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Sewing Guide to Bath – Haberdashery heaven (sew and Sew) at the Guildhall Market

So to follow my first blog post about the Sewing Studio it is only logical to feature my second most favorite haunt for sewing supplies in Bath.  This is Sew and Sew, the most comprehensive haberdashery emporium in the Guildhall Market, Bath.

Sew and Sew

I used to work next door and I completely underestimated how much I took this for granted – the ready availability of *practically every conceivable sewing/ haberdashery need* right next door.  Ran out of thread?  That’s Ok, lunchtime fix ahoy.  Buttons for my latest make?  You should see the choice!  (Photo below!)

Guildhall Market - High Street

Guildhall Market – High Street

The Guildhall Market itself is a joy to visit- one of those places so central in the heart of city centre Bath- right near the Abbey & also Pulteney Bridge- a wealth of independent shops within.  (Check out the link for details) But we are only going to focus on the one.

Guildhall market

So, my homing pigeon zooms me in to the haberdashery – Sew and Sew.  What am I here for today?

Guildhall Market

Might it be the buttons?

ButtonsOr the many types of ric rac?

Ric racI have to say I was sorely tempted by the new decorated and embellished versions…

haberdasheryShelves and shelves of sewing aids, gadgets & dibidy-doos…

HaberdasheryThreads and craft materials…

Pom pom trim (getting a bit specialised here, I mean not everyone needs pom pom trim , do they?)

bias bindingThis is the bias binding shelf (well the fancy ones – solid colours are next door)

elasticsAs well as a wide range of black and white elastic, the FOR (Fold Over Elastic) comes in quite a few colours & I also loved this waistband elastic that comes in different colours.

IMG_5833Hard to get a shot without a customer- but there are shelves upon shelves of goodies.  From elastics, lace and bindings, there is also velcro. boning, curtain tape, webbing, shoulder pads, buttons, buckles and trims.  Hardware in all its forms like needles, pins, snaps & so much more.


And then there’s the knitting & crochet section, and all the other crafts that Sew and Sew caters for.



Fabric shopping in Bath- The Sewing Studio

Hello all! I have decided to pull together just a little series that may be of completely no interest to you…until you decide that you’re going to plan a trip to my hometown, Bath, & want to check out some of the sewing attractions. So it’ll be either no interest to you, or something that you return to when it is relevant!

sewing studio

You see I have been asked by readers of my blog about where to go for fabric fixes …. & more… so decided to write a couple of pieces about my personal recommendations. Bath is a lovely place to visit (& that’s not just me, being a resident saying so, it’s the millions of visitors coming each year that lead me to make that statement! ) Yes I am biased. I have lived here for nearly 30 years now & even though I have moved out to become a rural outlier, the centre of Bath is still just 20 minutes (non rush hour) away for me. I love the city, its Roman history & Victorian regeneration of that, the Georgian architecture, the parks, the river,  Thermae Spa & the wide choice of shopping – all the usual shops you find in any town, but with an Anthropologie, and the lovely independent shops – check out Margarets Buildings, Broad Street and Walcot Street. The museums are also really interesting & some are award winning . But check out visitBath for ideas about what to do if you are coming to Bath & planning your trip.

So to kick this mini  series off, I am going to give some thumbs up to my fave fabric shop in Bath – Mark Pickles’ Sewing Studio. It’s on Charles Street, slightly off the main drag but close enough to Queens Square, host to our summer Boules competition, French food festival and also a generally nice place to relax for a picnic in  town.

Map here.

On a dry day you will see rolls of polycotton standing in bins (see above)  outside serving as flags to signal what goes on here. It was raining when I visited, but look for this shopfront  so that you can spot it nice & easily from the road.

sewing studio (11)

Now, originally, this shop used to be called Husqvarna Studio, (hence the website address) but whilst the names changed, nothing fundamental is any different – still the same friendly owners, shop stocked to the brim with sewing goodies.

