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Five fingered fleecy fiddles

I'm still trying to make presents for people who I know appreciate it, and whilst most things are pretty straight forward ( boxers, pjs, covered notebooks….) there has been one gift that has monopolised my time so far, I'd estimate it's taken me the length of 'rebel without a cause' plus a couple of episodes of 'life on mars', a 'blackadder' and then some to make this here pair of gloves.



Now for some strange reason I thought making gloves would be an ideal gift: no issues on getting the sizing accurate, something that could be personalised and funked up ( with fake fur, yeah!!) and that surely would be quick. I think I've already illustrated that I got that badly wrong. I used butterick 5695 and started with view b, but don't you think there's something very comical about this pattern cover?!

It certainly inspires creative thoughts about the ' simple' glove. I used fleece to make these, and what a pleasure it is to work with fleece- no fraying, easy to sew the narrow seams required for glove making. A bit of stretch here and there to easily manipulate around the strange seams ( of which there are plenty). Check this out – finger sewing gets really complicated, some fingers have 4 seams to make them up.

In fact it's all the seam sewing, and the marking prior to even starting that not surprisingly takes the time. How many tailor tacks did I sew? But the satisfaction that came with finishing a recognisable glove with a thumb and sweet pin tucks on the back of the hand was immense.

Here are the strange pattern pieces used to make gloves.

It was a weird sewing experience, and I'd recommend any one making their first pair to use fleece. I am not 100% pleased with the result and reckon they could be a bit big and sausage fingery. I'd have got a better result buying a cheap fleece pair and adding the fake fur cuff…..but, well, it wouldn't have been the same. This pair of gloves has a matching fake fur collar to go with it….

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but if comments are working yet I shall be overjoyed. Looks as if I'll have to wait till Monday now to do some chasing….again. I'd love to know if anyone else has made gloves and been brave enough to use other fabrics…but until comments work, I shall remain intrigued 🙂

Happy weekend everyone x