Yes, hello, and the new Rosie dress by Sew Over It, has been on my travels

No, I haven’t dropped off the planet…..completely.  Blogging I’m afraid has taken a bit of a pause as life’s just been too fab and busy. I’ve had some holidays which are bound to be revealed once I get my blog back on, I have also been working in a new job which has also been brilliant but takes my online stuffing out of me, and then I’m in my new cottage and it’s summer guys and I have the most tempting garden to just ‘be’ in….. So if anyone missed me, nothing sinister, and I hope you enjoy my curb appeal as much as I do- it fills me with delight each time I get home to be faced with Barbie blues and pinks….and my new bell….

Ok, now. Chance to show off the new pattern release by Sew Over It – the Rosie dress.  And I have a spare copy to giveaway if you bear with me.   It’s a sundress with option to make the skirt separately. The bodice has princess seams and a choice of straps and collar, and as with all Sew Over It patterns brings on a beautifully vintage vibe. The skirt is a beautifully full skirt with carefully placed gathered panels.  I was able to get my hooks in early because I was a pattern tester.

The sewing is as always guided clearly by well written instructions. But what a style eh?  And the fabric is a kind of viscose mix that actually wears really well as it doesn’t take the iron crisply ( and therefore doesn’t crease terribly).  It hangs beautifully and th pattern is just what summer means to me, I mean when in England can you wear white? It’s a rare occurrence and nothing looks better with white in my humble opinion, than a splash of turquoise.  And yellow.  Phewee.  I managed to find a piece of blue linen in my stash that matched for the collar perfectly. Now the fabric also came from Sew Over It and was provided for the testing, but sorry, it’s no longer in stock.

What I also really love about Sew Over It is that you can shop by garment for fabric , so here are the fabrics recommended for the Rosie dress.  So if I was to choose something similar in how it sends me into summer frenzies it could be this parakeet fabric or this linen with Spring blooms  

I have to say that I have had mass compliments every time I wear it.  And I like that the wider straps are aimed to cover bra straps ( I didn’t quite get mine lined up correctly but will get some help to adjust)

I’m not going to write too much as I am trying a new approach of fewer words to see if it helps me get my blogging back, so in summary this is a perfect sundress, and is modelled in Croatia on the island of Cres in the town’s picturesque harbour, populated by a huge range of wonderful restaurants.  I discovered that I do like squid as long as it is grilled ( not fried) and that red wine from the wine bar was on tap and was chilled.

Sigh….look at that sky! I have one more Croatia modelled make to show before I then embark on a unique outfit taken on location in Prague.  And this weekend I just might be gathering some more new makes in a very different location….

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer. I am sorry I have been totally rubbish at replying to comments, I’m almost tempted to switch them off but can’t for this one because hey, guess what, I have a copy of the Rosie dress pattern to send on to a lucky someone in a giveaway!! Just leave a comment below before 0800 GMT on Saturday August 13th and I’ll enter you into a random draw ! Or buy your copy here. Good luck folks !

86 thoughts on “Yes, hello, and the new Rosie dress by Sew Over It, has been on my travels

  1. Meta

    Glad you’re blogging again, love reading you. And this is a gorgeous dress! I’d really like a chance to make one so please enter me for the draw… Thanks!

  2. Christine

    Gorgeous dress. I love your choice of fabric with contrast colour at the neckline. I would love a copy of this pattern. Glad you’re back on the blogging scene. Your pattern choices so match my own.

  3. Pam

    Good to see you back! Beautiful dress – as to be expected though from Sew Over It. Loving the fabric choice too – definitely shouting summer hols.

  4. Janice Holding

    Wow what a dress, looks fantastic in that fabric. I need to see a few things for my upcoming holiday and this pattern is right at the top of the list ?

  5. Audrey

    Love, love, love the dress. As a larger busted lady I really like the fact that you can make it with straps that will cover bra straps. I think I would end up having to make more than one though as my daughter would want one for herself too.

    Love the blog – especially as I’m in the South West too and was really pleased to see your Bath guide to sewing shops.

  6. Mary

    Happy to see you back and glad you are enjoying your summer your Rosie dress is lovely…such a pretty print. Look forward to seeing your other makes…

  7. Liz

    Ooooo gorgeous! Love the colours, so vibrant, and I’ve had my eye on the pattern for a while! I’m also a fan of the wider straps, had been considering the Charlie dress from BHL but I think this one is just slightly more me. Would be tempted to make it up in the lovely pink + white liberty art print they have on there… oh dear, another one for the sewing queue!

  8. Yvette

    Beeutiful dress!! I love the look of this dress I am a bit addicted to sew over it, I love Lisa’s vlog! My next make is a vintage shirt dress, but with an Aussie summer coming a Rosie dress would be perfect.
    Enjoy the new shorted blog, I love your writing I often google your name and a pattern.

  9. Sarah

    Glad to see your back, missed your posts. The dress is beautiful and really one I would love to make . Please put me in the draw

  10. Shelley

    Lovely frock. Would love to win the pattern so I could make my own. Might try and sew a matching tanned toned body and gorgeous location too!

  11. Serena

    I love your version of the Rosie! I’d love to make one for myself.
    And such a lovely setting for the photos!

  12. PsychicSewerKathleen

    Beautiful dress – SO summer, crisp and bright 🙂 And I must say it IS a gorgeous backdrop 🙂 A nice big floppy summer hat would just finish it off perfectly (but then you probably have that by your purse!) 🙂

  13. Sara Milburn

    Glad you had a good break – Croatia looks lovely, and that Rosie dress looks like the best holiday frock ever. I have made a Doris, and just bought the Betty pattern – but I think Rosie has just overtaken Betty in my ‘must make next’ list.