Mark Pickles himself

Mark Pickles himself

Mark sells sewing machines, overlockers, swish fancy embroidery enabled machines as well.

sewing studio (4)

This is where I go to have my machines serviced and where I‘ve bought my overlocker and my coverstitch machine.

Here's Mark at work on someone's precious machine

Here’s Mark at work on someone’s precious machine

However, I would be very surprised if on a visit to Bath to see the sights, you were planning to leave with a sewing machine in your case! Fear not, there is so much more to come to the Sewing Studio for!


sewing studio (3)

The shop is arranged on two floors, and the ground floor is split between sewing machines, haberdashery & the most popular seasonal fabric / some craft fabric then upstairs has the workshop space for lessons, even more fabrics and the pattern books.

sewing studio (8)

Every time I come to the Sewing Studio, Mark delights in showing me the new additions to the stock & the shop always seems to be on the point of bursting – but not unbearingly so. You can see everything, perform that essential fabric touching test between your thumb & forefingers (very important & undertaken almost subconsciously by every fabric shopper, am I right?) This is not a megastore – it is a family run business homed in two floors of a Georgian terrace. But the space is optimised to get a really wide range of fabric & the gizmos & doings for all types of fabric crafting.

sewing studio (7)

Whether it is patchwork, bag making, cushion & duvet making you’re into, or being an avid dressmaker , he’s got something to offer. Last time I visited he showed me Teflon coated canvas, great for bagmaking. He also stocks tailoring resources (eg canvas – note to self) & other things (maybe less standard) for the fashion students at the nearby college. In winter he’s proud to show off his wools & coatings – the lovliest of selections, & now we are looking at Spring summer sewing, he’s some lovely linens & chambrays.

sewing studio (2)

Just a few of the fabrics on the ground floor

I would say that he picks quality fabrics that would be on a par with John Lewis prices & quality.  Stock is frequently refreshed & his sales are always worthwhile – usually he has blanket discounts to make way for the new stock he knows is on the way & he has to fit in!

sewing studio (10)

I love shopping for fabric on the internet and there are some great online shops, but somehow, we all love a bricks & mortar fabric shopping experience don’t we?   Nothing quite like being able to handle the fabric there & then when you know what you want to make.  Or to fall for something you see in the flesh.

sewing studio (12)


This is most definitely my first choice for fabric shopping in Bath- if you have something particular in mind, you can usually get it here. And then some. Temptation all around! And always a friendly welcome.

I have not been paid to write this review or make this recommendation. All views are genuine & my own.

Happy Christmas to you all & the sales are starting!

Hello everyone!  Just a quick one – I am waiting for my work systems to come online (have they broken up for the holidays?) & so was fiddling about with some things on my blog & wanted to wish you all a fabtastic Christmas & any other holidays you might be celebrating & however you may be celebrating them- or not!

I am so looking forward to the break myself having felt in such a never ending spin, what with finishing my job (next week ) & moving house & Christmas- I will be glad for the break & some decent sewing time & sewing room organisation.   Thank you to everyone who’s visited my blog & put up with the semi hiatus in productivity over the last couple of months.  I will be a renewed sewster & blogger after Christmas & hope you enjoy sharing my new adventures.

I was updating my images on my side bar with a promotion for a fabric sale at the Fabric Godmother & thought it worth highlighting here

Fabric godmother sale

You know- a kind of treat for all your hard work getting ready for the holidays?  The Fabric Godmother sale has 8 pages of discounted loveliness ….enjoy!

About to live the dream- & the sewing in it!

Ok so I have been teasing you with the prospect of some epic news, a life change of which I had to bide my time before sharing on this blog.  Not because anything was a secret, but just because I didn’t want to spill the beans until everything was lined up legally, commitments in writing, no going back.  Don’t want to jinx anything afterall.

Intrigued to find out more?  Well here it is.  And i justify writing about it here because it really has made me rethink how & what i sew – more on that later.  Not only am I moving into a new house but I have taken redundancy & as of 2016 will not be in any kind of permanent employment!   BIG NEWS am I right?

