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Style Arc Daisy Tunic and Ethel Pants

So hello again everyone, how are you all?  I’m gathering a few thoughts today about an outfit I made especially for travelling.  This was also my first foray into Style Arc patterns – the Style Arc Daisy Designer Tunic and Ethel Designer Pants.  (Did the word ‘Designer’ in the name sway me?  Not really but it did generate a little confidence when I came to wear them!)

daisy tunic ethel pant

So when I saw this pattern duo I thought it would be great for travelling- you know when you have to be cool but need to cover up (modesty reasons perhaps) or even to wear in an evening that chills once the sun goes down.  Or something that is a great interface between a cool start & potential heat later.  Not my usual style I think you’ll agree.  However, this is what’s great about sewing – make new things to suit the occasion.  I bought these patterns , via Amazon’s Style Arc store of all places, during a Style Arc sale, however Style Arc runs monthly promotions where two patterns are often paired in a promotion (with a choice of free pattern) and it’s always interesting to see what they put together.


OK, the patterns- the Style Arc Daisy Designer Tunic is long (like tunics are) with 3/4 length sleeves, a scoop neck and pockets if you want.  It has an interesting detail at the hem with a double folded hem (like two folds) and with fab angles at its side seams due to it being longer here.  I don’t know how to describe it!   Style Arc calls it a ‘double angled hemline’ there.  Succinct.

daisy tunic

I made it with some gorgeous fine Indian cotton from Ditto fabrics in Brighton – sadly no longer in stock.  It has burnt out ovals with embroidery.  Perfect for this tunic.

daisy tunic ethel pant

So the sewing was interesting.  Style Arc patterns do not have such detailed instructions as some other patterns, and rely more on diagrams.  I did have the odd head scratching moment trying to work out how the hem & the facing (to create the double hem) was sewn.  But I got it right first time.  Everything else was straight forward.

I have to say I love this tunic – I get complimented on it everytime I wear it.  It is cool and flowy.  and it looks great with the Ethel Designer pants….


These are baggy, low crotched elasticated waist trousers.  But the Ethel pants are just a bit more sophisticated than pull on PJs.  The leg shaping has been carefully designed to give a cool ‘balloon’ shape, coming in at the ankle.  The elastic waist is managed with some small pleats as well, making it just that little bit more sophisticated (or ‘edgy’ as described on the website).  And they have pockets.  Yay.

ethel pant

They came together very easily.  It has to be said.  Well they would, wouldn’t they?  A very simple pattern, the secret is in the shaping.  And I wasn’t expecting them to be so baggy around the crotch & having such a baggy bum.

ethel pants (2)

Such a departure from my usual style but as long as I remembered they are deliberately ‘low crotch baggies’ – Indian style- I was OK .  Hot heat pants for sweltering climates when shorts are off limits.  I made them in a very light chambray from my local fabric shop (Sewing Studio, Bath).  I can’t wait to see what they would be like in an even lighter viscose.

ethel pant

I have worn the trousers with other tops as the Daisy tunic wasn’t ready for my Croatia holiday and I experimented with vests (showing off that baggy bum- gasp!) and my baggy boyfriend shirt, but I think it’s wearing them together with the Daisy tunic that I love the most.

daisy tunic ethel pant (3)

Photos have been shot on location (whoop whoop) in Prague and in Croatia.