Sewing Guide to Bath – Haberdashery heaven (sew and Sew) at the Guildhall Market

So to follow my first blog post about the Sewing Studio it is only logical to feature my second most favorite haunt for sewing supplies in Bath.  This is Sew and Sew, the most comprehensive haberdashery emporium in the Guildhall Market, Bath.

Sew and Sew

I used to work next door and I completely underestimated how much I took this for granted – the ready availability of *practically every conceivable sewing/ haberdashery need* right next door.  Ran out of thread?  That’s Ok, lunchtime fix ahoy.  Buttons for my latest make?  You should see the choice!  (Photo below!)

Guildhall Market - High Street

Guildhall Market – High Street

The Guildhall Market itself is a joy to visit- one of those places so central in the heart of city centre Bath- right near the Abbey & also Pulteney Bridge- a wealth of independent shops within.  (Check out the link for details) But we are only going to focus on the one.

Guildhall market

So, my homing pigeon zooms me in to the haberdashery – Sew and Sew.  What am I here for today?

Guildhall Market

Might it be the buttons?

ButtonsOr the many types of ric rac?

Ric racI have to say I was sorely tempted by the new decorated and embellished versions…

haberdasheryShelves and shelves of sewing aids, gadgets & dibidy-doos…

HaberdasheryThreads and craft materials…

Pom pom trim (getting a bit specialised here, I mean not everyone needs pom pom trim , do they?)

bias bindingThis is the bias binding shelf (well the fancy ones – solid colours are next door)

elasticsAs well as a wide range of black and white elastic, the FOR (Fold Over Elastic) comes in quite a few colours & I also loved this waistband elastic that comes in different colours.

IMG_5833Hard to get a shot without a customer- but there are shelves upon shelves of goodies.  From elastics, lace and bindings, there is also velcro. boning, curtain tape, webbing, shoulder pads, buttons, buckles and trims.  Hardware in all its forms like needles, pins, snaps & so much more.


And then there’s the knitting & crochet section, and all the other crafts that Sew and Sew caters for.



8 thoughts on “Sewing Guide to Bath – Haberdashery heaven (sew and Sew) at the Guildhall Market

  1. Megan Parkinson

    Oh my word! I need all of that fancy ric rac now! And as for the pom pom trim and fancy bias binding – swoon! I obviously need to plan a trip to Bath one day soon! Thank you for these Sewing Guide To Bath posts, very handy for those of us who are able to visit your beautiful city occasionally 😀

  2. Fran K

    This is good to know as I’m holidaying in the Bath area in October. I shall have to save my pennies for a splurge.

  3. Lorraine Ferre

    Next time I need to go to John Lewis for bits and bobs maybe I will just stay on the train to Bath

  4. Noni

    What an amazing store! Thanks so much for sharing this. I am continually amazed at the beautiful buildings in your country. I may never visit Bath so its good to see it through your posts.


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