Leaving my old house

Leaving my old house

Let’s start with the house … So I am about to move into my new house- finally exchanged the contracts last Friday (after what felt like half a year, but was more like 14 weeks).  I have been living with my family as you know, with my things in storage, & just one sewing machine & a cabin case full of projects with me.  I shall be downsizing – moving from a 3+ bedroom semi with added conservatory to a *cute* 1750s cottage in the country.  (How can you depict how smiley writing that makes me).  I am only moving 10 minutes’ drive away from my old house to a village with a lovely vibrant community & it is located in the most gorgeous countryside – the Somer Valley.  This is where I run with my running friends so i know this part of Somerset pretty well & will be moving closer to these fab friends with country views, walks & runs on my doorstep.  (I looked for images online & there aren’t many of the countryside – I shall have to remedy that!)

Image source

My cottage has just two bedrooms, one of which will of course become the sewing room & double up as a spare room for visitors.  It has a gorgeous garden (great for photos although I am not sure how overlooked it will be yet).  I move in at the end of the week.  I have been listening to party music ever since we exchanged contracts.  One excited badger.  When I moved out of my old house there was a lot of decluttering but I fear there will be even more to come.  Luckily I had already agreed to buy this cottage when I was packing up so i could visualise the small space I would have to house all my belongings which made it easier to be ruthless – except when it came to my sewing stuff.  I fear I have far too many boxes to find homes for, but out of everything, I will enjoy this organisational challenge the most.  But it will take the next level of cold heartedness & refocus any sentimentality that creeps in.  Mari Kondo will inspire me.

And here I can segue neatly into the other subject- with no full time office job to go to I need to be making different things.  And with a smaller house with very much more limited space for storage I need to be making less as well.  I will therefore be concentrating more on quality – both in the fabrics I choose and also the technical skills involved.    I will try to make the time I take to sew projects last longer.  And will of course be making things to suit the jobs that I will be doing & the life I will be living.  So will it be bias cut dinner dresses for gin cocktails on the patio?  Or more tweed ?  I feel a bit of reinvention coming this way!

How will I pay my bills?  To be honest I have no long term plan – I will be doing bits of this & that – contracting, part-time warehouse work but in a way that allows me to be flexible  so that I work to fund my new lifestyle with more FUN –  friends, sewing, running and travel.  I am open to trying different types of work, and who knows what i will find out about myself, and will try to use my sewing skills for one of my ‘bits’ of income generation.  It’s pretty liberating.  I really do feel as if I will be living the dream – my dream. There.  So that is the new chapter in my book.  If you fancy keeping a watch of the journey as it appears through this blog then I’d love you to join me 🙂

Welt pockets!

I can’t believe a whole week has gone by already!  I am not sewing nearly as much as usual, as you know, but just wait until I move into my new (very old) place.  Give me enough time to unpack & I’ll be back to full strength again.  As soon as I have exchanged contracts I will tell you MY NEWS…..

The view Camping sewing

The view Camping sewing

I am currently creating a slower sewing project, the Bellatrix Blazer by Papercut patterns, courtesy of the lovely Susan at Sewbox.   I had been coveting this tuxedo style jacket for some time it has to be said.  Have you seen Rachel’s black Bellatrix?  She has even used a shiny fabric for the collar to give it a real  classy DJ look.   It deserves to be made like this I think.  Looks fab.  As for me I had my own ideas in mind for creating a contrast collar.  I have this fabric from my local fabric shop, the Sewing Studio.  It must have some kind of wool in it but I have no idea what the content really is, I was drawn to its reversible nature – same weave but one side is grey, the other a dull raspberry.  GORGEOUS.  I have decided to make the jacket in grey with a fruity contrast collar.

Sewing the princess seam

Sewing the princess seam

I don’t usually show many ‘in progress ‘ photos, but rather than save them all up for the fait accompli I have enough to show you where I have got to now & to talk about welt pockets!  Oh yes.  This jacket has welt pockets in both versions – the cropped length & the longer length.  Guys if you are at all cautious but curious about welt pockets this could well be the jacket for you!  The pockets are installed in the horizontal seam that joins the jacket’s bodice to its lower half.  This takes away some of the scariest elements of sewing a welt pocket – as you do not need all of the steps associated with creating the ‘window’ for the welt pocket to occupy – the horizontal seam becomes your pocket’s window.

