News flash, Kerry from Kestrel Makes is our next castaway

Paddling my canoe and a strange current took me to new waters and who should I come across but Kerry from Kestrel Makes. This lady has moved in on her desert island. I mean she’s settled with all mod cons ( cannily made from bamboo, palm fronds and mud) and has a fully equipped tree […]

The Amazing Taracat is our next castaway!

Oh fellow island dreamers I’ve got my act together & am proud to provide you with a Friday treat. Yes, too long coming, we have another girl Friday, none other than the Amazing Taracat. I am overjoyed to welcome Taracat to the island life (ref Grace Jones in the 1980s – is this relevant to […]

Our fifteenth castaway, Alessa, from Farbenfreud

It’s Friday, Fridays & I’ve spied a splash of colour climbing up one of the palm trees on the adjacent island.  Why it’s none other than Alessa from Farbenfreud!  I have severe wardrobe yearning over Alessa’s makes as she has a definite self sewn (& knitted) style: intense colour, polka dots & plentiful use of […]

Our fourteenth castaway: Marie of a Stitching Odyssey

Hey it’s Friday & you know it’s when I like to scour the horizon for any fellow girl Fridays to launch my canoe for a visit to another desert island in this particular archipelago.   Always such a joy, but who have I spied today through my monocular & cocktail umbrella?  Why it’s none other than […]

Our eleventh Castaway: Melissa from Fehr Trade

I love leaving this series for Fridays, girl Fridays!! Have you been eager with anticipation for this? Because Oh I am so excited! I was out looking through some binoculars I found on the beach, scouring the horizon for hunky dudes, when I spied some fabulously dressed athlete taking in some beach running on a […]