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Week 4 instagram

Me Made May 2014 – week the final

I’ve got more than a week to catch up on here, haven’t I?  And it’s the last week of Me Made May 2014 too.  But, like usual, & like most participants, I have enjoyed it.  Whilst daily selfies tend to be what everybody finds a bit of a chore, it’s the group ogling of others’ outfits & admiration thereof that make it fun & inspiring- & you make new friends.  This was happening all over the place,  Flickr, Twitter, but it was Instagram for me this year.  #mmmay

Yes 99% of what I wear on a daily basis is made by me, but I used this challenge this year to:

- Transition from winter to summer (although there are so many summer dresses, shorts, tee shirts & even my bikini (!!) that did not get a look in this year because our May was seriously poor on the weather stakes).  It’s a good way to reacquaint yourself with your summer wardrobe;
- Explore my me made sportswear;
- By trying to not repeat any outfits, I had to put more thought into what I was wearing & not fall back on my every day favorites.

So let’s get on with the pics of the week.

 May 23

It’s Friday- woo hoo!!

May 23Two outfits today – one for the office, the other for an evening with (rather too much) cider….when in Somerset though …

During the day I wore my Colette Clovers & my 1960s vintage pattern chiffon blouse (Butterick 3082).  Robson Trench accompanied me to the office.  I perked the outfit up for the evening by swapping my top for my striped Laurel top (I love this top & wear it a lot more than this May will lead you to believe) & dug out my almost Butlins style Vintage Vogue red jacket.  I was a bit worried wearing it out as it always seems rather “in your face”  but it worked & was perfect weight for the evening temps.  A win for me made May – as I do always seem to pass over this jacket due to its loudness in favour of a trusty denim jacket.

May 24

It’s the weekend!!  But it started wet.

May 24This was the only time I was forced to bring out something RTW – my yellow waterproof running jacket.   But elsewise, I ran in my Maria Denmark Olivia tee & my crazy lady Virginia leggings.  The day was spent sewing wearing my nautical Coco dress, Victoria knit blazer & Virginia striped leggings.  And there was an evening of fun requiring an outfit change.  I wore my Colette patterns lace-yoked Sencha with red Built by Wendy Cigarette pants.  Although you see me wearing my leopard collared Victoria blazer, I poked my head it was not warm enough as a jacket, so I swapped it for my Vintage Vogue Butlin’s jacket, as above.

May 25

There was a bit of sun, but it was short lived!  But I managed to take the pics & go for a short run.

May 25During the day I wore my pink elephant Violet blouse with denim ThurlowsMy McCalls 6708 cardigan was also brought out.  For running in I sported my Jalie running skort & an unblogged Fehr Trade XYT top that I’d just got around to altering.

May 26

Don’t you just love bank holiday Mondays?  I got some gardening done.  And some sewing (of course!)

May 26I wore my Victory patterns Madeleine skirt with my BBW breton topJulia cardigan was used for cosy-time.

May 27

Back to work.  On return I thought it was about time that Merlin said hello since he is often to be found ignoring the proceedings, feigning complete disinterest as he is out for the count in the conservatory.

May 27It’s a Colette Patterns day – my scalloped Violet blouse & my peacock Ginger skirt.  BHL Victoria blazer to keep warm & Robson Trench for guarding against the showers.

May 28

Another rainy day.  I felt gutted to put tights on.  And to fall back to my winter black skirt & shoes.

May 28I’m wearing my Colette Patterns Meringue skirt, with “Watch This Lace” Violet blouse.  For training I wore my retro shorts with my leopard xyt top.  Oh yes, of course Robson Trench was my trusty companion all day too!

May 29

Working at home.

May 29My April Rhodes “Date Night” dress & slip, plus Julia cardigan.  And ski socks – it was chillo!

May 30

By this time I was getting so fed up that the May we were having seemed so dull & rainy.  It appeared to be coming out in the choice of clothes.  I wanted to brighten up my mood by wearing a floral dress, but the cold meant I veered towards trousers…& grey …

May 30

Daytime saw Sewaholic houndstooth Thurlows & Renfrew, worn with McCalls cardigan (as above).  I had training & wore my crazy lady Virginia leggings again with a Maria Denmark Olivia sports tee (not yet blogged).  As an idea of my wind down evening attire & perking up for the weekend ahead – evidence of Merino Coco being worn with PJs.  And what would you know, I had to answer the door in this!

May 31

It was the last day.  I was determined to go out in style & had seen that the weather forecast suggested some sun in the afternoon.

May 31

Look I caught it.  All 20 minutes of it!  Note the cider.  It’s got my name on it ;-)

Finally got to wear my What Would Dolly Clackett wear Flora dress!!!

In the morning I went for a run along country lanes on my own & needed to be visible – there were too many cars, so I am glad that I wore my unblogged self drafted 80s style hi vis top leopard XYT top underneath for a bit of off the shoulder style with my Fehr Trade duathlon capris.

So what observations do I have on this already long post?!