Inside the welt pockets

Inside the welt pockets

I think I may have laughed with joy when I realised how much simpler this made the pocket process.

Welt pocket cuteness

Welt pocket cuteness

And I am pleased with them.  So darling.

In fact so darling are they that when I finished my Saturday sewing I showed them off to my son: ‘Look at my pockets’, I said.  Do you know what came next, after a spot of admiration?  A brilliant idea – from the perspective of a bloke: ‘why don’t you have an inside pocket or even two?  So handy for tickets or keeping things safe’.


Of course, why do ladies’ jacket sewing patterns rarely have inner pockets?  Not that i have made thousands of jackets, but none of them have interior pockets.  Is this because the content of an inner pocket interferes with how the jacket hangs + boobage?

Designing the inner welt pocket

Preparing for the inner welt pocket

Anyway, I want an inside pocket.  And despite having got away with the simplest welt pockets I have ever sewn in my life, I am now drafting one inner welt pocket, to be constructed the slightly less simple way.  All of my sewing reference books are in storage so I was eternally grateful to see that there is a very comprehensive article on sewing welt pockets in this month’s Seamwork magazine by none other than David Page Coffin.   Hurrah for welt pockets!

Inside view of the Bellatrix blazer in progress

Inside view of the Bellatrix blazer in progress

And if you know whether there is a reason for women’s jacket patterns not having inside pockets it won’t change my decision but I will feel far better informed!  Do please let us know ….(is it the boobs?)

Hello Orla!

Well hello again!  This will mainly be a photographic post showing the Orla top I helped test for Tilly and the Buttons, the latest in the collection.  Have you seen it yet?


It is actually a very useful and cute style – one that I may have dismissed, thinking that it might not be my usual shape, but having made it, I have found that i have been wearing it a lot.

orla top

Everyone needs a matching brolly!

It can be an over the top of your skinnies (or in my case my navy Ultimate trousers is outfit of choice)- or it is very easily tucked in.  It has sleeve options and snowdrop collar/ no collar options too with an exposed zip at the back.

orla top

It’s shaped very nicely with amazing eye poppingly adorable curved French darts, and the shaped hemline seriously covers your buns in a flattering way because of the shaping.  This is not a ‘tunic’ but a shift top & there is I reckon a difference in the silhouette.

orla top

I know there were a few changes made to the final pattern so don’t want to mislead you in anyway, and I will mention them as I go, but there were not any fitting issues for me to speak of.


Look at that curved hemline!

Yes, I actually made a toile!  Out of an old bedsheet as I wasn’t sure whether I needed to do an SBA, and I didn’t in the tester version.  That was very pleasing to me 🙂  so I bought some cotton from my local fabric shop- Bath’s Sewing Studio.  I love it there.  I chose this awesome turquoise polka dot (& also some fabric to make even more floral shirts for the special men in my life for gifts).  I was also able to buy the edgy (for me) metal toothed zip for the exposed zip at the back.

orla top

I have not really sewn exposed zips so this was  a learning for me, & to assuage any feelings of concern, Tilly’s instructions of course guide you through the process smoothly with plenty of glorious technicolour photos.

orla top


Sorry, leaping ahead a bit there.  Yes, fabric and notions chosen, I made the long sleeved collared version as I could smell autumn coming.  There has apparently been a bit more room drafted in the sleeves since I made this tester version.  And the French darts in the front may have been lowered slightly too.

orla top

There is some pretty pleating at the sleeve cap with gathers.

orla top

And the reason that the curved hem sits so nicely is because it has a facing.

