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Me Made May 12, fourth and final

Thanks everyone for your kind reflections/ observations on my derriere in the last post.  It is great to have such a wealth of advice / experience & straight talking sense out there!

Onto the last installment & my reflections on Me Made May 12….

Day 23:

Location: Beaufort Place or something like that at the side of the Theatre Royal (not that you can see it in this pic!)  I’m wearing my Lisette Passport dress.  No need for cardigan – woo hoo!

Day 24:

Here I am in my “Too old for School” Vintage gingham dress.  I am standing on “Bog Island”, a local landmark, a stop for tour buses.  But why the name?  Well, in the days that I first came to Bath this used to be a night club, the Island Club, but before that?  Public toilets.  My memories of it as a nightclub?  Dark & hot where the condensation used to drip on you from the ceiling, particularly on the dance floor.  Nice.  I am so out of touch with Bath nightlife that for all I know it is back in use again.

Day 25:

Location – still strictly speaking outside – but kind of in the street where I live.  I’m wearing my Swimmers dress (pattern from a Sew Mag) and matching hairband.  What was nice about today (as well as seeing my boy for the first time in 5 months) was that someone came up to me in Sainsbury’s & asked me where I got my dress “Er, I made it myself”…after which we had the small conversation about it, sewing & classes.  Hopefully she will take it up herself :-)

Day 26:

Location: the playing fields near my home.  I had been to the post office, but realised a photo opp presented itself off site.  I’m wearing my sundress, revised New Look 6586.

Day 27:

A day in the garden (note store bought  bikini traces, no other option (yet).  I’m wearing my Brighton Rocks dress made using a Built By Wendy shift dress from Sew U.

Day 28:

Location: Parade Gardens in the centre of Bath.  This is where I lunch when the sun shines.  It’s always  a mecca in the sunshine for everyone, & is filled with wonderful floral displays (see parks staff in background removing spent tulips).  It’s also beside the River and looks out onto the weir at Pulteney Bridge.  Interesting fact, the level of Parade Gardens is apparently the Roman (or is it medieval street level, let’s maybe say it’s the “old” street level).  If you look up above my right shoulder you can see current street level is much higher due to centuries of urbanisation …

I’m wearing Simplicity 2599 in vintage fabric & my purple linen Beignet which is looking quite used & scruffy these days….

Day 29:

Location: Bath Abbey at 8am.  You can see my walk to work footwear after shredding my poor feet the previous week before they had manned up to being sockless.

I’m wearing my first Simplicity 2599 (but I need to go back & edit the original post as the pics have dropped out) and my pin striped meringue skirt.

Day 30:

Location: Abbey Green today by a wonderful ancient tree that has a massive trunk….you’re just glimpsing a part of it.  Lots of flag action going on the pub behind.

I’m wearing my polka dot Sewaholic Cambie dress.  It was the first time I wore it to work, & boy was it perfect.  I think I need to make another ….

Day 31:

On the way to work I plonked on a bench at the side of the Abbey, forgetting that I’d already pictured by the Abbey just a few days before.  Oh well.   Hardly anyone about.

I’m wearing my Red hot chilli Ginger skirt and my cowl neck top (Butterick 4132 – it too has an old post with dropped out pictures so I won’t bother linking to it).  It’s great having a plain red skirt – I have other things I could wear with it (me mades) that have not even featured this month.  This top though could do with being a bit smaller, perhaps at the shoulders so that the under arm is smaller & the cowl drapes a little higher up!  Cardigan has me made elbow patches to cover the holes!

My musings:

I totally failed at joining in with the Flickr fun … technology thwarted me at the start & then I never gained enough momentum.  Boo hoo.  Sorry for missing you all this time…

How did taking pictures outside my home go?