-Well, this year I made two vital makes- my Julia cardigan & my Victoria blazer & they were indispensible & much loved.  I’d say they were possibly the items I wore the most, already justifying their creation.

-My sportswear making is eclectic & doesn’t fall into my usual colour palette rule – therefore this makes for difficult to match separates.  Now this is not just because of my undisciplined purchases, but to be honest due to the fabric available – when buying technical fabric  colours are very limited – & plain, which encourages me to buy wild & crazy non-technical lycra to compensate.  maybe not the best approach!!

- I do have a lot of me made clothing – so much did not see the light of day & still lingers in my ironing pile.  However, it was a good month for rediscovering some good pieces that I usually overlook.

For the rest of my Me Made outfits have a look at:

Me Made May week 1

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So how did it go for you?  Were you surprised by your Me Made May experience at all?  Did it provide you with any insights?  Did it prove a valuable exercise in me made dressing ?


May week 3

Me Made May week 3

AArgh!  Apols peeps if you visited a half baked post.  I had written it, promise, but somehow most of the words & all the pics have fallen out.  So frustrating as it takes ages finding all the links!  Here goes again.

Me Made day 16

So today was a day off work. Hurrah. I was northbound: off to Manchester by train, and with an added challenge of packing light- a small case that was already having to house running shoes and a bit of kit (& leave enough room for a bit of Abakhan shopping!)
How warm was it going to be ‘up north’? What would be the ideal weekend wardrobe ?
Bath was sunny and I desperately fancied wearing my new Flora dress, but had to resist frock urges as it did not feel like the most practical mini break wardrobe option. I needed separates and layers.
I’d base my weekend wardrobe around two skirts, two cardis and a number of different top options depending on levels of sunshine. Plus leggings in case it really was colder in the north…..

May 16
So starting out, I wore my jersey pavlova skirt, with my Liberty simplicity 2614  top ( I made a point of wearing this as the fabric was a gift from my boys and that’s who I was going to visit :-) ). I also wore trashy slip and my BHL Victoria jersey blazer. Armed with my Robson trench coat, I hoped I was prepared.

This was a great travel combo – really comfy, warm & cool at the same time & swishy!

Me Made May day 17

So it was hot, hot, hot even in Manchester!  We went out to MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry where my programmer son got a geek fix by the first stored programme computer (The Baby) & I was fascinated by the textile gallery where there were all the Victorian machines associated with various stages in the cloth industry.

May 17Oh and cool Plane!  Too much to see in one visit.  I wore my Maria Denmark Day to Night Drape top – perfect perfect perfect as a stylish sun top I tell you!  With my polka dot Chardon & trashy slip.  I had my Julia cardigan (still unblogged) for cosy time in the evening.

Me Made Day 18

So you’ll have seen that a lot of the day was spent wearing my Spring Race Challenge Fehr Trade leopard XYT top & Mini duathlon shorts.

May 18

For the journey home the purple pavlova came out again, with my Julia cardigan & an old Simplicity 2599 top in a knit that I cannot find on my blog anymore.  It was made repurposing a polyester dress from New Look in the early days of my overlocker.

Me Made May day 19

A restful day working at home.

MAY 19

I wore my Lisette Portfolio Miss Ellie chambray trousers with my Hot Patterns Tie me Down jersey top.  Oh, with a Brigitte scarf to control unruly hair.  So satisfying seeing a line of me mades- also proof of my PJs!

Me Made May day 20

A non stop day at the office.  I’d really wanted to wear my polka dot chiffon blouse, but summer skirts I’d made a couple of years ago are too big – however better than wearing a grey suiting skirt.  So this skirt is a hipster, reaches my knees & required the blouse to stay untucked.

MAY 20 1I’m wearing Simplicity 2154 top, with the cardigan & the teal tulip skirt, Simplicity 2451 much loved by bloggers.  the evening involved a run with my ladies.

MAY 20 2I’m wearing my mini duathlons, as above with an unblogged Maria Denmark Olivia tee (wicking fabric).  I brought my “Tron” Avocado hoodie for coming home in.

 Me Made May day 21

And yet more mania at work. #

May 21

But I wore my “Too old for school” vintage dress with Julia cardigan for warmth.  Training after work I got clashing!

IMG_0707Maria Denmark orange “It’s Just a Tank” (wicking fabric) & my Jalie skort.

Me Made Day 22

Another day working at home, feeling much more serene, helped largely by what I was wearing & where I was!

May 22I wore my BHL Courtly Anna dress & BHL knit blazer.

And I think that’s it for now.  Are you enjoying Me Made May?  I’m enjoying the extra thought I put into what I wear & May seems to be the perfect month for a bit more thinking- I mean it’s the month that starts with the end of winter & throughout the month it becomes a reluctant summer.  The time when we swap seasons & get the frocks out.   I am trying to get a no repeat month here- & it allows me to give clothing a chance I might usually overlook in favour of my usual suspects, so I don’t always dress this smartly for working at home for instance!  But why not?  It’s nice to feel nice!  Anyway, must leave as I really need to get sewing.

