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Hello friends!  Another massive gap in blogging – filled with lots of work but also a madcap ski holiday in possibly the best conditions I have ever been blessed to ski in – everyday was sunny, everyday brought new adventures and everyday I was in the most awesome scenery ever.  Panda eyes, moi?  Actually just a bit 😉  I’ve also run a half marathon with friends which was also pretty brilliant fun, even if I have been trying to recoup ever since.  And very soon I am off for a sewing holiday!  A 4 day sewing course doing something amazing, somewhere pretty stunning.  I shall try to tell you about it without too much of a hiatus!

In more news the winner of the pattern for the Cocktail Hour is Bertesews.  I have emailed you to get relevant details to enable your gold lame dream to come true.  Thank you everyone for leaving comments – I am still thinking about the length of my gold lame tunic and will keep you posted if I decide to change it- thank you to everyone who left honest feedback – I will be taking it on board.

So today’s 30 minute blogging challenge is to show you the dress I wear a lot.  It is a departure for me as it is not my usual form fitting style- quite the opposite.  This is the Nancy dress by Sew Over It.  It was the first dress released as part of the Pdf Club – where you pay a small subscription that brings you a free pattern plus early notice of the next pdf pattern to be released.

Nancy is a 1960s inspired swing dress.  It has really interesting pattern piecing which you can’t see in my version due to the pattern of the fabric – but it has interesting panels and a high empire waistline (but the front does not have a horizontal waistline as the centre front piece is a panel from neck to hem.  Have a look at the technical drawings on the website to see.

When I saw Lisa’s modelling of the Nancy dress, and how stylish it looked, I took a risk and bought it quickly, and made it up equally as quickly.  There was always a risk that it would be too billowing for me & make me look like I was preggers.  I think fabric choice is very important here.  I chose a viscose with an almost oriental floral chrysanthemum pattern from Fabric Godmother during one of her always brilliant sales.  This means it is no longer available – sorry!

It’s a great dress to sew.  If I remember correctly quite a quick sew as there is no zip- there is a centre back opening.  I added a loop and button rather than a hook and eye at the centre back neckline.   This dress though, as well as being a beautiful sew is also wonderful to wear.  It has swoosh and sway with its swing shape.  And it is just so comfy to wear – good for those blobby days to make you feel feminine but also on days when you feel sky high already because it does feel like a pretty dress.  Remember though- fabric is key.  You want to make it out of something that has drape and is not stiff – a viscose or rayon is ideal.  Have a look on Sew Over It’s site for some specially picked fabrics that would work.

Not that many pics I am afraid, but the ones that I do have are gems taken during the Knitting and Stitching Show at the Sew Over It stall.  I spent the day there with my wonderful sewing muse & buddy, Jane.  We had an awesome time chatting about sewing, running & the many things that seem to amuse us whilst taking in the many stalls selling fabric, patterns & the odd unique knitted British Garden bird (oops, I failed to take photos!) .  I must confess I spent a HUGE amount on fabric and a couple of patterns.  That much I was actually scared to tot it all up.  I am going for quality these days, but do need to exercise a bit more self discipline when faced with such temptation.

I took a course at the show – sewing pleather to make this amazing clutch bag.  It’s big enough to fit my ipad in too and amazingly enough took just an hour to sew.

Thanks to Judith our brilliant teacher.  Jane took a different course, ‘Altering patterns for a fuller bust’, and writes about her trip to the show here – read carefully and you may get a hint about what my latest make is made out of 😉

Cheerio for now.  Happy sewing x

8 thoughts on “Sew Over It Nancy dress

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    I love your dress! I have the same hesitation with swing dresses (looking pregnant… albeit at 62 highly unlikely!) but I agree it’s all about the fabric you choose and yours looks perfect. I bought the Closet Case files new Ebony T-Shirt and Dress pattern recently with some trepidation and haven’t made it up yet worried I probably won’t like it BUT having seen yours I’m encouraged and will take your advice about making sure it’s quite drapey – almost having a tendency to cling 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Sheila, thank you!! The bag was already cut out when we arrived, as a way to save time, however it was literally a rectangle with one pointy end. The lining was attached to the pleather by topstitching-the Seam allowances were all ironed inwards to fit the shape of the bag. A very simple make!

  2. Ann G

    The dress looks great on you and I really like the fabric. I still don’t think this style is for me, as I am heavier than you ( usually make a 16, sometimes 14 in SOI) so I think this style make make me look enormous. I was like you after last year’s visit to the Knitting and Stitching show in in Edinburgh, a bit scared to look at exactly how much I had spent on patterns and fabric! I’ll be going again at the end of April, and will definitely have a set budget ( aye, right 😉)! The clutch bag is great!

  3. Nicky B

    Dress looks great on you, love the fabric. I went to the knitting & stitching show & surprised myself by actually coming away with a little change left in my purse! Great little clutch you made there too😃


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