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Day to Night Drape Tops- compulsive!

OK, confession time.  I am a Maria Denmark super fan.  Apart from enjoying her blog tremendously & having a stackload of admiration for her giving up her day job to live her dream designing & drafting sewing patterns, I absolutely love every single pattern that I have made that she has produced.  I am particularly keen on the knit patterns she has crafted – the style & fit are perfect for me.  They are distributed as pdf downloads, but don’t let that put you off – I’ve seen that she is making it even easier to download & construct all those pieces of printed A4 with her new Audrey dress pattern (yes I have it 🙂  ) Anyway, I have to say also that her instructions are also very well documented with photos to help explain the steps, and are easily achievable makes in my opinion.  Anyway, this post is about the Day to Night Drape Top pattern.

Folks, this is a speedy stylish sewing fix – seriously this pattern is sooooo easy to make, especially the sleeveless version.  Lizzy has made it in the sleeveless variety in highly covetable stripes, & even making it up as a dress (see here) .

Remember I made it here with long sleeves as soon as it came out, & was impressed with it & it has been worn lots.  Plus, you must know by now that I adore cowl necklines!  With summer on the horizon I could at last make it up sleeveless.

Drape Top

I had some fabric recently acquired that cried out to be made up in this pattern.  This is the wondrously fine jersey from Jill’s Itterations Workwear store on Etsy (remember it is still on special offer).  I had me some Silver lurex sparkle on beige (hey disco!!)

Drape Top

So this pattern is constructed from just two pieces: a front & a back.  It is easily made from less than a metre of fabric.  Bargainalicious.  And so stylish too.

Drape TopThe front has an integral facing that folds down to make the cowl.  This is what it looks like from the inside.  I am rapidly falling in love with using clear elastic to finish the neck & sleeve edges.  Just requires two rows of zig zag & so neat.

Drape Top

I could not stop at one, I had to make two 🙂

Jill kindly sent me some black to try & it is so soft & wonderfully fine.  Perfect for a drapey cowl.

Drape Top

Black to bring my By Hand Charlotte skirt into Spring rotation…

Drape TopI think it’s just the way I’m standing that makes it look a bit tight across the chest.  Although to be honest, this is clingy top.

And an added bonus?  This top took me an hour tops to make, once I’d cut it out.  Cutting out must take all of 15 minutes!

Day to Night Drape Top

OK, I promise that I won’t be bombarding you with posts now that my technological problems appear resolved (albeit with having to re-educate my spam filter so please bear with that one – your comment may not appear until I’ve unspammed it, & from then it remembers you ever after …).  But, just this once I’m following yesterday’s post with one today because I just *had* to respond to a challenge set by Maria Denmark on release of her latest pattern, the Day to Night Drape Top.  It’s a slinky cowl necked top, & if you make it sleeveless it really takes minimal fabric for maximum effect.  I have a thing for cowl necklines & when I saw it was on special offer at Craftsy, popped on over & added it to my sewing queue.

But when I saw that Maria had laid down a gauntlet – the  first four reviews of this top would win an awesome Maria Denmark pattern as a prize- it suddenly rose to the top of my list as I can recognise a quick make when I see one (& love Maria Denmark’s pattern range having the Birgitte Tee and Kimono Tee as wardrobe favorites) .  I thought it would be the perfect tonic to unselfish gift making – a fab Maria Denmark top, just for me.  If I wasn’t one of the first four, never mind.  It’s knit – score.  Something for my holiday.  Something that I could also wear to work.  I had some 100% synthetic lycra with wonderful drape that was destined for a cowl neckline.  That’s what is so cool about having a fabric stash.  Moments such as this – want to make a top & go look & find something perfect.  What’s so great about the Day to Night Drape top pattern is that although it is sleeveless, it can be made long sleeved by using the sleeves from the Birgitte tee (ha ha- yes- it’s winter after all!!!)

Do you like the coolest tree ever – it’s fibre optic too!! Makes me SMILE so …

I had enough fabric to make a long sleeved version, much as I adore it sleeveless  & will undoubtedly make a few of those in Spring.   So, a front, a back & sleeves, just three pattern pieces.  Sewing took hardly any time at all, I reckon an hour & a half tops.  It’s a simple make, just have to get your head around how the shoulder seam works with the cowl facing.  The method Maria uses in this pattern for the back neckline & armhole facings if sleeveless uses FOE (fold over elastic) or clear elastic.  I used the latter.

I found the instructions easy to follow, but was not quite sure what to do with the cowl facing when sewing the sleeves – should some of it be attached in this seam as well?  I thought yes.

The pattern, like all of Maria Denmark’s tops fits me well.  I really like the cowl neck & being able to winter-fy it was clever.

The butterfly looks like an elbow patch …

This is definitely going to be useful & I can’t wait to make spring sleeveless versions out of *not much* jersey.  Thanks for another great pattern Maria.  Remember everyone, it’s on for a special introductory price through December.  Buy it at Craftsy or at Maria Denmark & enjoy 🙂