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Rosie watchlace giveaway- winner

Just a quick one to announce the winner of my Giveaway for this “watchlace”, handcrafted by S.Badger …thank you to everyone who entered & left such inspiring comments.  Remember, I asked to know what you would wear this with if you won ….So without further a do …ahem… the winner is ….

Gosh, there were so many deserving winners, that I wish you could all have won.  I was truly surprised (why, when it is random?!) to match number 4 to the 4th person who commented … it is Roobeedoo who said:

If I was the incredibly lucky one to win your rosie watchlace I am afraid I would have to wear it with my new Tea Posy. Yes, on my head obviously! :D

And just to imagine Roo, a few days from now with her new look, here is her very adorable tea posy:

Roobeedoo's Tea posy

Remember, this is Self Stitched September – we expect photos!

Roobeedoo – I’ll email you later on today to confirm your address & spirit this little time keeper onwards to you in the North ….

I’ll be back later this weekend as I have oodles of things to share with you …..Enjoy 🙂

Rosie watch-lace giveaway

Hi everyone, thanks for checking back, here is the promised giveaway!  You know, the one that I tantalized you with before my blogging outage during June.  Now after all that palaver, pictures being eaten, links not working, then working again, it feels time to celebrate (even though there are still plenty of pictures to re-instate #sigh#)

So to thank you all for sticking with me through all this tedium, I’ve made something to offer as a giveaway, something truly unique, hot out of the ScruffyBadger Boutique.  I’ve had a few admirations of my “Rosie Watchlace” over the blogworld (worn here with my lace yoked sencha)

Rosie watchlaceSo I wanted to make a brand new one, just for someone out there, anywhere in the world – yeah, I mean anywhere.   If you knit, crochet or sew & make your own, even better, as I feel so lucky to be part of this sewing/ knitting community.

This is a pendant, adorned with my favorite polymer roses, sprinkled with a freshwater pearl and a swarovski crystal drop.

I’m modelling it here (but owing to bad hair in anticipation of a run, you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s me in the picture.  But then again, do you really care?  It’s a giveaway right?!) It’ll come with an antique finish chain (probably not silver plated though), but you can rethread it onto ribbon, or a chain of your own if you want.  It’s a genuine working watch, normal watch batteries.

As you can see colour scheme is pinks & purples, & yes, that’s the lining for my Vintage Vogue jacket that it’s being shown off against.   To enter this giveaway, just let me know what you would wear this watchlace with – if it is something you have made yourself & you can link to a picture of it, that would be even better!  As I said, it’s open for all & as it’s the holiday season I’ll keep it open for August, drawing a random number at the beginning of September.

Now it feels apt to use this to wrap up some very late thoughts I had in response to Tilly’s post, Sewing changes lives.

Why do I sew ?  For me – it was something that I did lots of as a child/ teenager having an inspiring & clever Mum who taught me.  She made everything, all of our clothes as children, her own clothes, curtains, she tailored & fitted everything with such care.  She also knitted & machine knitted.  (Not to mention her talents in the kitchen, at go-kart making, decorating & DIY) Very creative lady 🙂 (& it was her Mum that taught her …)

I had my own sewing machine from very young – I started with a hand Singer (I wish I could remember what model it was – it had long thin bobbins & a shuttle like a space ship). I used it for dolls clothes at first, but dreamed of making my own clothes.  I leapt for joy when I saw my first sewing book being displayed as carboot loot by Debbie at Minnado’s House.   I had this most amazing 70s book & Debbie tweaked nostalgia big time!  It contained patterns for egg cosies, pencil cases, a “bob” hat & slippers, aprons & perhaps even a knitting needle case…

Courtesy of Minnado's House

but it was the kids’ clothes I hankered after …

Courtesy of Minndao's House

I remember the first real dressmaking pattern bought for me, complete with fabric & notions chosen by my Mum- my “starter kit”.  It was a circle skirt and sleeveless top with a placket & a mandarin collar.  I remember making the skirt, my Mum  unpicked all of my early mistakes (aahhh – what love!).  I think I am under the delusion that I made the top as well, but perhaps that was mainly the evening elves picking up what I had started! (placket & collar – unlikely at the age of 8!!)

