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I think there’s been a bit of a flurry about the latest kit released by Sew Over It– the Weekend Bag- currently sold out.  This was a kit to make a weekend bag, something that I have been aware of as a distinct gap in my ‘luggage portfolio’ (hahahaha- sounds so pretentious!) so when this popped up on the Sew Over It newsletter I headed over for the opportunity to make my own (with maximum ease).

weekend bag1

Now I really do enjoy bag making, but I want it to be a quick one.  I need to be satisfied & it not to be overly intricate but at the same time deliver my exact requirements.  With a weekend bag, it needed to be big enough to transport a weekend’s worth of clothing & ‘stuff’ and also strong enough, as I have spent time on making the most beautiful of stylish accessories only for it to not withstand the wear & tear I inflict upon it.

weekend bag

I had never bought a Sew Over It kit, (there are all sorts from silk camis to ties – all supplied with the correct fabrics and notions to make your own successful version)  but to be provided with everything needed to make something I also knew I really needed,  made it an easy decision.  Even by the time I got to visit the online shop, the choice of two was limited to one – the geometric design – as the option to create your World Map version of the bag was clearly the most popular & had already sold out.  But geometric black & white was very practical.   Clicked purchase.  The kit came with everything bar thread to make a high quality sturdy bag:

  • Outer fabric – a sturdy cotton canvas
  • Lining fabric
  • Fabric backer – this is fusible and much more robust than interfacing
  • Webbing for the straps
  • O rings for the straps
  • A length of zip
  • Paper pattern pieces
  • Instructions

All this equals fast track bag making!

weekend bag

How lovely to have bag paper pattern pieces!  I have made bags that require drawing rectangles of specific dimensions (because let’s face it, so many elements of a bag are rectangles) – but it’s just not so instant is it?  Plus the weekend bag is shaped to enable a lovely 3D bottom.  And that means the pieces are not pure rectangles.

weekend bag

How lovely to be given the materials to make a sturdy bag!  The fabric backing just felt ‘proper’ and even though I have not (yet) forced a week’s worth of packing into this bag (as a consumer test) I somehow think it would hold fast! The fabric is strengthened & consequently I just get the feeling that my stitching will stay fast.  Maybe it is all perception and confidence instilled by the feel of the backed fabric, but nevertheless, it makes me feel confident that I can take this bag, stuffed with my precious handmade outfits & favourite shoes, away for a weekend of fun.

weekend bag

Making bags is one of those technically joyful sewing exercises – anyone else feel the same?  There seems a more obvious mathematical process involved – it must be the straight lines.  And I love the sewing order & its logic- attaching straps as one of the first steps.  The counterintuitive zip insertion when there are linings involved.


weekend bag

Love it.

So, all I can do is to urge you to look out for the Weekend Bag kit becoming available again if you like the idea of a more personal approach to luggage…. and encourage me to go away for even more weekends  overnighters so that I can make the most of it 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sew Over It Weekend Bag

  1. Hagar Reynolds

    Love it! I’m just finishing off making mine – my first bag. It was a bit tricky in parts (not sewing the lining to the zip – several unpicking moments). Agree you do need a weekend away to test it!

  2. Karen

    Thanks for the reminder. I was away when this was released and by the time I got back all the stock had gone. I like the idea of being supplied all the right fabrics. Its better for future makes when you know you have the right thing K xXx

  3. carol

    That’s a lovely bag you’ve made. I love the choices of fabrics too – fresh and fun. You could fit all your sewing stuff in it, including your sewing machine.
    Now that would be a lovely weekend away!

  4. Jenny

    Great bag. Luggage portfolio. I totally get that. What a shame my cats have, ahem, weed on the whole of my luggage portfolio…
    Anyway. I love your pattern storage (in the background!). Can we have a tour of your sewing space? It looks good!


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