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Birthday goodies & my latest running top, a Kirsten Kimono Tee

So today is my birthday & I knew you’d appreciate the sewing treats I’ve been festooned with (I am sooooo lucky!!).  I thought you’d also like to see yesterday’s make ….this will be a picture heavy post, drool away & imagine my inner joy, the perfect men I have to say responsible for many of them…and can I mention the huge amount of chuffedness to be wished happy birthday first in Danish & then in Portuguese – what a surprise & just what is so wonderful about our on-line sewing community!!

Now hope you enjoy these pics of awesome sewing pressies – I just know you’ll understand just how excited I was.  Look at this box of super goodies, an array of threads, buttons, lace & gadgets ..

sewist delight

Then in partnership with Susan from Sewbox look what I received:

sewbox gift

Yes, that is a gift wrapped in genuine Liberty fabric …

Inside ..

super pressie

Two lengths of bonafide Liberty lawn (I haven’t ever bought any of this for myself – what a treat!!) & two patterns I have been desperately hankering for – the Elisalex dress (I think I might have to break my one dress a month rule, or bring a month forward as I am frantic to make this) & the Pussy Galore blouse by Eliza M (my next make, oh yes!).  Clearly I shall try to use the fabric to make these patterns if possible …(a pink summer Elisalex dress – hmmmm yes please!).  Now I also got some money & shall use it to buy the Anise jacket pattern, it’s no good, too many gorgeous versions out there, the most recent temptation brought to us by Sonja at Ginger Makes.

But what about this genius present:


Html & CSS by Jon Duckett – even I can understand this!  You know I might actually feel comfortable with a little bit of web tinkering (I have to admit to being a total scared neo-dinosaur with respect to html at the moment!)  How insightful !

So today not only did I have many wonderful sewing related gifts,  I also elected to spend my birthday running in the Longleat 10k (which came before pressie opening just to prolong the special day!) What was fun?  I got Gary to join me ! Hehehehe!  Now Gary is actually a naturally fit man & could become a very good runner (“for his age” he would like me to add), however circumstances usually conspire against him as soon as he starts to get any kind of running routine.

Dynamic duo

However, for those of you who don’t know, Longleat is in Wiltshire & its business operates as a safari park & stately home.  It is set in a wonderful estate, hosts a Center Parcs leisure complex but is most famous for its lions! However, you will be disappointed I expect, to realise that the 10k did not feature any outrunning of carnivorous beasts, marvelling at giraffes or evading the notorious monkeys.  For anyone interested it was tough: 3 hills (not undulations), but with the ups at least there were downs…, and it was less than an hour of challenge.  We were both pleased with our times & the ensuing license such exercise gave us to feast ourselves on a slap up Sunday dinner.

Longleat runner

Here I am with the impressive Longleat House (side view only) in the background.  I am modelling my latest running top:  a Kirsten Kimono Tee from Maria Denmark made out of technical “wicking” fabric.  Check out my awesome leggings – a Christmas pressie – I made the top to match them.  I’m pleased with my latest attempt at sewing a running top.  It is royal blue with cerise pink bindings to the neck, sleeves & hem.   The hem actually involves a little bit of a drawstring & bow (mainly because the differences between the pink & blue fabrics meant that the pink misbehaved & needed drawing in to line!  But I like the bow …)

Kristen running

Here it is on Barbarella.  Looking forward to wearing it on show as opposed to it being underneath a warmer running top …See the medal – it features a Longleat lion!

Next post will be the next installment of “Desert Island Sewing” …oooh!  So many exciting sewing thoughts to think about!!!!  Happy Sunday everyone 🙂

Another Kimono T shirt

Helloo there!

Progress on the 1940s “Minnado” dress is good, it is now in basket with just hand sewing to finish – you know, stitching facings, adding buttons & making the hem.  I tried it on & it seemed rather voluminous in the chest department, its bodice shaping coming from a gathered yoke & waist pleats.  This swilling around of fabric can be explained in part by a bit of weight loss that has affected my, ahem, assets (does that make them less valuable?! 😉  ) but a hoik of the dress by its shoulders gave it some structure & resulted into purchase of some shoulder pads.

What is it about shoulder pads that bring on a cringe?  I can only blame the 80s ….. So here it is, ready for a sociable evening with my youngest, some handsewing in front of a zombie film perhaps?  (Even I enjoyed Juan of the Dead btw- check it out if you fancy something even more ridiculous than normal – strong stomach still required, but then I am a complete wimp & look away & block my ears even in wildlife programmes where it gets a bit grizzly)

With my son being home sewing has been on a back burner, but when he went out last night up I hopped & launched myself at my machines.  I’d already cut out the fabric for another Kristen Kimono t shirt (remember this is a free download available here at Maria Denmark‘s blog).

Guess where the fabric was from?

Yep, you got it, more of my Birmingham Rag Market loot.  I think Catherine & Marie could not resist it either…..

Look I’ve matched the stripes.  Not much else to say about it except that ladies, don’t use too hot an iron, otherwise the birdies get it.

See that gap on the black print near my finger?  Yikes!

All in all this took about 90 minutes to sew.  Just used my overlocker & twin needle for the hems. I’ve found that turning narrow hems on jersey/ stretch knits for sleeve hems like this or even hems on dresses is easier if you overlock the raw edge first.  This stabilises the edge making it easier to turn & also ensures that you get an even amount turned up.  Here’s a pic of an inside & outside of the sleeve hem when I was in the middle of doing this:

The lower seam shows the overlocked edge turned to the inside, nice & neat & not stretching in strange places.  The upper edge has pins swapped to the right side ready for some twin needle action.

I’m wearing it today & already had a compliment from a stranger – how kind!

Do you have an “instant” sewing fix that helps you regain balance in times of sewing drought?