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Hello all! I have decided to pull together just a little series that may be of completely no interest to you…until you decide that you’re going to plan a trip to my hometown, Bath, & want to check out some of the sewing attractions. So it’ll be either no interest to you, or something that you return to when it is relevant!

sewing studio

You see I have been asked by readers of my blog about where to go for fabric fixes …. & more… so decided to write a couple of pieces about my personal recommendations. Bath is a lovely place to visit (& that’s not just me, being a resident saying so, it’s the millions of visitors coming each year that lead me to make that statement! ) Yes I am biased. I have lived here for nearly 30 years now & even though I have moved out to become a rural outlier, the centre of Bath is still just 20 minutes (non rush hour) away for me. I love the city, its Roman history & Victorian regeneration of that, the Georgian architecture, the parks, the river,  Thermae Spa & the wide choice of shopping – all the usual shops you find in any town, but with an Anthropologie, and the lovely independent shops – check out Margarets Buildings, Broad Street and Walcot Street. The museums are also really interesting & some are award winning . But check out visitBath for ideas about what to do if you are coming to Bath & planning your trip.

So to kick this mini  series off, I am going to give some thumbs up to my fave fabric shop in Bath – Mark Pickles’ Sewing Studio. It’s on Charles Street, slightly off the main drag but close enough to Queens Square, host to our summer Boules competition, French food festival and also a generally nice place to relax for a picnic in  town.

Map here.

On a dry day you will see rolls of polycotton standing in bins (see above)  outside serving as flags to signal what goes on here. It was raining when I visited, but look for this shopfront  so that you can spot it nice & easily from the road.

sewing studio (11)

Now, originally, this shop used to be called Husqvarna Studio, (hence the website address) but whilst the names changed, nothing fundamental is any different – still the same friendly owners, shop stocked to the brim with sewing goodies.

Mark Pickles himself

Mark Pickles himself

Mark sells sewing machines, overlockers, swish fancy embroidery enabled machines as well.

sewing studio (4)

This is where I go to have my machines serviced and where I‘ve bought my overlocker and my coverstitch machine.

Here's Mark at work on someone's precious machine

Here’s Mark at work on someone’s precious machine

However, I would be very surprised if on a visit to Bath to see the sights, you were planning to leave with a sewing machine in your case! Fear not, there is so much more to come to the Sewing Studio for!


sewing studio (3)

The shop is arranged on two floors, and the ground floor is split between sewing machines, haberdashery & the most popular seasonal fabric / some craft fabric then upstairs has the workshop space for lessons, even more fabrics and the pattern books.

sewing studio (8)

Every time I come to the Sewing Studio, Mark delights in showing me the new additions to the stock & the shop always seems to be on the point of bursting – but not unbearingly so. You can see everything, perform that essential fabric touching test between your thumb & forefingers (very important & undertaken almost subconsciously by every fabric shopper, am I right?) This is not a megastore – it is a family run business homed in two floors of a Georgian terrace. But the space is optimised to get a really wide range of fabric & the gizmos & doings for all types of fabric crafting.

sewing studio (7)

Whether it is patchwork, bag making, cushion & duvet making you’re into, or being an avid dressmaker , he’s got something to offer. Last time I visited he showed me Teflon coated canvas, great for bagmaking. He also stocks tailoring resources (eg canvas – note to self) & other things (maybe less standard) for the fashion students at the nearby college. In winter he’s proud to show off his wools & coatings – the lovliest of selections, & now we are looking at Spring summer sewing, he’s some lovely linens & chambrays.

sewing studio (2)

Just a few of the fabrics on the ground floor

I would say that he picks quality fabrics that would be on a par with John Lewis prices & quality.  Stock is frequently refreshed & his sales are always worthwhile – usually he has blanket discounts to make way for the new stock he knows is on the way & he has to fit in!

sewing studio (10)

I love shopping for fabric on the internet and there are some great online shops, but somehow, we all love a bricks & mortar fabric shopping experience don’t we?   Nothing quite like being able to handle the fabric there & then when you know what you want to make.  Or to fall for something you see in the flesh.

sewing studio (12)


This is most definitely my first choice for fabric shopping in Bath- if you have something particular in mind, you can usually get it here. And then some. Temptation all around! And always a friendly welcome.

I have not been paid to write this review or make this recommendation. All views are genuine & my own.

15 thoughts on “Fabric shopping in Bath- The Sewing Studio

  1. Andrea

    Looking forward to this series! I’ve not had a great experience buying online, I find it hard to choose the right fabric from a description alone, which themselves are often inaccurate. I don’t live in a City so rely on online or the rare ocassions I visit the town (working all week is such an inconvenience!). I’m just over an hour or so from Bath I think and this series looks like a grea reason for a Saturday trip! I would much rather support shops than online businesses, we need to try and keep the High Streets afloat.

  2. Fran K

    I’ve booked a holiday cottage just outside Bath for my hols this year, so I’m pleased to hear about this shop. I’m definitely going to add it to my itinerary.

  3. amanda

    I go to Bath so often (just 30 minutes on train from me) and have never found this shop so thanks for the recommendation- will definitely pay a visit next time i’m in the city!

  4. Theresa S

    I live in Bath and have been a customer at Mark’s shop since the opening day! It’s a brilliant place for anything to do with sewing and Mark, together with all the staff are always so obliging, friendly and helpful.
    There’s a vast range of fabrics, haberdashery and I seldom leave the shop without having bought something!
    If you love sewing of any type, this is a must visit shop. You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Sarah

    I have been reading your blog for a while but never realised that you were so local to me. I’ve never come across The Sewing Studio either. Can’t wait to go and explore. Just today I’ve placed an online order for my next project because I struggle to buy anything other than quilting cotton locally.

    Thank you so much for the tip and for the inspiration on your blog…. from a relatively inexperienced sewer it great to see the beautiful projects you post.

  6. Stevie

    Aww its so lovely to see that place again! When I did my Fashion Btech that was our first port of call for fabrics. Its changed a bit since then!

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  11. Helen Shuttleworth

    I signed up for a sewing course with Cherry at the Sewing Studio, I’m improving my sewing and having a laugh at the same time. The shop is great, there’s an incredible range of machines and fabrics, and if they can’t fix a poorly machine I doubt it’s fixable!


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