Well I said I’d try to take at least 66% outside….by my reckoning it was …71% ….woo hoo!  However I learnt the following about myself & public picture taking:

    • If I am at home I am unlikely to make a special effort to go out even for a Me Made May photo opportunity
    • All my public photos were “en route” to where I usually go & I did not go out of my way for glorious backdrops, of which there are many in Bath …
    • I found using my mini gorilla tripod indispensable for curling my camera on railings & benches.  I did not take my full tripod out at all.
    • Benches were a safer option for me – more discreet & quick photos
    • I favoured quieter places and quieter times, even taking pics on the way to work before 8am
    • I am relieved not to have to take daily pictures in public anymore & my handbag will start to feel lighter again.
    • Conclusion: I still get self conscious & like photos on my own terms!
  • In terms of clothing:
    • Me made cardigans & warm wear are lacking, actually still non existent.
    • I wore something different each day with my new red Ginger scoring highest (3 wears), followed by Meringue skirt, floral Renfrew & even my Vintage Vogue jacket, but this was partly due to May spanning several seasons!
    • Red is the new black ….
    • I wore 12 dresses, 2 of them twice (Red ellies and Red polka dot cowl neck Simplicity 2580)
    • I tried on 2 skirts from last year & they are too big (the fit was always loose mind you & I am a combination of more fussy in fit & hurrah, slimmer)
    • I have not ironed all month with the very odd exception (should I be admitting to that?) I bet you don’t envy me my ironing pile now!
    • Generally I should concentrate on replacing things that are wearing out or are old now – perhaps attempting underwear again, leggings would be useful and also jackets/ cardigans.

How has everyone else enjoyed Me Made May?  Any insights?

Me Made May 12, update #3, the Olympic issue

Hello one & all!  I am aware I have lots of catching up to do, both on this blog & visiting other people’s.  I am feeling overwhelmed with the need to “do” everything & yet nothing.  It’s weird, I had last week off on leave, & somehow had all these things to do.  Whilst I did do lots (as you may catch a mere hint of below), my extraordinarily long list has not even been dented & yet I still have the enthusiasm for everything on it, but sadly not the time now I am back at work.  What’s the secret?  Anyone? (I know – cut my hours or just do less !!)

As today was a little extraordinary, even for this ol’ Badger, I’ll keep it current & provide my third update on Me Made May 2012.  Later posts will elaborate on some of the makings & doings of last week.

So, part three of Me Made May 12, a month of below average temperatures.  The question is, will any summer clothes get worn this month?

May 15th

That my friends is a grimace.  I am wearing my vintage 50s pattern denim shorts because I knew that no one else will see me!  I planned to stay in all day.  I’ve never worn them in the winter before, with tights.  How on earth do these young things stay warm?  I have wool on my leggies & I was cold!!  I am also wearing my Sencha blouse.

Verdict?  Too short for someone my age …in public.  Too cold for these temperatures for this particular ice maiden even at home.

May 16th

There was sun today so my new Sewaholic Cambie dress came out.  Sadly the jacket is RTW, but the dress received plenty of compliments later at a social gathering.

You might think this strange – but we went back to Tyntesfield to look inside the house, after only visiting about 10 days ago.  It is stunning, a Victorian gothic revival built on the proceeds of guano no less.  The interior is as stunning as the exterior: arches, plasterwork, Arts & Crafts carved furniture, panelling, wallpaper….amazing.  Go if you are near. It’s National Trust near Bristol.

May 17th

Would you buy a sofa especially for the Jubilee?  It kind of matched my outfit.  We are in IKEA (“Never again” said Gary).  We seem to go every 5 years,  therefore we get lost & despite having a shopping list the visit always eats up more time than you ever conceive of to begin with.  I was shopping for sewing room kit (give me an “ooooooh”!)

To say that I felt dressed rather brightly & stood out from the crowd (much like this sofa) was an understatement.  I wore my new red Ginger skirt with my floral Renfrew plus the crowning glory, my vintage Vogue jacket.  I felt, like I usually do when sporting this jacket, like a Red Coat from Butlins.

May 18th

Note clothes line of nearly all Me Mades including the red gingham boxers …I am wearing my culottes with red polka dot frilly t-shirt & have brought out the Vintage Vogue jacket again.  I was at home making, therefore the photo is not at all exotic.

