And then get a little time for sewing as well. So the format is going to be different – few words, a collection of pictures that show just a few of the things I have made since last I blogged.

I find even the picture taking happens less at the moment too, hence what looks like an odd collection of things I have made (when I know just how many things get plenty of wear but are yet to be photographed).  Here goes with the start of the catch up though…

mia-jeansHere are my most worn item of clothing ever – the Sew Over It Mia jeans from the My Capsule Wardrobe Weekend City break e-book.  Seriously great pattern – I have made another pair also.  Word of warning watch the length – this is as the pattern comes & I am not particularly lanky legged.  Top tip – buy fabric from Sew Over It as the lycra content is just right and the denims I have bought are fabulous quality and super comfy.  Sew Over It show fabric by garment type too in their online fabric shop, so click on the Mia jeans for the perfect fabric!

cuba-libreSo spot the Mia jeans with the Cuba Libre shirt dress from Capital Chic patterns.  I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester (did you check out the whole Winter 2016 range that Sally released last year – as always classy )  This is the Cuba Libre which has a shirt length as well.  Gorgeous to wear, roomy enough to be casual in a very soft denim (as I have made) but imagine it in a silk.  I felt very edgy wearing this it has to be said.   And I loved it so much I made another in a floral poplin, which I believe was a By Hand London print.

cuba-libre-floralI wear it belted because it does look like a sack (on me I stress- it would look awesome on someone taller !) & try as I might I cannot carry off that look.  This has been a bit of my posh- casual look and has been out for a couple of meals with me.  Note Mia jeans also worn with this version.

zadieOh recognise this?  It’s the Zadie dress by Tilly and the Buttons.  I was also a tester for this and whilst I have only made this one version, it is also much worn.  The jersey is from Sew Over It also and it super cute, a slightly more robust jersey, but not as thick as a ponte de roma.  The pattern is fab with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath and I am wearing dotty leggings as well.  An all round great every day dress when worn like this and really nice to sew.  I very much enjoyed the piecing – really clever shapes and opportunities for colour blocking,  plus the added bonus of pockets that work perfectly in a knit.  I found it was a style that had such a minimum amount of overlocking that I made it all on my regular sewing machine using a narrow zig zag.  The various seams need the precision of a regular needle and no blade (well, put it this way I am not that skilled in precision overlocking!)

liberty-mila-shirtNow this is a firm fave too (OMG it’s my grey Mia jeans again!!)  It’s the Mila shirt by Itch to Stitch made out of beautiful Liberty lawn.  I love it and am really treasuring having an ‘everyday’ shirt made out of such special fabric.  I used different buttons in a quirky way – different sizes and shapes but generally the same red tone.  The shirt itself is a pop over with a button placket and was released a few months before such popovers started to appear a bit more readily- the Archer shirt for example came out with a pop over expansion pack.  The toile version is below and I didn’t have enough fabric for long sleeves so made it short sleeved and without a collar, just the button stand.

mila-shirtThis is a viscose from Sew Over It, left over from my Doris dress.  Beautiful drape for this shirt.

butterickOh Lordy do those jeans ever get washed?  This is a vintage Butterick top- 4056 from the early 90s, and I have also made another top from it as a going out top in some groovy poly satin.  Photos to be taken.  Anyway, this is another fabric joy top – I got this fabric (a printed poplin with bunches of grapes all over it) from Goldhawk road and I love wearing this top with jeans and a cardigan.  More everyday fabric goodness 🙂

cowl-neck-topAnd finally for today this has no pattern to reference I am afraid – it’s a self drafted top.  It’s an over top thing, a layering piece you might say.  Designed for wearing long sleeve tshirts underneath, and made out of a ponte or maybe there is some wool in it – I can’t remember sadly.  But I do remember than it came from Goldhawk road also and for some reason I only bought a metre (maybe it has wool in it and I was being stingy).  Clearly not enough for the Coco dress I probably thought I would be making.  But guess what?  This also looks great with my grey Mia jeans!

And the photo of me being my usual goony self at the beginning of this?  Well check out the me made Liberty silk scarf that dazzles on top of my Colette Patterns Anise jacket.  A bit of a do and I felt a new scarf would be the icing on the cake.  Made out of half a metre of Carline Liberty silk.  Adorable and luxurious.

So who knows what will happen next?  What or when it will come, but I can promise that there is one post that I have committed to for Friday 3rd March and it’ll be a cracker !  Hope you tune in for that one.  But this has been 40 minutes.  I sort of kept my deal.  But is it enough?  What purpose has it served?  Maybe it’s served to wake me up from hibernation and prepare you for some good things to come …

Take it easy friends and sew long sew happy ….