orla top

Hmm, I do like this a lot and can imagine it would look lovely in some chiffon (of which I have a few options in my stash – in storage at present) but what about a pretty way to show off some Liberty, or a voile or how about a speckly viscose? Or if I went for a solid  I would be tempted by Swiss dot – lots of colours at the Fabric Godmother…And I have just spied this silk chiffon (rather a treat but love the florals) and think that it could work- without the collar though?  What do you think?  And do you know what?  I might miss out the exposed zip & make it with a smaller back opening  a loop & button at the neck.  That would work for me too.

orla top

Showing the facing at the back of the zip- OK might not be 100% spot on, but as a first attempt it’s pretty tidy.  Oh yes, this deserved a label too 😉

Here is a newsround

Hello people!  Just checking in!  I hope you enjoyed the Girl Charlee discount, apparently the teal oriental blossom fabric I made my knit Bettine out of is coming back in stock soon – keep looking out for it!

This blog post is not my usual type as my head is sooo full of all sorts I am in ‘superfast download’ mode for a change.  I’d find it hard to sit still long enough to write about one of my recent sewing makes, so there will be some pieces of things that might interest you, a few teaser pics.  And then I might disappear again for a bit more whilst I move out.  So let’s start…

I've been visiting!

I’ve been visiting!  More below

If you like a discount, don’t forget you can get 10% off at Weaver Dee – just use ‘SCRUFFY’.  Did you know Weaver Dee sell lots of fabric (including over 100 John Kaldor fabrics) as well as  a host of haberdashery & patterns (50% off Simplicity, Kwik Sew and Vogue at the moment!)

And what’s happening at the Village Haberdashery?  Not only are they planning a move to West Hampstead next year (very exciting – another part of London for me to visit in the interest of ‘fabric tourism’!) But they are opening up the opportunity for us as customers to own a little (or bigger) bit of a fabric shop!  Has this ever been a dream of yours?  I know it has been something that I think of as a killer job.  Well, crowdfunding is maybe not quite turning up to flop bolts of fabric over on the cutting table,  to pull out a river of fabric out, measuring against the ruler on the side of the table then to then slice a very straight line with super sharp shears that sound as if they are eating the fabric.  The glamour of the fabric shop!  OK.  Not quite!  This is crowdfunding !  For as little as £10 we can own a bit of the Village Haberdashery.  Find out more here.

Ok, time for my news?  I can tell you that 2016 is going to be a very different year for me, but that can wait until I have lined all my ducks up.  For now I am progressing my new life plan.  Yes, I am living in an unholy cardboard mess.  And I am feeding my cat real chicken breast (you know the stuff for sandwiches that is not compressed &  if reprocessed, doesn’t look like it.  Yep.  The expensive type) to supplement the dried catfood he prefers in order to rekindle his callous cat-affection for me in advance of our house move.  (It’s working- if someone else has been feeding him, I am winning now! )  But it shows how desperate I have been.

I shall be moving out of my house this week & putting my things into storage.  I will write separately about this as I suspect there will be some telling facts in the proportion of my ‘decluttered life’ that is for sewing & specifically fabric.  Gulp.  It’s not all packed yet.

Crazily I am also in the latter parts of my marathon training plan & am finding it really hard to get all the runs in when I need to pack!  I am not expecting the marathon which is at the end of October, to be a very comfortable experience!  Hey ho.

So what’s new?  Well, I can give you some idea of what’s going to come up:

  • I met the lovely May Martin at the Simplicity Blog meet, where I & other sewsters were captivated by her charm, funny stories and wide range of tips for everyone –

May martin

  • novice sewsters and experienced alike I think we all took something away.

me and may

She is my heroine!  And I am wearing Simplicity 1459, in case you wonder.

