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Giveaway Winner & stuff

Hello all!

I have been preoccupied, hence the radio silence.  But first of all, who won the Fancy Moon Giveaway?

Using Random Org’s fancy random generator the winner was picked and It was Shelley who thinks she is going to choose some Kaffe Fassett paper weight or millefiori fabric in teal or blue or…

and she thinks she will make an Emery dress or maybe give Tilly’s Megan dress a go.  But then, if she is anything like me, that could all change next time she visits the delights of Fancy Moon….

– I have emailed you Shelley, to confirm.

Miette at the Moz

Miette at the Moz

Here I am wearing my Miette skirt at a very special gig.  Hahaha!  I made myself laugh because I was even wearing the same t-shirt that is usually sported by Barbarella…. spot the difference 😉

So what’s been happening?  Well.  I am training for a marathon, and I guess I am a bit more tired than usual.  AND my head get a little screwed up about it…when I let it…as I have not yet run more than 16 miles and it’s my longest run on Easter Sunday.*  I have actually started a new blog for my running exploits RunLikeaGirl where I go into my marathon mind battles in a little more depth.  It’s also going to be where I post my crazy running outfits (hence the title!) It would be great if you are interested in any of my running adventures to pay me a visit 🙂  Still early days & I am looking for great running blogs (like real running blogs) to follow.  When I say real running blogs, I mean written by the non-natural athletes amongst us.  I might be running (shuffling) a marathon, but I am not a natural athlete….& I love reading stories about others who have the same kinds of challenges as i do & can laugh about them & can share how they overcome them too.  Any recommendations?


* Oh yes, and I got a knee injury too, so have been resting it this week after a physio session on Tuesday.  That plays even more havoc with one’s feeble mind….

And back to sewing.  I have cut out the Funki Fishy fabric for making up this Easter weekend.

Funki fishy fabric

The poll’s results were ….

Of the 279 votes cast, 163 have instructed me to make a running skirt.  Your wish is my command!

I will be back before the weekend is out with something I have made from my “High Hitter” list.  That is, something that I think is rather special & something that I took my time on detail ….

Happy Easter everyone

Fancy Miette skirt and Fancy Moon Giveaway

So in my last post about a certain investment purchase in Liberty jersey I was telling you how I was coming around to the idea of actually spending a little more for fabrics that have that wow factor.  That conclusion has been reaffirmed by this skirt I am about to show you, although, full disclaimer, I was lucky enough to be given a choice of fabric to review from Fancy Moon, so no purchase necessary (for now but I WILL be back!)


The trouble with trying to single out a fabric at Fancy Moon is that there are too many gorgeous fabrics!  I  had fabric-mania – my shortlist of fabric to die for was getting ever longer as I perused the categories.  Helpful hint – try not to look through the whole stock but decide upon what themes you want – I took a breath & focused on florals and Asia and Far East.

So after far too long looking at fabric treats I chose Peacocks- Black Oriental fabric by Elizabeth Studio.  After making my last Miette skirt, I knew that it is the perfect pattern to showcase a beautiful print – with an amount of flare but no gathers, the design details would be allowed to sing in full feminine chorus.

Peacock designs are just one of my weaknesses, (exhibit A: Colette Ginger skirt & exhibit B: Duathlon leggings) & being in the oriental design range ticked off another weakness!


Some thought went into how to optimise the fabric with the Miette pattern.  And I have to say that with such a bold print as this, even the cute bow details of the Miette are cast into second place – the fabric really does hog the limelight!  Which is why it was more about the shape of the Miette for me, not the usual Miette details.   I omitted the big front pocket, but as this fabric is cotton, crisp enough to hold the flared shape, but eminently soft enough to make an awesome front bow without being ridiculous, that was my priority- a pocketless bow tied Miette.  I cut the front piece on the fold (overlapping the centre front by 1.5cm to eliminate the seam allowances).  That was all the change that was needed.  Everything else was sewn following the instructions & came together really quickly.

Miette skirt

Now, you need to know that I have heard amongst Miette makers, that there is a certain degree of trauma/ tedium associated with turning the mega ties that make the bow- they are *rather long*!  Have no fear, you do not need to suffer any longer!  I found a usefully quick & painless way to turn the ties using  my handy unpicker (but any similar implement would do) .

This is such an old unpicker, I had it in my first sewing kit as a child.  I use it less for unpicking, and more as a point turner- the end is really useful!  Anyway, it’s perfect for this- it’s a bit shorter than a pen- maybe a pen would do (as long as the lid stays on- you don’t want any leakages!).  So I put the “implement” into the sewn end of the tie & push it through, squooshing the tie around it.  At some point you reach the part of the tie that is open at the waistband, & the “implement” can be pulled through, turning the tie right side out.  Once turned, you can shake the implement out of the tie and then do your usual for getting pointy corners.  Think you’ll try this out?