Me Made May week 2

Me Made May: Week 2

What joys can I delight you with from my me made wardrobe?  I am delighting myself, to be sure – make that bit more of an effort – even if it’s just for myself – is good for the soul!

May 9th

A working at home day with fearsome winds wrapping themselves around the house.  Still needing to feel cosy & comfy I opted for my Merino Coco top (adorned with a me made Brigitte scarf), my Jamie jeans & Nora jersey top.

May 9

In the afternoon I had a training session, sporting my retro running shorts, and a Maria Denmark Olivia tee – talk about a terrible clash – but what’s a girl to do when the colours don’t go?

May 9 gym

Why, go for broke & hope that no-one’s eyes bleed! I took my avocado lace zipped  hoodie for the evening walk home.


May 10th

Hurrah!  It’s the weeekend.  Starting with a run, sporting my Fehr Trade PB Jams with an Olivia tee, I was worried I’d have to break my pledge & take a RTW waterproof running jacket – but we dodged the showers, so that worked out OK.

May 10

During the day I wore my Maria Denmark Audrey knit dress.  (Currently on special offer for Sewing Indie Month with 25% off) with red Virginia leggings to keep my pins warm and trashy slip.


May 11th

Wo but it was blowing a gale today! But planning a day of domesticity, the weather carried on howling around me and as the day progressed the rain receded and the sun shone. Still, florals and meow were the feature today:

May 11
My Anna Marie Horner skirt, pavlova wrap top, red Virginia leggings and to dress it up, my Victoria blazer with faux animal print lining & collar.  I would have also worn a me made slip of some sort…

After a successful afternoon at the sewing machines, and with the steady appearance of the sun, I faced the winds, for a quick spell around the playing fields wearing Maria Denmark kimono tee and Jalie skort. By golly the cobwebs were evacuated!

May 12th

Working at home today.

Laurel in gingham

Dressed in my gingham Colette Patterns Laurel dress & trashy slip.  My as yet unblogged navy Victoria blazer to keep the chill off.


May 13th

A spring working at the office day -

Spring outfit

my scalloped front Colette Patterns Violet blouse, Simplicity 2154 skirt & Simplicity 2154 cardiganRobson Trench to keep the chill out in the morning.

May 14th

Today was another work day office day & I wore my 1940s Minnado dress – I love this dress – it’s so comfy to wear & as it’s made from some kind of polyester it’s so easy to care for …it was its first wearing this year.

Minnado dress

I’d rustled up a new cardigan to accompany it – to be blogged.   And it was a no coat day!

Me Made sports(The workout gear worn this week)

I had training after work so wore my retro 70s shorts & yes, that is a new Olivia tee, made from wicking fabric from UKFabrics online.


May 15th

The last of this week’s bunch- my Sewaholic poka dot ric rac Cambie, with unblogged Victoria Blazer.  Every time I wear this dress I am reminded how practical it is & how pretty – it really is the perfect work dress.  Trouble is I made it a couple of years ago & I am swimming in it – I am constantly aware of the view down my bodice should anyone get their vantage point…

Cambie dress

Oh yes – I got some new shoes & I am in love ….

So folks, another week done, well nearly.  I have yet to decide what to wear today – I have a day off – yip yippity yip!  And so am lounging in my PJs (me made of course) & kimono.  Hope you are enjoying your own versions of Me Made May or even just seeing what comes out this month!!

Me Made May 2014 week 1

Me Made May week 1

Hi de Hi folks!  I am rather behind with some of my blog posts, so rather than let my first Me Made May 2014 update get mega long & dull (I mean you still might think this is mega long & dull of course!) , I thought I’d catch up with my wardrobe diary first- then back to more makes later this week/ weekend.  Hope that’s OK.

May 1st

Working at home- gave my usual working at home habit of “slipping into something comfortable but not particularly thought through” a new lease of life- or transformation.  This is what I love about Me Made challenges.  Added incentive to put a bit of effort in!

May 1 2014

Could I really get away with one last wear of my wool tweed skirt in May? Pulling it out of the wardrobe I spied my Named Blair top whose orangey glow matched one of the colours in Tweedy perfectly – all that was needed was an under shirt – the cream Maria Denmark Birgitte long sleeved tee. I’ll be popping out later so picked my red Robson Trench coat (big clash with orange but it won’t show).

So all in all a success – me made outfit, knickers, & slept in me made PJs.

May 2nd

Another day working at home & opportunity to brush myself up a bit too. Accessorize!

May 2 2014

Putting together my red denim Chardon skirt, (trashy slip for a bit more warmth), Built By Wendy Breton shirt & McCalls 6708 cardigan. I used my Robson Trench for venturing outside.

And the evening was a date with my mate!

May 2 pm

Dinner required a costume change….venturing on darker colours for early on in the month (reckoning that by the end of May wearing black will be *so* last season) I plumped for my favorite feel good party skirt – my Peplum Party Charlotte skirt & my black batwing burda top.