As a teenager & then new young Mum I sewed for 1. my individual look 2. affordability – I’ve always had moderate spending, characterised I suppose by veering towards the “sale rail” for the greatest discount.   OK, I am a penny-pincher!  It’s out now.  We never had loads of money, but I did like clothes!  The number of illinformed buying decisions I’ve made based on greatest discount – that’s one aspect of mental arithmetic that still gets lots of practice…

Anyway, I sewed a lot.  Many evenings I would be found hammering away at my sewing machine when the boys were in bed.  Here’s one of my favourite pics that I carry around with me, (pre Badger) with my youngest.

Not only is he wearing some handmade chambray dunga-shorts, I’m wearing a me-made dress that I still have in my stash.  It is being considered for a remake into the Lisette Passport dress …..(It’s far too short for a person my age, but being empire line, the skirt could well work on a different bodice …watch this space).

Working full time all but stopped my sewing but I picked it up again last year, faced with a massive hole in my life.  From the age of 19 I had defined myself by my role as a mother, then as a working mother.  All of a sudden I realised that my boys had grown up, I worked, but who else was I? I recently started to run which had given me a new kind of confidence, but that wasn’t enough.  I strongly believe that everyone needs some kind of talent, something that they feel good at & can therefore fall back on.  (For me that isn’t running!  No good at school, why would I be good at it in my 40s?!) Luckily for me it is sewing.  No,I’m not the best, I have lots to learn, but boy can it obsess me & how I love meeting fellow enthusiasts & people to inspire me online & in real life.  Being part of this community has also challenged me, both in the practical & fun eg months wearing only me mades, organised by Zoe & the multilayered true value of hand made.  I won’t go on, but I could about the ethical side of cheap disposable tat fashion versus the love, care, and oftentimes cursing that results in a perfectly fitted, brilliant quality & tremendously personal piece of clothing.  I’m now on a path to only make my clothes in future (something else I’ve kept from you all).  No more buying – extending to coats, jackets, pants & maybe learning to knit.  Listen to this – I have not bought any clothes (apart from the odd lycra thing for running), this year – that’s 7 whole months of not being tempted -even during the sales! And I work in the centre of Bath!  It’s easy though, now that I get so much pleasure & satisfaction from making my own. Clothes shopping for me is only a habit easily broken. Now if we are talking about fabric shopping, that’s where I’ve had the most fun, particularly during blogger meet ups organised by Karen of Did you Make That in Walthamstow & Goldhawk Road.

Sewing has saved me & given me purpose.  I have once again found confidence in wearing unique self expressive clothes (& you should just see my new glasses!).    In all ways it has unlocked my creativity, sense of fun & realisation that I am a social being & love sharing with like minded very generous spirited sewing bloggers.   For that reason, this giveaway is to you, and thank you all.

And yes, while we’re talking about it, thank you Zoe, for once again organising a me made month, let’s ramp up the next challenge:

I, Scruffybadger of http://Scruffybadgertime.co.uk  , sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear all me mades each day for the duration of September 2011 (with the exception of bras, tights, socks & stuff I run in).  Now what this means is that I’m going to have to make pants & a jacket – both in hand.  I will also only wear refashioned knitwear.  Better get back to sewing my jacket!

Rockahula vegas vintage shirt & 50s denim shorts

Rockahula vegas shirt

Oh my word, I still need to show you my already much worn, super loved, “Rockahula Vegas shirt”, pulled together last month.  It’s made out of fabric I purchased at Karen’s Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango, referred to my team members as “Vegas” fabric.  I also think it’s got something tropically Hawaiin kitsch about it, and therefore lovingly like to call it Rockahula Vegas fabric, as it makes me super excited when I think about it.

I have been hamming it up a bit, prancing around in the rare sunshine like an idiot during Me Made June.

Rockahula vegas vintage shirt & 50s denim shortsThis picture showcases the shirt & shorts from this pattern – 50s vintage .

Now I have a penchant for sleeveless shirts, & in my pattern stash I found the pattern above, New Look 6343 which in its time survived various iterations in floral cottons of various descriptions (about 15 + years ago).  I also used to love wearing them with shorts – just not such stylish ones!  Anyway, the vintage pattern , need I say, surpasses the 90s New Look.  Let’s find out why. Continue reading