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Ahem . Hello, it’s me again. Like the veritable bus – nothing for absolutely ages then three come at once.  So how did I manage to be the first blogger in the fantastic themed appeal this year for the Eve Appeal charity? I think I felt I should not allow myself a long deadline, plus I wanted to make myself something wintry & that would not be helpful writing about it in the summer.

Last year the blogger tour raised lots of money for The Eve Appeal through pattern sales and awareness of women’s cancers in the sewing community. 

 Last year’s appeal was all around vintage sewing patterns , this year it is ‘The Cocktail Hour’ running from approx. March-November. McCalls have chosen a selection of their favourite Vogue Patterns suited to sipping cocktails. The idea, like last year, is that they are asking sewists all over the country to make one of the patterns, which will raise money (through the sale of each pattern) and awareness for the Eve Appeal charity

There is a festival of patterns – check them out here.

Now arguably I have gone off piste. When you look at the adorable patterns that I could have chosen you may have picked out a classic dress for me, indeed that would have been me in my comfort zone. And there are a few dresses I considered. However, this time I was driven by something different – what about some dressy trousers? Well, the pattern that enabled me to make some dress trews was Vogue V1415 – two cuts of trousers and two tops. It was the cowl necked top that drew my attention – and folks, it can be made out of a knit.

There is just something of the sci-fi about it though … don’t you think?

So my vision was to make a pair of black dressy trousers with the cowl neck top. Maybe play around with it to suit my form if need be.

The online store I immediately thought of for unusual evening fabrics was Croft Mill and it didn’t disappoint. I hunted down some tame gold lame – what does that term conjure up for you? I remember using the term ‘gold lame’ to encompass everything I wouldn’t be seen dead in as I would never have dressed up to go out, let alone in something shiny! But hey ho, times change! I occasionally have the option to dress up & wowser, I have my own gold lame!  I catch myself brewing a bit of Shirley Bassey (on a good day), or failing that, Spandau Ballet ….(please tell me you know what I’m talking about…)

I love the dress trousers – they are also made from Croft Mill fabric –black chino fabric with 3% lycra– I wanted black with a tad stretch (to enable them to fit when my body moves between sizes). The slight sheen on the chino fabric is nice, but to elevate it to posh, I sewed some velvet ribbon along the side seams, like men’s formal trousers (or guardsmen’s trousers if you like).


This involved moving the zip to the back and making sure to sew the side seams first & attaching the ribbon before sewing up the rest of the trousers.  I needed to sew two lengths of ribbon either side of the side seam so that I could include a little side split at the ankle.  Incidentally, I did baste the trousers to make sure the fit was OK before sewing on the ribbon (unpicking the basting to leave just the side seams sewn to make a flat stretch of trouser to attach the ribbon.)

Now, V1415 has cigarette trousers as one of its variants, but since I know the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers always fit me, I compared the two patterns and based my trousers on the tried & tested Ultimates.

Now the gold lame…..what do you think? I was all prepared to customise it as I wasn’t sure if the asymmetric hem or tunic style would suit me so I played around with it once the sleeves and the cowl were installed. I took some pics to show what I was thinking. I also cut the length longer than the pattern so that should I cut it across horizontally, it already hit hip length.


Take One- the slightly longer than the pattern version:

Take Two: With a gathered side

Take Three: As if it was cut horizontally at the hip

In the end I think I made it up much as the pattern designed, but what do you think?  I have not ruled out later changes….

Top tip – with this gold lame you really don’t want to be pinning it in places where the pin holes will show, so to play around with hem lines I used sellotape inside to fix the hem temporarily so that I could get an idea of what I wanted.

This ensemble is a quick make- & bear in mind that the world of cocktail dress sewing is usually a long path, sewing V1415 is a swifter option!   I overlocked much of the top (the lame is a jersey don’t you know). And as it is a loose fit, the hems (sleeves, hem & cowl hem) are sewed with a regular straight stitch on the sewing machine.

Flat felled seam

The pattern has the odd flat felled seam which is a nice touch (eg at the back of the cowl). Altogether a designer feel (& it is a designer pattern from Tom & Linda Platt).

Oops. it seems to have got caught on my a*$3 again

Hey guess what? Vogue McCalls will provide a copy of this pattern as a giveaway for one lucky reader – just register your interest in a comment before midnight GMT Saturday 18th March 2017 & I will pick a random winner.

And as it is cocktail hour there is a special cocktail (which I failed dismally to make- mine is a poor fake hiding behind Star Wars straws.   I may have reached the early sewing deadline, but getting the provisions for the cocktail in time did not get fulfilled in the badger burrow, but the recipe is:

  • 2x sugar cubes
  • 6 x fresh raspberries
  • 2 x lime wedges
  • 2 shots of vodka
  • crushed ice
  • Ginger beer
  • ‘Slim Jim’ glass


Place the sugar at the bottom of the glass then add the raspberries and the squeezed lime wedges.

Mash the ingredients together, crushing them to puree the raspberries, before adding the vodka.  Add the ice to 3/4 full, stir to distribute the fruit & top up with ginger beer.

Garnish with a lime wedge to the side of the glass & a freesh raspberry.  Add two [Star Wars] straws and enjoy!  Chin chin!

So there is a big campaign around this and you can join in- why not host your own cocktail party?

The hashtag is #sipandsew The general hashtag for the McCalls social media accounts is #McCallUKMakers. Their social media accounts are: TwitterInstagram

The Eve Appeal lives on social media hereTwitterFacebook and Instagram – so if you get making one of these patterns be sure to let everyone know !

