2 thoughts on “Cambie dotty dress

  1. Kaycee

    Very beautiful details! Your sewing looks very professional and flawless 😀 I would say i progressed but there is and will always be a lot to learn. Ive made a few clothes for myself. Sewing anything is a long process for me but its always worth the time and money rather than store bought clothes of most kinds. I hope to sew a lot more clothes in the future and seeing your clothes proves that handmade clothes is just as fashionable!!! Choosing the fabrics excite me the most even though I’m really picky.

    I feel the most expression when I choose to wear my own clothes 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Kaycee! I feel the same although I sometimes need to slow down a bit as I get so determined to finish and then move onto the next project! But yes, it’s a wonderful form of self expression isn’t it? And very liberating to know that you are free to make what you want as opposed to what’s on sale in the shops.


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