  • I got to visit Soho, somewhere I had never been before.  And we were hosted at that household name – the Good Housekeeping Institute.
  • Afterwards Rachel and I visited Cloth House where I had to buy a souvenir, of course!
  • I have also chosen my ‘year’s worth of sewing patterns’- my prize for winning the Simplicity blogger competition.  Which 12 Simplicity or New Look patterns did I choose, considering the mass of patterns I already have?  That will be an interesting story!
  • I had a great sewing catch up with the gorgeous Handmade Jane before we went on a trouser block workshop at Raystitch. Oh I am desperate to progress my first pair of trousers using my block, and I can assure you it will be packed for sewing in my temporary home!  I will write about the whole experience, promise!
  • And speaking of Handmade jane, did you know she is shortlisted in the Sew magazine Awards for best sewing blog?  You can vote here if you want to support her …
  • I have a few things I’ve made to blog about, including some gifts (yes, I am not a 100% selfish sewer!)

And yes.  My hair is naturally curly.  I have ditched the straighteners.  It might mean that I am in disguise until more recent photos of me percolate this blog.  He he he!

Right, boxes are calling me, I must leave you now!  Normal service will resume….shortly!  Happy sewing everyone xx

Me Made May 2015 #3

The last third of me made outfits. I’ve still been in recovery & off the exercise, and squeezed in a week in Cornwall – holidays! Lovely & much needed 🙂 But I packed way too much – in fact the clean unworn clothes I brought back outnumbered those that I put in the laundry! I took a photo – look!!

My unworn clothes I packed to take to Cornwall this May

My unworn clothes I packed to take to Cornwall this May

Over optimistic packing shorts, bikinis & my favorite sleeveless tops …

May 21st

A day at the office, grabbing lunch in Parade Gardens with the Empire Hotel in the background.

21 May

Simplicity 1459 dress (oh my, this dress washes like a dream – no ironing !! I have to admit that I was a bit fearful the first time I washed it, imaging all that skirt to press…..but no ironing required. Score!)

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

Then when I got home I slobbed out in …

21 May pm

Deer & Doe Plantain top

Polka dot leggings & skirt combo (yet to be blogged)

May 22nd

Working at home & feeling chilly….

22 May

So Zo Dolores batwing floral dress– now this is best when worn with a cardigan mainly due to its all over floral, it is a bit overwhelming without the solid colour to break it up. But as a cosy stylish dress, it’s a winner ….

Teal cardigan (yet to be blogged)

May 23rd

Holidays started!

23 May

Polka dot leggings

Chambray dress (yet to be blogged)

Red Oslo cardigan

May 24th

It was a damp & rainy day today & we went for a rainy walk, exploring the neighbourhood a bit, but no photos in the rain …

May 24

So Zo Dolores top- Dr Jacobi style

Sew Over It denim trousers

Teal cardigan

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

May 25th

Today’s walk to the beach …

May 26

Maria Denmark white Edith blouse

Sew U – Red cigarette pants

BHL Victoria knit blazer

May 26th

Sneaking in another read at the beach …

May 27

Built by Wendy dresses – Brighton Pavilions dress (yes! That means it was summer that day!)

Red Seamwork Oslo cardigan- to be blogged

But in the evening snuggled up with my

27 May pm

Drafting top

Floral ¾ Hudson pants

May 27th

Started with Floral Hudsons, Red Oslo and Drafting top as the evening before

changed into

May 28

Black Maria Denmark Day to Night drape top

Megan Nielson Tania Culottes

Red Oslo cardigan

May 29th

Shopping! Rain! Truro fabrics 🙂

May 29

SoZo Dolores batwing top (this one is actually made by Zoe herself & was a gift. I think it counts for MMM?)

Teal cardigan

Tilly & the Buttons denim Arielle skirt

Sewaholic Robson Trench coat

May 30th

The perfect holiday dress – super comfy to spend 4 hours in the car driving home

May 30

Kitschy Koo Comino Cap dress

Red Oslo Cardigan

May 31st

I managed to go for a run today – I felt that I had enough recovery time & my friends were running around the country lanes, even though it was raining….