  14. Jessica

    What a gorgeous dress! Glad you had a chance for time away and sounds like summer has been lovely – no worries on stepping away from blogging, we’ll all be here when you get back :-). Would love to be entered into the giveaway, thanks!

  15. Kathy

    I love the dress. I’ve never made a dress with a Sew Over It pattern but with a holiday in Italy coming up this looks like the perfect opportunity.

  16. marg f

    Oh Boy – you look great and that blue sky is the perfect backdrop to a gorgeous dress. A bit grey here in the UK at the moment but we can all dream. Love the dress and enjoy your non-blog free time. You deserve it!! Thanks for the update on the dress and it looks lovely in blue.

  17. Kate Lowndes

    That’s a fab dress. A great one for summer. I’m only worried I’d need to get away to a similar georgous, sunny destination to really show it off :-)… or maybe a new dress is just the perfect excuse to book a holiday!

  18. Heather

    Lovely version of this dress and definitely making me want to visit Croatia! I would love to win this pattern!

  19. Abi Baker

    Love it! It looks like the perfect dress to holiday in – and Croatia looks beautiful too!
    Please enter me for the draw – I’d love to look as elegant in a Rosie dress of my own!

  20. Sandra

    What a fab location to show off your superb fabric choice and pattern! It looks SO pretty! Yes please – I’d love to be entered into the draw to win a pattern 🙂 🙂

  21. Sam Chandler

    What a lovely dress in a lovely location, I love the contrasting band. I’ve been eyeing up this pattern and have the perfect fabric lined up for it, so please enter me in the draw please. I’ve missed you blog posts but imagine it’s very time consuming and life just gets busy,

  22. Sam

    Just a beautifully modelled dress and one I could see me making and wearing. Love the vibrant colours and style with the wider straps and can relate to the deep blue sky although not just yet in southern Australia. Sam

  23. Sarah Therese

    Love the dress and the pattern, I actually have the same fabric in the red and white colourway. Please enter me into the draw

  24. TinaD

    Nice dress. I love Croatia… Great place to vacation, so thanks for the holiday snaps. Hope we get to see what you’ve done to your garden too.

  25. Ann Marshall

    Gorgeous dress!! Loved it since watching Lisa’s vlog. I would love to win the pattern. Thank you for holding this giveaway.

  26. Pamela

    The dress is beautiful, and I would like to win a copy of the pattern. The lovely croatian background has really got me longing for next summer!

  27. Shelley

    Lovely dress, really beautiful colours 🙂 would love a chance to win the freebie as looks like a nice non-breastfeeding dress! Enjoy your holidays!

  28. Victoria Marsh

    So here is the thing, when I was a teenager I had a Croatian penfriend, we corresponded for years, then we got lost in our lives and uni and it stopped. The other day i had a brain wave to look her up on Facebook, and there she was, we have reconnected again after almost 15 years. So Croatia is on the top of my must visit places, and that dress is just perfect! So summery.

  29. Hayley

    I’d like to be entered into the draw please! I’m on a spending freeze but I’m itching to get stuck into something new x

  30. Erin

    Reading your blog is fun… However I totally get having too much and not wanting to head inside and blog. Because most people want to read the post you wrote feeling like it was a chore, no matter how fabulous the dress. And I do love your dress and agree it’s an awesome summer dress!

  31. Sandy

    What a lovely dress / pattern and love the location ! Glad to see you back again – enjoy the sunshine (and garden) whilst it lasts!

  32. Stephanie Shorrock

    Love your Blog! This dress is fantastic and what a wonderful place to be able to show it off! After your ginger jeans adventure I took the plunge and have now completed my own pair (high waisted). I have also followed the tip for getting crisp points and read the Off the Cuff tutorial

  33. Lori

    I love reading your blog, and missed your posts, but vacationing and having fun sounds much more important! Lovely dress, I would love to win a copy of the pattern. Thank you.

  34. Jenny

    My daughter has just come back from Croatia with the most amazing tan! Would love to win this pattern so we can both have a go. Please enter me in the draw, thanks.

  35. Nicky

    Wondered where you’d disappeared to but from the pics I can see it’s a lovely place! Dress looks fantastic and sounds like you have been enjoying the summer in you new cottage.

  36. Tanit-Isis

    Gorgeous pictures in a gorgeous location and that might very well be the perfect sundress!!!! Would love the pattern, but am also happy to sigh enviously over your holiday!

  37. Chris Butler

    Love the dress, you’ve done a great job. Have just spent a week in Croatia, 4 days on the island of Hvar – isn’t it beautiful.

  38. Helen Reinders

    You look the perfect picture of summer! Glad you’re back, but please continue to live it up offline! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  39. Show and Tell Meg

    I love your version! And that blue does match perfectly. I’d definitely love to try this pattern given the current heat of hell I’m living in right now (in Florida, lol). It’d be nice to have something pretty in spite of the heat 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Sarah Jane

    Glad to see a new post from you, but totally understand the absence! 🙂

    Your Rosie is gorgeous! I love the colours in it! I’m in sundress mode here in Manitoba it’s been so bloomin’ hot lately and think that Rosie needs to be added to my list of “must sew”.

  41. Jennifer Riedle

    It is another beautiful dress from Lisa, eh? Your version is lovely. Croatia is on my list for sure, bit it’s quite far from Vancouver, Canada!

    Enjoy your blog – thanks!

  42. Jennifer Miller

    Happy you’re back! And happy that you’ve been having such a marvelous break. The scenery is gorgeous, as is the Rosie dress in that vibrant print. Beautiful job, as always.

  43. Romy

    I’d love the Rosie dress, especially with all the nice weather we’ve been having recently. I’d love to win a copy!

  44. Bernice

    Fabulous dress! Really missed your blog but your travels sound exciting. Would love a copy of this dress pattern………….


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