By the way apologies about some of the picture quality – I’m taking them in all sorts of light ..

May 3rd

Weekend!  Promise of sun!  I had to be prepared for all eventualities, including a potential session basking in the sun.  Pavlova linen skirt with a Maria Denmark “Just a tank” topSimplicity 2154 cardigan.

May 3

This was after a run, sporting my fancy lace clobber: red Virginia leggings & lace zipped avocado hoodie.  Underneath I wore my Maria Denmark Kirsten kimono sleeved running top.


May 4th

Another run (it’s the weekend & I try to get more runs in when I don’t have to go to work) so I wore my Jalie skort, Maria Denmark Olivia tee (not yet blogged, but that is something that I have almost finished writing up to blog soon).

May 4

The rest of the day was spent being girlie in my blue linen Miette skirt, & Pavlova wrap top.  Homemade slip too.


May 5th

A bank holiday & I managed to get another run in (with some exploring so it wasn’t too arduous!).  I wore my Fehr Trade Duathlon capris, another Maria Denmark Olivia tee (to be blogged) & underneath Fehr Trade XYT top.  Here’s the weekend’s running outfits:

2014_05_02 Me Made May

For my day of sewing & plant shopping I changed into my red cigarette pants (BBW), my cap sleeved stripey BBW tee shirt with my snuggly knit avocado hoodie to keep me warm.

May 5

May 6th

Back to work today & there was gossip that the sun might shine.  The Hepworth dress it was to be, worn with my Simplicity 2154 cardigan, as above (& date night slip).

May 6I wasn’t happy with the cardigan, I felt that it did nothing for the styling of the dress, but in fact, didn’t have to wear it much as I was warm enough.  I needed my Robson Trench to take me to work.  And what a bonus to discover that my deck shoes coordinate so delightfully with my mac!  Of course, the concept is fatally flawed: wearing canvas shoes on a day you need a mac?

May 7th

With rather a special day ahead, a special dress was cracked out of the wardrobe- my happy ever after dress (with a date night slip).

This was to be its first wearing- with a new navy Victoria blazer (unblogged).  Robson Trench took me out & my silk scarf added a touch of va va voom.

(Photos courtesy of Marie !! Check out her write up if you haven’t already )

May 8th

Nasty day meant another opportunity to bring some dark clothes out for possibly a last wear this season?  Will I wear my Orla Kierly-esque Tyler shirt again?

May 8

I know I will be wearing my black Meringue skirt this month, it’s a winner for work & can look more springy with different tops.  The hat is Mum made :-)

May 8

And being rather pooped I did not run, but instead “got comfy”.  Maria Denmark Laura lounge trousers, Deer & Doe Plantain top with my dotty Coco to keep me cosy.

May 8 pm

There, that’s me up to date now.  I am posting daily on instagram (@scruffybadgerti) if you are at all curious & don’t mind low quality selfies!

Minerva Meet up and Me Made May

Well hello one & all!  Another info post before I dash off to make busy this weekend.  First a big thank you to everyone who left a comment on my Tweedy post.  I can report back that my Dad even read the comments & so a big thank you for sending him some of your warm fuzzies too!  And you know I do have a small amount of Tweed left, so have all summer to decide how to use it….I’m thinking a bag or a hat …or for some gratuitous LOLs I just have to show this image again in case you missed it the first time…

(Visit on Pinterest)

So, I’m hoping to contribute to a buzz that’s going around about an exciting event – the Minerva Meet up, June 14th 2014.   Vicki at Minerva has been busy planning this for a while now & it’s just gone official!  And I’m going!  I’m so excited as the day itself looks full of incredibly awesome workshops & guest speakers…plus I will get to meet lots of other sewing/ crafting enthusiasts & some of my fellow Minerva Sewing Bloggers – how cool ?  ICE.  Read more about the full itinerary here.  Now the thing I have to decide is how long to visit for.  I might take extra time off & have an extended tour of *The North*.  There is also a page set up with things to do around Darwen (useful if anyone is bringing a +1 who might not be up for a whole day with sewing/crafting chatter).  It is of course close enough to Manchester where my sons live, so that is another option.

So my question is – will I get the chance to meet any of you?  Might you come along?  Please let me know!!

Second up, Me Made May 2014.  I have been a past Me Made Monther & love it, however, these days, if I wear anything that isn’t made by me, that’s the rarity.  So I need to up my game a bit.  This year I will be adding sportswear into the mix, & my coats.  I shall not resort to knitwear made by others even if it was second-hand.  And I shall be recording a daily instagram (@scruffybadgerti) with a few summary posts on my blog- round ups if you like, but not to bore anyone not interested!  So to get with the thing of it, my pledge,

I, scruffybadger, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear only me made outfits, sportswear & coats each day for the duration of May 2014.

