Loving knitting: Wisdom Kim Hargreaves progress

This post should really be called “Loving Kim Hargreaves” as I think I have a real knit crush on her designs as you might gather. So it was 9 months ago, that’s 75% of a whole year, that I started knitting my very first garment. You may remember if your grey cells function better than […]

Feeling stupid, not wise

So remember I’ve started to knit a cardigan? My very first garment made from warm string? The fabulous Wisdom by Kim Hargreaves? Well, it had to take a break with Christmas knitting but I picked it back up again last week. I noticed that in the double moss stitch I’d accidentally knit a quadruple moss […]

A new year, a pledge and some intentions

Happy New Year everyone! I have taken a semi enforced digital detox with some serious energy recharging needed (but over this holiday season it seems as if it has been subject to near constant depletion with all the fun, present making & hosting etc!).  Technologically it is also not worth battling against very temperamental broadband […]


Ok so not much sewing going on here- but hope to rectify that this weekend. I’m still reeling from an exceptionally late night morning on Monday Tuesday visiting London town to see the awesome Cake, an American band that sadly only one person outside my fellow cake groupie family had heard of. They’ve been going […]