Want to know who else is taking part in this ace campaign?  I have no idea who is making what….keep tuned for some amazing creations from some of our favourite sewing bloggers:

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28 thoughts on “The Eve Appeal Cocktail Hour – V1415

  1. Sew Ruthie

    That is such a great outfit, particuarly if you have a dressy event to go to but don’twant to wear a dress. I like how the legs are covered (not my best bit). I could definitely imagine me making this up for myself, though maybe not in gold lame – perhaps velvet or a jersey with those little sparkly bits.

  2. tg33

    This looks really nice! FWIW I think #2, keeping the shape but shortening the top a bit, suits you best. I think #3 is the ‘worst’ as it seems to cut you in two (visually!!) but none of them are ‘bad’. I would love a copy of the pattern…

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you for the objective advice! It’s really helpful, especially as this is not my usual style. Particularly the comment about cutting me in two, I see that now but I needed pointing in the right direction!!

  3. Elaine

    Very nice- I just blogged my version of the other tunic on that pattern, and highly recommend it. You look very glitzy, and enviably slim! [Such clingy lame would just make me look even more like R2D2…]

  4. Annieloveslinen

    That’s a great look, you have a tight jawline for that cowl and that style suits you.

    This pattern shows that you can get a wowsers look with uncomplicated methods (my kinda sewing tbh) so I’d like to try this pattern too.

    I like the asymmetric hemline and think it would work better if it was a few inches shorter. Worn with skinnies the proportions look a little off to me (more balanced with leggings) but as that’s not the look you’re after I think a little shorter would look better, I’d also narrow the wrists to avoid it looking too big for your petite frame, feel free to ignore, it’s a fab outfit.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you annieloveslinen, I am collecting all of this fab objective advice. As I said it’s not my usual style so I really appreciate hearing what you see as I do feel a bit blinded!

  5. TinaD

    I remember SB, although not the title of their one hit. (My son was listening to Tears for Fears in an extended techno remix the other day…I feel old suddenly.) I like the shorter asymmetric hem best. Something about the straight one gives the effect of gold lame hoodie. Nice dress up wear idea, though, and I bet easy to wear.

  6. Jessie

    That ensemble looks great on you, and kudos for stepping outside your routine. Would love to have my own copy of that pattern!

  7. Andrea

    That looks brilliant and I like how you posted pics of the different style options you tried out (prefer the final choice by the way). I’ve spent most of my life avoiding any remotely disco-diva-like fabric but as I get older, it somehow looks more and more attractive. I think I’ve always secretly wanted to sparkle it’s just now I’m older, I just don’t care what others think 🙂

  8. Sam Chandler

    Looks great I love the idea of the velvet stripes down the side of the trousers that cocktail sounds good too! I would love a chance to win the pattern please . I can’’t get SB Gold out of my head now!

  9. Anne

    I like the slightly shorter asymmetric top better. I looked at this pattern as a possibility for my university reunion so would love to win it! I wouldn’t make it in lame – or maybe a silver lame as that would suit my colouring better. Such a worthy cause; I’ll certainly be participating.

  10. Sandy

    This looks fabulous on you, I have just made the same top in silk and love it. Interested that you used a knit, did you still cut it on the bias?

  11. Berte

    Awesome! You totally rock it as a gold chick. I just saw another version of the same pattern, by thedementedfairy, so seeing your was a golden icing of the cake. Same pattern, but two very different looks. I’d love a copy to try this myself.
    Btw – the assymetric hem is essential with this fabric imo. As it is, it is elegant and elongating, the horizontal test hem was very boxy and cut you in half…

  12. poppy

    love your gold cowl, perfect for sipping cocktails! I bought 2 patterns yesterday at the knitting and stitching show, on the hunt for fabrics now – such a great awareness campaign.

  13. Fraggle

    Personally I think as it’s drafted is the best of the pictures, although I think personally I would look at shortening it slightly… The length of “view 2” looks good, but it adds bulk around the waist. You can carry it off, but I am not sure I could! Love the trousers, really classy. Count me in please!

  14. Nova

    So very elegant – your photos are much more attractive than on the pattern envelope – their photos look okay, but yours make me want the pattern/garments! You do produce such interesting blogs about such lovely garments; thank you for the time and effort…

  15. Victoria

    I love these on you!
    Version one looks a bit Jedi tunic (possibly because someone in the comments mentioned R2D2!), version two is ok but I prefer it as you’ve made it, version three does cut you in half a bit but ,might look better in a less shiny fabric and with a blouson gathered hem that let the fabric fall over the waist band slightly (hope you know what I mean).

    For a light cocktail try what is called a ‘considering cocktail’ from a book I love, 1 part sweet vermouth, 4 parts orange juice, dash of angostura bitters and dash of lemon juice (I don’t usually bother with the lemon juice but the bitters are essential). It’s low alcohol, good for you (all that vitamin c!), and can be made up easily by jug for drinking in the garden on, as we call it, the lower patio (must be said in tone of voice of country house butler)

  16. Pingback: Swishable Vogue 9887 – Almond Rock

  17. Dalia

    I’ve made the cowl pattern lots of times with various fabrics. For myself and others. Used silks and satins on the bias and stretch jersey on the straight. They all are fabulous! The pattern is figure flattering for all shapes. I made a short straight hem version for myself from a polka dot patterned fleece fabric. I love a dotty fabric so I cut out the circles and stitched them to their own dot around the hem giving a bit of a 3D effects ………it does look better than it sounds and I do get lots of compliments!

  18. Jacqs

    Really love what you’ve created from this pattern – it looks great on you. Fab use of the gold lame and I’m inspired to try more adventurous fabrics so thank you so much! Saw this pattern and loved it but it’s even better to see it made up. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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