And last but not least, we all love the talented By Hand girls now don’t we?  I mean, designing sewing patterns for cats?!  Crazy!  (My cat would be embarrassed by his girth I fear, so no loss of dignity there, Merlin, it’s a promise).  But there are just a few days left for their Kickstarter campaign to set up a design-&-print fabric service- they are already so close, but if you were intending to be a backer & haven’t quite got round to it, or like me were waiting for payday (;-) ) here’s the link.  Deadline Saturday April 12th 2014!!!

Have a good weekend everyone

Me Made May 2013 #5 and final update

I hadn’t intended to run update number 4 right next to update number 5, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  The final update for Me Made May 2013, needs to be made, as it is now June.  But can someone tell me who put an extra day into May?  I truly believed that Thursday was the last day of May…as you’ll see by my desperate picture for 31st.

I’m afraid the pics are not up to scratch – we have not had the light this last week really & I’ve literally had to grab moments to capture the daily outfits.  But hopefully at least one will amuse you …not the most scenic of surroundings :-) – can you guess?

So, where did we leave off?  Let’s get back to Monday ..

May 27th

A bank holiday, day off work.  Lots of cooking and not as much sewing as I would like, but I thought I’d show you my temporary arrangements…I’m experimenting with my machines downstairs in the conservatory since this room is my favorite in the whole house.  I’ve found a picnic table, but it does seem to be bowing in the centre.  It also judders uncontrollably if I attempt a faster speed on my overlocker.  Drinks have to be placed elsewhere!

27 05 13I’m wearing:

May 28th

Back to work.  So I have already said that my Robson Trench coat has been a star this month.  Well, this week was a week of deluges, and the coat I am glad to report is most definitely waterproof.  Ye ha!  But this day it did not stop raining.  I got wet four times.  This is the result at the end of my walk home…

28 May 13I’m wearing:

  • Cowl neck dress, Simplicity 2580
  • My new grass green cardigan, McCalls 6708.  I will blog about it soon, promise as there is a lot to tell!  (The reason why it has made its appearance so late in May …)

May 29th

I haven’t ever worn this skirt into the office and was tempted to pair it with the green cardigan, but that felt a step too far in terms of colour.  I need to be more bold at work.   But I was bold in terms of photo backdrop.  Delightful, I hear you say!  I took this at the end of the day before leaving to go home (trainers on, you’ll note).  I was on tenterhooks hoping that no one would burst in & catch me, posing around, taking photos in the ladies‘ ….it was this shot, only this shot.  No contingency for failure.

29 May 13I’m wearing:

May 30th

A big event to manage at work today.  I needed something corporate yet layerable, as being too hot does not help in times of panic.

30 May 13I’m wearing:

May 31st

The extra day in May that surprised me.  I got dressed without thinking I needed to take a picture.  I would be changing at work (in those very same toilets you see above) for gym afterwards.  Photos at home would only be possible if I re-dressed or dressed up Barbarella.  Therefore I settled for the lazy sneaky view …

31 May 13I’m wearing:

So what are my reflections on this month’s challenges?

  • First of all what totally crappy weather we had – I have a wardrobe of un-worn summer dresses.  But on the plus side, the Robson Trenchcoat is a star.
  • I have other things not worn this month, some tops for example.  Being limited to a few cardigans restricted the tops I could wear under them.  Plus, these cardigans on the whole being grey I found limiting in terms of brightness & colour potential sometimes ….
  • I did achieve what I set out to in Me Made May which was to put more effort into how I dressed, and to cheer up through my clothes and a bit of slap.  Well, I have already admitted that “Make Up is not all it’s cracked up to be” (my favorite quote from the comments, thanks Liza Jane!).  So I wear make up to work & for going out.  I only have one red lipstick, which seems to stay in my bag (thinking erroneously that I will reapply it during the day).  I need another – one for the morning as I leave, the other to kid myself that I will undergo lip maintenance during the day.
  • running manchesterIn races I did wear me made running clothes, which was fun & ensured that I was visible to my wonderful cheerleaders in the crowd :-)
  • I wore me made undies (pants) for about 70% of the time & am now very clear about which are my favorite pants & those that I dreaded wearing (ha ha ha!!)
  • I have plenty of me mades.  There were no outfit repeats.  But many of the things I wore are now too big.  I was forever pinching the back waistband & looking at the “jodphur effect” hips.  These have now been “moved sideways” to hang in the “wardrobe in the spare room”, a fate dreaded by all loyal garments since they are desperately unlikely to receive the alterations they need to bring them back into use by this sewster who likes the buzz of a new project!
  • In discovering that much of my carefully constructed and coordinated wardrobe is now too big I have been sewing this month without a plan, but with a certain amount of desperation to fill some essential gaps (eg casual trousers, skirts…more you’ll see soon).  My desperation sewing, by not being planned is less likely to produce the coherent and coordinating look that I achieved last year.  Unless of course, by sewing from my fabric stash, which has been bought at least with certain key colours in mind, & adhering to certain rules, I have already ensured this from the start.  We shall see!
  • My photos were on the whole rushed & grabbed rather than in beautiful surroundings.  I had started off well & actually did take camera with me to work, but the weather was so crummy, & work so busy, that it was just too dreary to go out for photo shoots.  That would be something I wanted to improve next time.

