New Look 6100 shorts- on location

Hello again!  Here are some shorts I made for going to Croatia.  New Look 6100.  And you know what that means?  I managed to get some gorgeous sickeningly beautiful location shots- same day as my swimsuit wearing at Orlec on the Croation Island of Cres.  (see previous post for my travel notes on Cres) Sorry…. blue sky & turquoise sea alert….seems such a long way from our current rain & semi autumnal week we have been having.

Orlec Croatia

So I have made New Look 6100 twice before – both versions.  They are a lovely style – a yoke waist, side zip & front pockets.  Two styles – a straight cut pair with a cuff – view A and the slightly flared version (almost culottes!) – view B.  I loved my pink pair the most, version A – the most -straight cut shorts with a cuff.  However (cough) I have added a few pounds since making these (it will drop off again once I am back training for September’s half marathon) – but wanting to avoid any kind of wedgie & discomfort in the heat- & knowing shorts are a pretty quick make – I squeezed a pair in before I went, adding a slither to most of the seams.

New Look 6100

I had some of this gorgeous polka dot chambray in my stash (remember shorts don’t take a huge amount of fabric!  Good stash busters) as I knew it would be a good mixer colour for various tops I’d be taking.  This time I did not have a well matching invisible zip so I used a regular zip & lapped it.  Looks fine don’t you think (sorry photo looks a little like I had the shakes of urgency- I think I took the pics just before packing!!).

New Look 6100

I love the hem cuff – it adds a little more character to the shorts & also gently holds the shape nicely.  I always edge stitch around the whole top folded edge just to make sure it stays in place.

New Look 6100

These are my dream shorts.  It is official.  I just love wearing shorts.  But you really have to have the weather to accompany them – I am not that desperate that I can be spotted accessorising them with goosebumps & socks.

New Look 6100No I like to wear them with a strappy top – bathe me in that sunshine!

New Look 6100And roomy enough to avoid any risk of a warm weather wedgie.

Hope you’re having a great week – are you dreaming of shorts-wearing, are you making shorts for your holidays?  Or are you lucky enough to be wearing them?

Me?  I’m still in my PJs as I have a few days off & I am going to do a hill training session shortly…..

6 thoughts on “New Look 6100 shorts- on location

  1. PsychicSewerKathleen

    Love your shorts! I haven’t owned a pair of shorts like those since I was a child (ie 50 years ago!) but they look so nice! All my shorts now are knits but I love your chambray idea. Cool – much cooler than knit shorts that tend to cling.

  2. Nicola

    These shorts look like a great pattern, might have to look out for this one. Thanks for the pics and info on them. Fantastic photos from your holiday too ?

  3. Barb

    You have the amazing figure to wear these shorts!!! I seem to remember you in a lovely pair of Benny Hill style shorts many, many moons ago and you don’t seem to have changed since.. Sadly, my short wearing days are over…


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