May 31 running

Nothing but Flowers Megan Nielson Virginia leggings

Maria Denmark Olivia tshirt (not blogged specifically)

Then changed into

May 31

Jamie jeans

Liberty Lawn Simplicity 2614 top

Muse Jenna cardigan in grey

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

And on a related note, here is a shot of my me made Pjs- summer versions. I have been refashioning those cotton finishers’ tshirts that I have got after half marathons using SoZo’s vest pattern. They are so much more wearable now.

so zo vests

I have also an array of Pjs – full length, but recently whipped up a couple of pairs of shorts using T&B Love at First Stitch Margot pattern – but shortening them. Using my four thread overlocker stitch I can whip these up in less than an hour from cutting out to sewing a button on to identify the front.  Sorry no photo here!

So my thoughts about Me Made May? I do really only tend to wear my self made clothes every day, including pants (most days & of varying quality!)  & slips, so the challenge is always taking the photos for me.  Having good solid jackets & cardigans make all the difference to completing a me made outfit & I loved my Suede jacket & my new as yet unblogged red & teal cardigans.

I was disappointed to be so off form that I couldn’t play around with my running clothes – that would have been more interesting!  But in effect I had 3 weeks off running which was a shame.

In terms of the photos, I didn’t get out & about as much as I thought I would, so whether I hit my target of 5 photos off-site is doubtful. Why I would think I could get 5 shots in out of 7 beats me – I don’t work in the town as much as I used to, I think I was a bit rash…but the selfie stick was a fun toy to play with & I expect to use it more now. I love that it looks like I am doing something other than posing for a photo as I have to use two hands – makes me see how I would look water skiing …..

Have you enjoyed celebrating your me mades in May?

You decided- a Funki Fishi Running skirt it was to be!

Can I say a huge thank you to everyone who voted & took away any responsibility I had for the decision about what to make my Funki Fabric into !  Yes, thanks to the majority vote, my dilemma was resolved as most of you (163 vs 116) thought I should make it into a running skirt.  So I did!

Jalie 2796 (6)

I used Jalie 2796, the definitive running skirt pattern to rustle me up rather a quirky skort.  I have made this before & it works.

Jalie 2796

It has side panels that are engineered to include side pockets, large enough for phones.

It has a choice of briefs or shorts – but I always make shorts because….well, because I love shorts. 🙂

The fabric is from Funki Fabrics & blows my mind.  A tropical reef to run in?  Oh yes!  And to coordinate with it I managed to find some rippling water for the side panels & the shorts 🙂

Jalie 2796

I wore it this morning for an hour’s run.  I do love all of my Funki Fabric gear – this fabric, I have said before is not moisture wicking, but as long as you know that & don’t expect it, it is such a high quality fabric to work with and to wear.  The other leggings I have made have been worn in constant rotation throughout the winter & the fabric easily holds its own & the amazing prints have lost none of their vibrancy.  Just thought it was worth reporting back.

Jalie 2796

Now that Spring is peeping out, it’s time to get my legs out!  And it felt good, I tell you.

This is the final length of fabric I was given by Funki Fabrics to make something out of – but the good news – I have enough left for one more …what will it be?  (No chance to influence me I am afraid, this time, as I have already made it up!!)   To be continued ……

Giveaway winners!

Happy Monday everyone!  I know, I set the deadlines for the giveaways over the weekend, thinking, foolishly with hindsight, that I would be drawing the winners, and even writing some blog posts.  [Cough].  Sorry.  That just didn’t happen.

But here I am now. Thank you so much for the incredible response to both the Fabric Godmother sateen giveaway and to the tickets for the Knitting and Stitching show.  I was overwhelmed!  I feel bad that I can only make a few people happy today.

For the wonderful sateen from the Fabric Godmother it will be:

Kathy E

Enjoy making & wearing the navy scrummy sateen !  And remember Josie is offering  10% off any fabrics (apart from sale) at the Fabric Godmother by using the code


at the checkout.  This fabulous offer is valid until the 10th April!  Woo hoo!!

And getting two tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show are:



Ann Warner


Barbara Abbott

Make sure you have oodles of fun!

I shall be emailing the lucky recipients as my next action today!  Then I’ll prepare a little blog post for tomorrow.    Sorry to all you disappointed ones.  Have a good Monday and see you tomorrow!