So how about you?  Did you enjoy your own experience?  Any requests of me next time I do it ?  I’m sure there’s some wacky ideas out there :-) (Can’t promise to deliver, but I aim to please!!)

Here are links to the rest of the month’s daily outfits ..thank you for all of your support during the month :-)

Now, believe me I have a lot to show you and to discuss with you over the next few weeks’ blog postings.  Can’t wait!!

Me Made May 2013: Update #4

We are nearly there & as I write this I am supremely grateful (still ) that I have a me made coat – & that being a mac (my Sewaholic Robson Trenchcoat) it has been worn nearly every day.  Seriously.  And latterly it has proved totally waterproof….

So I am back at work this week & the photos have more of a hurried tone about them.  It was rather busy & I had to snatch photo opps – generally round about my pad.  Some of the light was dodgy so apols about that too.

May 20th

Back to work, dazed & confused.  So it was still warmish, & I had this baby hydrangea (look closely it’s hugging the ground amongst the bluebells!) to bed in.  It had been a pretty potted pressie a few weeks ago & had been gracing my kitchen, but leaves dropping off & flowers showing a greenish tinge cried out to be planted outside.

20 May 2013

What I am wearing:

May 21st

Work outfits can be fun & smart at the same time, & we even had some late afternoon sun.  I’m showing you that my skirt needs adjusting, like pretty hard core 4 inches worth.  Left unattended it is a hipster.

May 21 2013

What I’m wearing:

May 22nd

Super early start today but being super organised I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing this home as I went to the gym after work.  Therefore photo needed to be taken before leaving, wet hair & poor light.  That’s my excuse anyway.

22 May 2013

What I’m wearing:

May 23rd

No!  Of course I don’t wear clothes like this to work!  I’m working at home silly.

23 May 2013What I’m wearing:

May 24th

A mad rush whirl wind of a day combining work in the morning then a (too long) journey to Manchester for the weekend.  I aimed to maximise separates & eeek more wear out of my new top.  Can I just recommend the Rajdoot in Deansgate – we usually frequent the wonderful expanse that is Curry Mile, but due to timing of our arrival in the evening didn’t venture too far away from where we were staying.  Awesome food.24 05 13-001 What I’m wearing:

May 25th

A sunny day in Manchester I kid you not.  We spent a while moving our youngest son out of university halls to move in with his brother for the summer & his final year.  They are going to have a blast!  Then….fulfilling my Manchester goal….a sprint into the Northern Quarter & Abakhan fabrics of course!!  No, I am not balancing a bag full of wadding on my head ….but I am carrying a sack full of goodies :-) In the spirit of optimising separates I changed my top for the evening’s entertainments & tasty food at Picolino, another gastronomic experience that did not disappoint.

25 05 13.22-001What I am wearing:

May 26th

Ahaha!  So that’s why we came to Manchester, apart from some timely removals.  I took part in the Bupa Manchester 10k!  What an awesome race, extremely well organised, very busy, over 40,000 entrants & rather hotter than I am used to running in.  But having my family in the crowd, shouting me on the way out & back in less than 200m to the finish was the business! Thanks honies!  We deserved our pizza lunch it has to be said.

26 05 13I’m wearing:

  • Me made running kit (including head band)- not blogged
  • Cap-sleeved Built by Wendy Tee shirt
  • Denim Beignet skirt, mentioned above.

So that’s it for now, I will have one more May post to catch up on the tail end of the month.

PS sorry the images are so small, no idea what happened this time – I have done exactly the same as usual ….



Me Made May, update #3

So this batch of outfits ALL fall into the leisure category as I was on a week off :-)

You will see though that the weather was not warm enough for summer dresses, regrettably, except the one….

May 12th

May 12 13

Packed & ready to go.  I’m wearing:

May 13th

I had the most awesome coastal path run in the morning – sadly no pics of me wearing anything me made, but I was wearing a me made running top.  It has now become my favorite ever run, every kink & cove made me want to run just a little bit further to see what was round the next corner.  Breathtaking & to be repeated as often as I can get there!

However, moving on, you’re getting two pics today to show you that my Sewaholic Robson Trench was packed (when usually I would have opted for a more scruffy coat option) & my silk scarf has also been well used, all this month it has to be said.  I was grateful for my coat (again its windproof fabric) as this was the fairest day & it went downhill from here ( And on this day it was very windy – the salty windy air has started to style my hair akin to epic David Lynch proportions)

May 13 13

And underneath all that:

May 13 13

I have made a heartwarming discovery: my Dad is a scruffy badger convert.  He loves taking photos, particularly of people.  However, he never has willing subjects….until now.  Throughout my stay he became my “David Bailey”, directing shots & chortling as he encouraged my foolishness.  The 15th May was all his idea ….& I love it :-)

May 14th

The epic trip to Truro.  A bus journey there in the rain (& back!).  My Robson Trench firmly belted up & umbrella suitably borrowed & opened, we had a fab shopping spree  to conclude with Truro fabrics (results of which you have seen here).

