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Simplicity 2451, tulip skirt in teal linen

I have had this pattern for years it seems & have kept on bringing it out & almost deciding to make it.  I even got so far as to cut out the tissue pieces, but never quite committed scissors to cloth.  That is despite seeing all of Zoe’s renditions in wonderful stash & vintage fabrics.  At the Goldhawk Road Fandango I even remember asking her advice about it, length & fit etc but it took another year or so before just getting on with it.

The fabric in question: teal linen, a mere metre, not enough for a Ginger, but enough to make the longer view of this skirt.  That I’m afraid was my decision maker as I did buy envisioning another Ginger (until the roll ran out at 1m!)  I think I may also have been wary that the yoke would require fitting & not be straight forward.  How wrong I was.  I took the precaution of tissue fitting it with no real issues – & when it was made up it was just fine.  (Although I could probably lose an inch around the yoke if I am honest & it would look a bit more snug & shapely on the waist).  This skirt’s top sits just on my belly button, it is reasonably low slung, & very comfortable!

I used some left over polka dot from my recent New Look 6000 for pocket linings – if ever these two fabrics deserved to be together it is like this.   Shame I don’t have enough left to make a top…..

So I used an invisible zip purely because that was the closest that I had in colour.  Man I am so grateful for my invisible zip foot, I appear to be getting better at putting invisizips in with fewer glaring errors & fewer unpickings (none this time woo hoo!)

I decided to line it also (with the last of my pricey but most satisfying-in-the-number-of-garments-it-is-now-the-lining-of-lawn)

& worked out the steps in my head:

  • Make skirt but don’t sew up the back seam
  • Make up yoke & attach to skirt
  • Insert zip
  • Sew back seam
  • Make pleats/ tucks in lining at waist
  • Sew lining but only at side seams
  • Attach each side of lining to zip seam allowance
  • Sew lining back seam
  • Attach lining to the skirt/ yoke seam allowance
  • Attach Yoke facing to zip seam allowance & then sew to yoke top
  • Attach yoke facing (turned to inside) to lining either by hand or stitching in the ditch from the right side.
  • Set lining hem & add lace (I used my overlocker so that the raw edge was finished at the same time, then edge-stitched the hem’s seam allowance to the skirt).  The lace is disappointing in its cheapness, but it was all I had to go the distance & better than nothing…

You may see flaws in this progression, but if it helps anyone with their thinking, it worked for me ….loving it with that Kimono sleeve tee

I LOVE having pockets in a skirt, I know, when did I wake up?  But even for a skirt for work, especially helpful for stashing small things I might forget to add to my handbag (headache tabs, a bit of money)  super useful & saves my brain in the morning, which let’s face it needs all the help it can get.

I love this pattern but am not sure if it is the most flattering shape on me.  I feel sure I will try again with a smaller waist & make it out of something with a bit more groove next time now I know how the style handles.   I do have something in mind – some furnishing fabric – very a la Zoe – if I have enough ….