May 19th

Well what do you know?  More Me Maders, encountered in Birmingham.  These ladies have the most awesome Me Made Wardrobes, & as it is Me Made may are sporting lush examples in the photo above.  We had the most delightful day, written up perfectly by Marie from a Sewing Odyssey & Catherine from The Makings of an Urban Rustic.  Unfortunately Debbie from Minnado’s House had ailing children & we missed her, but still had ginormous fun & between us boosted Birmingham’s economy.  OK, I was the worst & most severely tempted, as Catherine said, it was like a shark’s feeding frenzy & I know that I was displaying characteristics of someone possessed by fabric addiction …By my early reckoning I might have bought a whole 22m of fabric plus 20m of blind cord.  The jury is still out on the final metreage since the fabric mountain has experienced seismic shifts whilst elements of it get pre-washed.  Man it was heavy.  And no it wasn’t all for selfish sewing.  I shall elaborate & expand in a later post.

I was wearing my cowl neck spotty dress & a me made slip.  Location: Cafe Soya in Birmingham

May 20th

A day meeting my friend’s dog & going for a wonderful country walk through fields of long grass & bluebell woods, yes dressed like this but with my trousers tucked into thick socks.  Although I lugged my camera amongst such glorious countryside I just didn’t quite find the time/ nerve to stop for a photo …

I wore: white long sleeved  Renfrew, my Vogue 1247 top, & my piped Built By Wendy trousers, of which you will hear more about in a later post as I ponder the application of this pattern to a different type of fabric & ask advice …!

May 21st

Back to work today.  Check out the location – that is Pulteney Bridge behind me, one of our famous landmarks.  I am wearing my pink elephant Violet blouse with my pinstriped Meringue.

May 22nd

Newsflash!  The Olympic torch comes to Bath, but what did Scruffy Badger wear?

Well, you’ll see I’m wearing my Red hot chilli Ginger (of which it is the lining that is visible from this angle not my pants)  & my lace yoked Sencha.

Behind me is the Empire Hotel, which now consists of a Garfunkels restaurant bar on the ground level (nice & airy space inside, with some outside sunny seating).  The floors above are retirement flats.  The hotel has had a colourful history & at one time was even used by the Ministry of Defence ….

Who else is desperately happy that we have some sunshine at last?  (Yes I exhibit characteristics of our national obsession too, have you only just noticed?)

Me Made May 12 round up #2

Onto update #2 for Me Made May 12, let’s get down to business.

On the 9th May

I ambled out to the wool shop & along the way stopped here, somewhere I knew it would a. be quiet (so I wouldn’t get caught posing in front of my self timer!) plus b. had lots of railings on which to curl my gorilla-pod-type tripod.  I do love these parts of Bath, really close to the renowned “Sally Lunn’s” olde tea shoppe, of Bath Bun fame in North Parade Passage.  I’m keeping one of the Bath lions company.  A year or so ago there were loads of these, sponsored, painted & decorated, standing proud in all sorts of strange places across the city centre.  They were auctioned for charity but a few remain.  Before that it was pigs.  I liked the pigs better & they were harking back to King Bladud & how he discovered the healing powers of the spring waters when his infested pigs were made well again (or something like that, don’t quote me)

So I’m wearing my New Look 6000 Pan Am Inspired dress – woo hoo!  With a brown satin (not me made) jacket as it is still chilly.  Underneath the purple coat & topped with my crochet hat.  Can I let you  into a secret?  This is the first time I’ve worn *the dress*, the original opportunity was cancelled & then, with its 3/4 sleeves with cuffs it’s not the kind of dress to hide beneath a cardigan.  No more though!  It is having its time with this weird weather!

May 10th

It was a working at home day today so I wore my white Renfrew underneath my cartoonesque Rooibos (with me made slip poking through.  Yes it does have yellow lace & it is turquoise).  Look through the window & you can see the glory of the patient pizza oven and the flourishing salad patch ….

May 11th

A hectic day ending at the hairdressers.  I always love having my hair done & getting to chat with my hairdresser.  He loves cutting my hair short & this style is a compromise.  He almost persuaded me to tong the long bit into curls, but I think I shuddered inside & said “what, you mean like an 80s kind of style?”  To which he agreed.  Luckily he had another client after me, so probably would have been too pressed for time (big PHEW!)  He took my pic by his luxurious decor- check out the wallpaper & the mirror (don’t ask me the name of the machine behind…)

I’m wearing my Hazel dress (Victory patterns)

May 12th

It was a red ellie day today.  The Lisette Traveler dress just blogged about.

Location is I am afraid very much in the garden, but I did manage to flourish it at Sainsburys (& felt bright & attention grabbing, not in a good way.  But then, not quite so attention grabbing as all the young ones with their extra short shorts & bare instant tan legs ….brrrr!)