May 14 13

I’m wearing (in front of my parents’ developing Wisteria & check out the salty quiff – it’s real, no hair products used):

May 15th

Imagine the scene: the AA mechanic is literally on his way to deliver & install a new car battery.  He drives up to his customer’s house to find an insane scene being photographed:

May 15 13

I’m wearing:

May 16th

OK, so the fun was over.  The next two days I had decorating planned.  But starting with the smallest room possible to warm up my painter’s muscles & get acclimatised to the smell of oil based paint & white spirit,  the bathroom was the victim.  O room of mildewed corners.

May 16 13-001

I confess that I did not wear me mades to get paint splattered in.  But, this is what I wore when not in decorating togs & to buy a ladder, among other things.

May 17th

Less of the day was in ill-fitting & not warm enough decorating clothes.  But.  Sadly I was cold (don’t you find that decorating is always cold work – something to do with having all the windows open to keep the air flow to its maximum?).  Anyway, this is a picture I regret.  But in the interest of the daily documentation, there is no way around showing it in all its glory.  I was cold, OK?

May 17 13I’m wearing:

May 18th

So, painting done to plan, the final part of my week off involves a house guest.  Oh my, does this house guest have an infinite capacity for play?  I hope I have worn him out …finally….maybe….

may 18 13-001

I’m wearing:

May 19th

A day in the garden, pruning, admiring the bluebells & apple blossom & lots of frisbee throwing for my house guest.  Today’s forecast promised more heat than actually emerged.  I embraced the promise & whipped out a summer dress with desperation to wear it.  As with many of my me made clothes, even those I made last summer, I am disappointed in them as my body shape has changed, slimmed down, reduced its lumps & bumps & nearly everything is too big, this dress included.  In theory I could alter its darts, take in the side seams perhaps….

May 19 13

 I’m wearing:

I have to confess that an intention for Me Made May was to wear make up every day….not that I wear a lot, but it was about making more of an effort.  Yikes.  I haven’t.  Out of these pics here, I wore make up once, to Truro.  You see I don’t wear make up at the weekends, it’s more of a going out/ work thing.  It seems that it’s going to stay that way….but other intentions are on track – this challenge is certainly making me think about what I wear & put together each day.

Me Made May update #2

I’ve had a monumentally drainingingly busy work week, so am catching up now (this might mean that I post a bit more frequently this week as I have sooo much to tell you!).  And I have also not been able to keep up with blog reading too – but that will soon right itself.

Anyway, I thought it about time I posted some more Me Made Outfits first of all.

May 6th

Bank holiday !  And sunshine (surely statistically this is an anomaly in the British Isles!!).  I have to confess that for a few hours of the day I was lying in a non me-made bikini on my sunlounger in the garden.  I really should get on with my sewlution (making a vintage style swimsuit).

May 6 2013

 What I wore when not on the sunlounger:

  • Built by Wendy cap sleeved t-shirt
  • Vintage 50s high waisted denim shorts (which for info I always wear with the waistband folded over.  Just can’t be doing with it that high).
  • Me Made undies (assume this is the case unless I ‘fess up)

May 7th

The sun was still amongst us, but I knew it would be short lived, & therefore needed to dig out my summer dresses asap.  Want to hear something funny (or shameful if you interpret it that way)?  I unpacked all of my summer clothes from their winter hibernation but could not find some of my dresses, tops & skirts.  I ransacked the spare “suit” wardrobe that is used for rarely worn clothes, posh or just out of favour because they are not made by me.  But no.  They had evaporated.  It took me a-g-e-s to work out where they were.  Want a photo pause to guess?

May 7 2013

They were all in my ironing basket from September last year!  Hahaha!

What I wore:

May 8th

The sun had gone, but I hadn’t given up on summer.  A dress it was going to be.

May 8 2013What I wore:

  • Colette Laurel gingham dress, blogged here
  • Simplicity 2154 cardigan, as above

May 9th

I had a course in Bristol in the morning which meant getting up bleary eyed & not appreciating just how cold & windy it was going to be.  I was grateful I wore my Robson Trenchcoat with its windproof fabric.

May 9 2013

What I wore:

  • Simplicity 2154 skirt, see here
  • Simplicity 2154 cardigan, as above (again!)
  • Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee shirt, here

May 10th

Today was such a manic day at work, I left early to fit it all in, & this photo was all I could muster.  It was blimmin cold, again.  Colours seem to get more subdued as the temperature drops…

May 10 2013

What I wore:

  • Sewaholic Thurlow trousers, blogged here
  • Sewaholic Renfrew t-shirt, blogged here, on the infamous start of the wig fixation
  • My me-knitted Wisdom cardigan, blogged here
  • Sewaholic Robson Trenchcoat, as above.

