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Seaside Christmas Cracker

So my blog commenting problem is still not fixed & I am loathe to publish a post showing my version of two lovely patterns without being able to interact with you … it is a weird experience, I am feeling a bit cut off…come on guys, I know you can fix it – big thanks!! Anyway, some photos of today’s sewing outing – the in-action shots of my sacrificed tacky Christmas dress that became my first “running fancy dress”.

Here is the dress before I took the scissors & overlocker to it.

You can tell it didn’t get worn much!  I mean, strapless, figure hugging – moi?  Any attempt to allure over the Christmas dinner would be immediately dampened by mismatching woolly cardigan – it is just not warm enough in December to wear such nonsense!  However, as a source of raw materials it was a gem.  Red velour, white beardy fluff – magic.

So you saw what I did – hacked off the skirt, added a thick elastic waistband & then somehow managed to get a hat out of the bodice (could this be my first attempt at “draping” – I had no pattern!  )And remember the shoe rosettes 🙂

So on the top I didn’t have a plan, but LinB did give me other suggestions for using my rosettes – but attaching them?  And in such cold & vigorous wind? I don’t think so!  I ended up keeping to a red theme with some pink thermals to support a rosy illusion.

Anyway, here are some shots of the event itself, the Weston Super Mare Christmas Cracker.  Weston Super Mare is a wonderful English seaside town with its own pier, stretches of dull sand & a tide that when it’s out takes hours to reach- via not always very safe sandy mud.  It was the closest beach to where we lived as children & I think the local nickname was, wait for it, “Weston Super Mud” (so clever aren’t we ).  But the sea is always a grey brown, the sand never golden, but great for sandcastles & getting into sandwiches.

Here’s the pre-race mingling – I’d say the usual dominant colour for races tends to be white with black leggings/ shorts.  Not so this time!  There was a sea of red, & fancy dress is encouraged with a prize for the best….

Just after the start.  That’s me at the right hand side of the picture.  We had a dry but cold day – the wind blowing across the sand was strong, particularly on the last mile and a half to the finish line (why does the wind always seem to be against you?  I think there was only one small part of the course that it actually felt to be helping us from behind, yet the route took various directions!)

But what I loved was fancy dress spotting!  Being part of a sea of red really got me feeling Christmassy- with Christmas hats & tinsel being sported by almost everyone – unless they were more extreme.  I saw gnomes, reindeer, christmas bunnies (? ??), Snow White whose long skirt & blue cloak was ripped around by the wind, catch it wrong & she’d have been strangled. A team of Christmas themed onesie-wearers.  The picture above was taken just feet before the finishing line, & as I got closer I heard “Come on gorilla” from amongst the supportive crowd and then the tannoy announcing “And the gorilla just about to cross the finish line is xxxx from yyy”.  Great stuff!  But this snowman & his carrot is genius

O, some of you have dirty minds!  We all loved the men in their head to toe body suits – very brave men (nowhere to hide …their keys….!)   And to run with your face covered up we thought must have been horrid!  This snowman was friends with these guys who I caught in shot at the end ..

I had a great race.  I managed to knock 5 mins off my personal best,despite the best efforts of the wind.  I am elated.  It was a really well organised race, with timing chips, plenty of friendly encouraging stewards.  We got a nice long sleeve tee at the end & my first mince pie in 2012! The course was pretty flat, & it was super fun running along the sand for a good half of it. Yes, my trainers got wet & I should have brought spare shoes & socks for the journey home.  I ran with three other of my running buddies and we had two lovely friends taking pictures that have turned out really well – I wouldn’t have been a running tourist on this particular race!  Recommended post course indulgence?  A slap-up roast dinner carvery – well deserved!

And the outfit?  It worked like a dream – the skirt was not too tight anywhere so I didn’t notice that I was wearing it.  It also doubled up as a very useful tool (akin to the home-made “towel tubes”) for getting changed out of my leggings afterwards in the car park without flashing my cold bits to all & sundry.  The hat was also draped to fit perfectly – it did not get blown off in the wind, did not itch or irritate & kept me warm enough all the way through.  Success I’d say.  In fact, this race had us all thinking about what our team fancy dress could be next time …..what fun!

So until comments are back on dear friends, try communicating with me psychically?  Channel some thoughts & see if they reach me….Meanwhile dear tech support can you please get my blog fixed   🙁 I’d be so happy 🙂

Sneaky peek at Sunday ‘s race day fancy dress

I'm afraid it seems comments are still busted, I'm sorry!! The web hosting guys are hopefully making progress…so rather than show you some recent proper clothes I've made, worn and absolutely love, here's a taster for this week's sewing priority: Christmas themed running fancy dress. My running buddies tell me you can get away with a bit of tinsel and Christmas tree earrings. But I didn't even have a Christmas hat! I was all for thinking about ordering some red fabric to whip something up when I remembered a tacky velour mother Christmas dress I'd foolishly bought in an attempt to bring a bit of tat to Christmas. Ill show the original photo on Sunday as it's on my other camera, but here are a few glimpses…..strapless clingy velour with fluff trimmed dress transforms into…


An equally clingy bum hugging tacky skirt ( to be worn over leggings I hasten to add) and enough to make a festive gnome-like hat. Hurrah. But the best bit?

My trainers have a make over!! I was set to make bows, but thought opportunities for fluff were limited. So I conjured up a couple of Pom poms ( using a cd as a template)

Originally I made buttonholes in what would be the back of the Pom poms to house shoe laces, but trying to optimise fluff on top of the Pom Pom didn't work so ….

I made fringes out of the fluff ( much like those camp golf shoes I thought) stitched Pom Pom with button to the fringe, then finished off by hand stitching some ribbon on the back to capture laces.


I'd love to know what you think, but at the moment it seems futile asking. I shall engineer an in-use photo though and tell you whether the skirt fell down, and if so how many times. Hope you are all having a great week, I now need to get back to gift making…..I'd also say”how's your gift making and preparations for Christmas going?” So consider me interested, but at the whim of technology…