May 13th

Did you catch the sun?  We had an afternoon BBQ, a bit of  a reunion.

I wore my vintage 50s Rockahula Vegas blouse with my New Look 6190 linen trousers.  I think I fixed that conundrum that is “how long” should a wide legged pair of trousers be.  Instant turn ups with the aid of safety pins, iron  & a deep enough hem.  Magic for flats, then reverse the process for heels ….

I’m in a carpark in Cheltenham (ha ha !  location, location, location!!)

May 14th

Oo la la…I’m on leave this week with plenty of creative tasks lined up.  That means I can flirt around with some frivolous accessories that would not necessarily be exposed to the gentle public.  Trying to keep to my goal of more public photos, I am strictly speaking off site ….. in the back lane!

New Look 6586 – a dress that predates my blogging & accidentally discovered on my “remake” pile.  I didn’t like the low ‘v’ neck on me & know now to go for curves (cos I’m curvy y’see).  Dressed up with the right accessories it’s much better.  Me made belt & the cardigan is my refashioned vintage one with lace …oh yes, the new petticoat makes itself known today as well.

Me Made May, round up #1

Okey dokey, just where was I & what did I wear?  How did I bring my me mades to life?

Just what is it possible to get away with in May with below average temps & “rather a lot” of rain?

OK, so you have seen Day 1:

Ultra Violet blouse and What Ho Ginger skirt.

Location: The Optician’s

Day 2:

I’m wearing my Double collared blouse with my grey secret sari lined pinstripe skirt. Behind me extends Northumberland Place which is quite a characterful lane in the city, containing shops & cafes (including the Makery Emporium).  If you look closely the sign for the jewellery shop is sadly defiled by seagull splat, the likes of which we are over blessed with considering we are so far inland!

[I have to apologise now, lack of hyperlinks due to technology taking *forever* & not working properly....If you want to look anything up, there is a search box near the top of the right margin...I'm trying to get to the bottom of it]


A decorated bicycle, part of a display to promote Bath City Conference: One Hundred Ideas for Bath, that was going on that day.

May 3rd

Oh, it’s that purple coat!  It shows that I wear it alot, also that it was cold & wet, also that I do not have anything me made that is up to the job of keeping me warm & dry.  A Minoru has been ordered to be prepared for the autumn.  So I’m wearing my red spotty cowl neck dress.  The hat, isn’t it adorable, is a crocheted gift made by my friend.

Location:  I am at the bottom of the Holloway, a street on a hill  that is unbelievably close to the city centre & where I meet Gary when he comes to pick me up from work (when I am too lazy to walk/ catch bus!)

Star Wars Day:

This day has already been posted about & as you can see has a couple of star guests!!  Jane & Karen welcome to Me Made May :-)

Location – All Saints in Covent Garden.

May 5th:

I am pooped.  I did not go out all day.  I sat.  And I caught up on some overdue emails (very overdue).  I printed out knitting patterns that I have bought via Craftsy (it is a long drawn out process with my aging technology).  And I got lost in the time warp that is “vintage sewing pattern” search on Ebay.

I am wearing my Spring floral Renfrew and my denim Beignet.

May 6th:

At the carboot as well as some bananas, that bag is laden with folders of knitting patterns!  From the 60s through to the 90s.  Oh, what a fashion treat it was looking through them all. I shall share some with you at some point. And the picture on the right is taken at Tyntesfield, the most amazing neo-gothic house – ever!  I’m wearing my bold AMH Loulouthi skirt, my red Renfrew as well as the oldest thing in my wardrobe made by my Mum in 1987, a Rowan jumper.

May 7th:

Location: my salad patch.  Yep, I’m singing.  It’s raining but when it helps my salad patch flourish so it makes me happy.  I’m wearing my Clothkits skirt & my grey Renfrew.  The cardigan has mended elbows with patches …

 Day 8:

Location: Queens Square, Bath which is a Georgian square.  In the backdrop is the western side which was designed by John Pinch in 1830 & takes a neo Grecian style, whereas the North side is designed by the architect John Wood the elder, a fine example of the Palladian style apparently.  He lived there.  This is the location of our own version of the “Occupy” protests.  It also hosts boules contests, french markets & in the half marathon you get to run around it (twice) whilst the fabulous steel band encourages you on.  It’s near the beginning of the route after a slight incline, so generally not the lowest point of the race!!  Oh yes, I’m wearing my Vogue dress, V8667.