May 11th

It’s the weekend & realising colours had become dull I consciously opted for colour.  But was still cold …baked an easy banana choc cake (only needs one egg which is all I had…after my ritualistic Saturday morning poached egg breakfast!)

May 11 2013

What I wore:

  • Colette Laurel top, blogged here
  • Deer & Doe Chardon skirt, blogged here
  • Me made apron
  • Wisdom cardigan, as above.

And the good news for the week ahead?  I’ve got a week off work!  Yippee.  Got allsorts of bits & bobs planned….hope you’re all enjoying May & a lovely weekend x

Me Made May Round up #1

So remember it’s May and I have signed up to wear only clothing made by me this month as part of Me Made May 2013.  BUT, & this is the kick in the pants for me, I have to wear more cheerful clothing & make up too.  The latter is a challenge for me as I don’t tend to wear make up when I’m not in work, but recently have not even been wearing any to work!  So, consider my pants kicked into action for all of the above.

Here is the first five days of outfit pics to show what I wore.  I am not posting every day (as you can see) but if you’re not interested, no worries!  I shall keep all my other blog & sewing posts going through this month also.

May 1st, sunny day, I managed to get out for some shopping at lunchtime (see bags by bench – they are mine).  I foolishly bought fruit & veg including a giant pineapple.  But why was this foolish you ask?  Well, I only walk 2 miles uphill to get home & therefore had this deadweight of onions, apples & one very large pineapple to add to my load!

Photo is taken in Parade Gardens.  You can just about see the Abbey behind.

May 01 2013

What I wore:

  • Simplicity 2154, chiffon polka dot blouse blogged here & cardigan blogged here.
  • Colette pinstriped Meringue skirt, blogged here.
  • Homemade undies
  • And my Robson Trenchcoat on the way to work.
  • And make-up.
  • Not photographed – my Maria Denmark Laura Lounge trousers & breton shirt when I got home for slobbing.

May 2nd Another sunny/ cloudy day.

I worked from home today – breathe a sigh of relief.  I do allow myself the chance to get washing done & popped out to hang it out.  But looks like you’ve caught me hanging my smalls!

May 2 2013What I wore:

Kwik Sew 3659 top (blogged here) and my Built By Wendy fab red trousers, blogged here.  Undies of course homemade too.  And when it got colder, my Simplicity 2154 cardigan as above.  And I even wore make up at home too!

May 3rd.

Double trouble today – what I wore to work & then my evening outfit for going to see a band.  Now let me explain about my photos – they are all on self timer….the one I took at work….was sneakily taken at the end of the day when no one was in to witness my posing.  The gormless but rushed pose seems to me to be the most appropriate to convey the actual comfort factor behind this photo!

May 3

What I wore:


  • Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee, blogged here
  • Simplicity 2451 tulip skirt, blogged here (annoyingly, like too many of my makes, it is too big now & therefore has slipped down my hips making it longer- did you spot that?)
  • McCalls 6708 Cardigan, blogged here
  • Me made undies – yep & make up too.

Evening attire:

  • My top is as yet unblogged, but that is coming, I promise
  • Thurlow denim trousers, blogged here
  • Me made undies & make up too.
  • If anyone saw my appearance on Twitter that evening you’ll have seen a refashioned suede jacket too – original 1970s coat, custom-made for my Mum, shortened by me , ooh, 20 years ago & still going strong.  Not quite me-made, but nearly!

 May 4th

The weekend!  So many things to do, but one being a visit to the DIY to buy decorating materials presented the challenge of wearing something me-made that wasn’t too smart.  Coat being required meant that I brought out my Trench, but tried to be reasonably casual…still felt over dressed!  But the sun shone in the afternoon, it was glorious but windy.  I gardened all afternoon in the same clothes…

May 4-003What I wore:

  • Sewaholic Robson Trench coat, blogged here
  • Sewaholic Renfrew, blogged here in the post of the wigs
  • Sewaholic Thurlows (OMG writing this I’m realising that it is Sewaholic Saturday!!)
  • Vogue 1247  top, blogged here
  • Silk scarf, blogged here
  • Make up & home made knicks.

May 5th

A good part of today was spent with my legs out- hoorah!  Sun & running.  It was the Glastonbury 10k (Round the Tor, not up it).  Great race followed by a pub lunch with my running buddies.

May 5-003What I wore:

  • Me made shorts (as yet un-blogged)
  • Me Made shorts – leggings type (can’t for the life of me what else they are known as – also unblogged)
  • Non me made race t-shirt & rather cool medal
  • Victory Patterns Madeline skirt, blogged here
  • 1950s Rockahula Vegas blouse, blogged here

No make up nor me made knicks today – was not going to risk running in the marginal pairs I had left not in the wash (is that too much info?!?!) and who wears make up running?

Now I need to get out of my me-made PJs and decide what to wear today….!  Have a good one everyone.  It’s a bank holiday in England & how blissful – it promises to be another sunny day :-)