Miette skirt bow

I sewed the hems & waistband facing by hand because it was a lovely TV watching thing to do, in the warm during a particularly cold part of the month.  Don’t get me wrong, my sewing conservatory is *my most favorite room*, but at night, in the winter, I can only take so much chilling, so the proportion of hand sewing I do can increase as I dispatch to the cosy living room where I can put the fire on to defrost……& continue sewing 🙂

This is the wrap back

This is the wrap back

The skirt though.  Do you love it as much as I do?  I don’t think it is possible.  Worn with a slip, woolly tights & my warm chunky boots I adore it- I think the black background makes it a winner for the winter as long as I keep myself warm enough.  Equally it’ll see me into Spring, as the fabric is a crisp-ish cotton.    Now that’s making a wise purchasing decision – longevity through the seasons! Despite the lack of photographic evidence, I have worn this a lot as it makes me feel so individual.  It is truly an awesome skirt.


So if you have skimmed the paragraphs above, to get to the giveaway, the time is right!  Yes, Nancy at Fancy Moon is offering a £30 gift voucher to the lucky winner who I will draw at random.  All you need to do is head over to Fancy Moon and leave me a comment telling me which fabric you would choose (& if you know what you would use it for, please share that too!  I am nothing if not nosey inspired by others) .  The giveaway closes at midnight GMT on the 27 March 2015 and I will pick the winner during that weekend.  Good luck!

Miette skirt of fabulousness

So happy new year one & all! No I have not fallen off the face of the earth at all, but was in danger of doing so -I was in desperate need of a break from all things over Christmas which means I have absolutely loads to catch up on now that I have had loads of good family fun, friend fixes & sleeeeep! I feel rested & fresh for the joys of 2015.

I do plan to write my mini review of achievements and goals for 2015, but do not have all the facts to hand & as I am dying to get blogging again, and have been very tardy blogging a lot of my 2014 makes, I will dally no longer and show you something groovy.

miette skirt

I’d been inspired by this version of Tilly’s Miette skirt, and so when venturing out into Goldhawk Road recently with the ever  wonderful Jane, had some checked/ tartan fabric on my shopping list.

miette skirt

By the time I had satisfied many of the other things on my shopping list (I had put lots of planning into this pilgrimage to Goldhawk Road, as you do) I was extremely pleased to discover a fetching collection of plaids in one of the last shops we visited.  Don’t ask me which shop I purchased this from, but I also purchased some navy viscose with amazing drape to make a 1940s tea dress  ( a snip at £2 per metre).  Anyway, this fabric is some kind of nice polyester mix suiting and I was instantly drawn to the colours: magenta and bottle green. The decision was easy, and I think this fabric was about £7 per metre. I bought two metres, planning to make a Miette skirt with a wrap but not ties. The ties can take up quite a lot of fabric, and in the winter, I felt that this skirt will be layered upon & so ties and bows would become squashed/ lumpy/ compromised (despite my original inspiration rocking ties big time).

miette skirt

It was important think about pattern and matching when I was cutting it out, so I cut each piece individually, laying out cut pieces against its pair to work out how the pattern would align. the Miette skirt has some cool chevron opportunities with diagonal centre front seaming. This check is a rectangular check, like many , and as a result you are never going to get each row forming perfect chevrons, but I did manage to conjure it up so that the green ones match.

Miette skirt

I wanted to experiment with the direction of the pattern on the pockets so also played around on position of grainlines as they would look on the cut out skirt pieces before deciding on how to cut them out. The pockets I also cut out individually to make sure they matched as a pair. The top of the pockets therefore are almost cut on the bias, and I considered adding a line of interfacing to stabilise the seamline here, but didn’t actually in the end, and it is OK as it the fabric is reasonably robust and not that drapey.

miette skirt

Out of sheer laziness I made the waistband half the width it comes up in the pattern. This was because I wanted to use that wonderful waistband vilene and it just happened to be this width.  All the foldlines and seamlines are incorporated into the vilene & it was just easier to go with that as it gives such a nice finish.  Due to the mechanics of making the wrap & tie waistband, the pattern is drafted with a six piece waistband – three pieces for the waistband front with three pieces for the waistband facing.  This is what the skirt looks like if you make the waistband by using only three pieces folded in half & omitting the facings.  (Apols if I have just lost you there in some waistband piecing vortex!  But you never know, someone might appreciate it!!)

miette skirtMaking the Miette skirt up is a quick sew. Very satisfying. It was a Boxing Day make.

miette skirt

I think making it without the ties saves a lot of time too, as I can remember they are very long pieces to turn the right way around.  I discovered these gorgeous vintage buttons in my button stash & made two buttonholes – both on the outside as i want to show them both off as a feature.

miette skirt

I’ve been wearing it a lot since. It’s a perfect winter skirt with tights and boots.  The first time I made it, I described it as “cute meeting utility” & have to say that I am almost taking the pockets for granted this time.  What this skirt does for me this time is to make me feel girly yet warm, which is often a challenge in the winter when you feel the cold like I do – trousers are often my first resort as I think they will be warmer.  It is so lovely to have a cosy swishy skirt to wear.

miette skirt

All I need to take me into deeper winter are some thermal tights ….M&S will be getting a visit 🙂

Glad to be back blogging again – I will probably be appearing a bit more frequently as I catch up on some of the things I have been doing over December (& possibly even November! yikes)

Happy New Year everyone – hope it’s filled with sewing, fun & friendship x

The Miette skirt- how cute meets utility- really!