Sorry such a lot of pics !  But all up to date now.  I’m struggling to play with Flickr due to my browser/ Flash problems, but will get there in the end, hate the idea of missing out on the fun!!

PS Sorry for all the moaning about technology- it’s not what I think of as fun!

Are you enjoying all this dressing up in your me mades?


Star Wars Day: or guest Me Maders in Covent Garden

OK, so I have skipped a few Me Made Days, but promise a round up post very soon as I have succeeded so far in taking all my shots in public, I kid you not, well nearly.  (Apart from the 5th which being a lazy Saturday at the end of a very high energy week is considered a day off, as I doubt I will venture far enough.)

My May the Fourth was special in that I had a trip to ….. can you guess by the souvenir my lucky man is displaying? (My generosity knows no bounds – does this show you how much I appreciate him?)

You got it!  London town, specifically around the environs of here:


And after snapping a few photos, like this one

And this one of the most beautiful pub I think I’ve ever seen

Look who I bumped into!

 Yes, it is Handmade Jane & Karen of DidyouMakeThat.  And look, appropriate vintage sewing-machine-backdrop.  Past participants of Me Made Challenges, they had not officially signed up for Me Made May 2012, and little did they realise they too could feature, and now Jim has fixed it for them.  Jane is wearing her goy-jus Peony dress & Karen is sporting her Minoru over the top of, guess what, yep, one of her many Sorbettos.  And me?  I am wearing the red ellie dress with a coat you may see quite a lot if this weather resists improvement (definitely not me made, but some nice details …).  I promise a full reveal of the new frock in a few days.  It is rather a favorite! (Oh, I know, I’m such a tease!!)

Here is the polka dot Sorbetto & Jane’s beautiful Peony, er, and a couple of empty cocktail glasses.  It’s not every day that a few sewing bloggers get the chance to share obsessions you know!   What a lovely May 4th :-)

May the first and some sneaky peeps

Hello peeps! How are you?  It’s the first of May today, & well, you know, the start of Me Made May 12.  I don’t intend daily posting but I had to laugh at today’s photo & thought it worth an immediate posting.  I just couldn’t wait  to share it with you.  Remember I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone & take at least 2/3 of my photos outside of my own 4 walls, yes in public.  Well, I had to make a visit at lunchtime …..I had a screw missing loose & while mine were being fixed I couldn’t resist playing around with the goods on offer….

They call them their “Where’s Wally/ Waldo” glasses!   Aren’t they just excellent!

Outfit details – you’ll notice a coat that is most definitely not made by me, but apart from that I have on Ultra Violet blouse and my What Ho Ginger !skirt (& yes, even a pair of hand made knicks, but don’t tell every one.)

And while I am creating some spoilers fancy a teaser of what I’m working on?

I’ve replaced the buttons on the cardigan with some vintage ones.  Unfortunately not quite enough so there are some deliberate “design differences”.  It’s an off white charity shop find with pretty scalloped neck.

And can I also share some newcomers to my vintage pattern family?  I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy viewing them too?

This is an Ebay special bargain.  The boat neck dress has a slightly gathered skirt, as opposed to the usual darts, as well as a scoop back.  SWOON.  But then with this jacket? My only doubt is that I need to wear shapes that emphasise my waist & am not sure whether this jacket lends itself to a bit of shaping.  What do you think?  If boxy jackets do nothing for my shape, would the curved front overcome this?

I have had my eye on this one for ages & finally resisted.  ALL that I love in a 60s blouse – back buttons, flounces, pussy bow collars, frilled cuffs, & what’s more, a free pinafore pattern should I wish to show off any number of these blouses with their match made in heaven (ie the “jumper”).  Lured by Miss Betty’s Attic to purchase this blouse, I also succumbed to this one.  It is a repro vintage pattern, BUT …..prepare for some gorgeousness….

Now if ever there was a dress fit for nautical-isation, this surely is it.   What else is there to say except I hope you love them as much as me.  :-)