I’d resisted Tilly’s Miette skirt for months it seems, since I have projects & inspiration coming out of my ears.  But kept clocking all these fantabulous versions appearing left right & centre.  I held fast & tried to maintain a degree of control over spontaneous pattern purchasing & sewing.  But it all became too much for me.  I needed a fix, a sweet skirt that came with so many endorsements, and just kept looking so darn cute everywhere.  So who’s skirt was the straw that broke my resolve?  Well it was Taracat’s denim / ricrac Miette.  You know I have a thing for ric rac & I have almost a whole drawer filled with the stuff (one of those mini organiser drawers it has to be said).  How could I resist an everyday skirt with one of the best pockets in the whole world to surround with ric rac?

Miette 8

So I had this piece of royal blue quite coarse linen that I had bought off Ebay a while ago.  It’s bright people.  It’s got an element of stiffness to it that I felt would complement the A line shape of the Miette skirt.  Did I have enough fabric though or was it only suitable for a Colette Ginger?  Well, I scraped a Miette – just.  But at what cost?

Miette 9

I have to line the exceedingly luxuriously long ties with my lining fabric.  In fact the whole waistband was lined in contrast – the same as I lined the pockets too.  It’s the fabric I made my summer sundress out of last year, some pretty ditsy red cotton floral.

Miette 11

The pockets were edged in ric rac – like piping, sandwiched in between the lining fabric and the blue linen.  I chose red as it seemed more adaptable, although the idea of royal blue & bright sunshiny yellow is always a temptation in Badgerland.  But the red & the lining seemed to be the thing.

Miette 10

Here it is playing around with the ties show the lining – not sure that it’s how I will wear it…but….

Miette 5

What is there to say that’s not already been said about the pattern & the instructions?  You already know by now that there are two levels of instructions (detailed on-line supplements to the downloaded instructions), & everyone, just everyone, loves the fact that you have a checklist to tick off when you use the downloaded instructions – I am no exception!

Miette 3

Construction for me, as with everyone else (are you yawning yet – hoping for something you haven’t heard before?) was exceedingly straight forward – this really is a brilliant beginner’s make – no zips, buttonholes, just some nice straight machine stitching.And for a nice fit, a wrap skirt is a joy- just tweak it the way you want to by how you arrange your wrap & tie.

Miette 6“Seems like a fun guy!”

So no surprise this Miette skirt is a cute success and I was all for thinking it could be one of those garments that bridged the work & play wardrobe.  I could imagine wearing it to work.  But here’s the thing.  Since wearing it for play it’s gone all combat for me.  And what do I mean by that?  Well, I wore it for a heavenly dog walk with my dog nieces, with walking boots (sensibly leaving my wedges in the car  – we were going multi terrain after all).  I have become increasingly reluctant to carry handbags around with me & try to get away with squeezing the bare essentials (phone, keys, purse) into jacket pockets.  But in the summer, especially this summer, even the bare essentials can weigh even the roomiest of skirt pockets down.  Not the Miette!

Miette 4

So it survived the commando experience in the woods and on the hills with two dogs (plus paws from doggie greetings).  Was I afraid to bend down in case the wrap caught a gust of wind & away she blew?

Miette 2

No way!  That dog gets all my lovin without any compromising wardrobe experiences!

Miette 7

Check out my pockets here.  Not only does it carry purse, two sets of keys – car & house, & phone, but there is also an ipod in there & some tissues AND still room for poo bags.

Miette 1

From the side too – Awesome!  I shall now repeat the phrase that we write so many times when after our first take of a new pattern, “There will be more”.  But whilst the intention & the love of this pattern is there, it is another pattern in my near consciousness to join my “spontaneous project” category for when the mood takes me & when the perfect fabric waves its hand at me. However, saying that,  I also think this skirt would be a great gift to make for a friend – less fitting required than normal skirts.  In fact I might already have someone in mind who would fit the bill perfectly ….now that’s a lovely idea.  Making such a sweet skirt to give as a gift would make me very happy.  (Right, that’s another conscious note made for the Miette!)  Now if I asked how many of you had made it already I’m sure you’d all shout.  But what about as a gift for someone else?  Who’s done that?  As a surprise?  Is it a good option?  Is it time to start a campaign, “Miettes as Gifts?!”