Anya bag in Harris Tweed

I have made a few bags in my time, but never have any made such an impression as this one.  Partly due to pattern, but also thanks to the fabrics, it has to be said.  I felt it was time to make a new day bag & had heard how deceptively roomy the Anya bag by So Zo is.  Zoe had kindly sent me the pattern as a housewarming gift (so kind!) & with Spring in the air & a few free hours in the afternoon I tried to bring together some suitable fabrics from my stash.

anya bag

I had initially thought of using some of the pleather I had left from my Madrid tote bag made last year.  But then I remembered I might have enough Harris Tweed  left for some of the bag, if not all.  Excitement raised, I hunted it out & gleefully discovered there was enough (just) to make the whole bag out of the Harris Tweed & use one of the genuine labels too.  Don’t cheapen it, I thought & discounted any use of a contrast yoke.  Keep to the Harris Tweed.  Line up the checks.  Find a lovely lining.  I looked through my Liberty remnants thinking that a Liberty lining would be classy enough for such a fine tweed.  Nothing really zinged though.  Especially when I found a piece of pink satin lining.  Oh my, the shine!  The pink that took out the pink lines in the tweed!  It was a match.  Cutting & sewing started.

anya tab

I was going to add to the pattern slightly by including an inner pocket (in bird print cotton ) & instead of a button tab, use one of those magnetic clasps.  As long as I could remember where I had stored it.  Luckily I did.  Considering my flaky memory, the list of ‘things I can’t find after unpacking’ is very short.  And now does not include magnetic clasps.

anya tab sewing

So the thing to remember is that if you are using magnetic clasps, they need to be added / installed early on to both the tab & the yoke piece before you really start sewing.  It’s fine though, just use the markings on the pattern & they will meet up once the bag is constructed.

anya pocket

The same with a pocket.  I sewed the pocket & attached it to the lining, once the lining yoke was attached to the bag lining piece but before sewing the two linings + yokes together.

Everything else carries on like usual & Zoe’s instructions are mucho comprehensive.  There is also a one page quick sheet if you don’t need all the detail.

The Goy-jus Handmade Jane remembers my fondness for Harris Tweed & had bought me some genuine Harris Tweed covered buttons as a birthday present last year.  The perfect gift & I am glad to say, I have added two to this bag as a classy finishing touch – they are not exactly the same Tweed pattern, but the colours are spot on.  And I still have four buttons to embellish something else 🙂

anya buttons

I am absolutely smitten with the lovely shape & soft pleats of this bag.  But it’s the use of this my last  last piece of Harris Tweed that fills me most with joy.  I know my Dad, who bought it for me, will be so pleased.

Tweedy to the max

Will I wear it with my skirt?  I do not know….what do you think?

Let me tell you though …this bag is roomy…I was able to fit my usual stuff PLUS my DSLR without any particular strains – tab closed nicely & bag’s pleats accommodated it all without any fuss.  What a star bag …. Its only shortcoming is its owner …insisting on using it on rainy days when perhaps she should have been looking after the precious tweed a bit better (It’s OK, nothing ruined !)

So if you’re on bank holiday today you could find some beautiful remnant in your stash to breathe a new lease of life and productivity into? Making a bag can be such a rewarding project for a rainy day! 

30 thoughts on “Anya bag in Harris Tweed

  1. Karen

    Love it. It’s a fabulous pattern as it seems to suit so many fabrics. Love the pop of colour in the lining and the special pocket K xXx

  2. Victoria

    Lovely tweed. I used a magnetic clasp on my first Anya and added a zip pocket to my second, very handy.
    You should definitely wear it with the skirt. Go overboard and wear with a hot pink top?

  3. Jane

    Your bag looks FAB with your skirt and that big jumper Winnie. So pleased the buttons were a good match and that you still have some left to play with! Are my eyes deceiving me or have you cracked open a new wig in those pics too?! x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hahahaa – yes it is a reasonably new wig, but not sure if it has been aired on the blog before! It is fab though. My big jumper isa handmade cabled lovely dream of cosiness knitted by my Mum for my birthday. Loving that you mentioned it xx

  4. Lisa bartup

    Love this. I have made a couple of bags from Harris Tweed too but I sewed the label on the outside of the bag which others seem to do as well so I was interested to see you put yours on the inside and wondered if there was a reason why you did it this way?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Lisa, oh the Harris Tweed looks smashing as bags, doesn’t it? I didn’t really think about putting the label on the outside – but thinking about it now that you mention it, there was no obvious place to stitch it – the space in between the two straps is already taken up with the clasp so there wouldn’t have been any room for it. I wouldn’t have thought of putting the label anywhere else …and it’s nice getting a flash of it when you look inside 🙂

      1. Francesca

        snap:). New reader here who came from the foldline. I love your use of the tweed for this cute bag. I have some from M&M for their Haremere, and I am sure I will have enough for a bag left over – so thank you for the inspiration:)….. and loooove the lining!
        I wouldn’t worry about rain – this stuff is made to endure moors and thistles and will probably outlive as all! My butler’s book says it needs a wire clothesbrush – ahem!

        1. scruffybadgertime Post author

          Great info about the weatherproofing! Thank you Franscesca! I thoroughly recommend making a bag with the remnants, it’s surprising how little you need….and the bag has real potential to be a winner with such pedigree fabric!! Enjoy your sewing ✂️

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      OOh I’d love to make a summer one too – this is most definitively too cosy for summer use. It’ll be fun seeing what the next version will be – there are a lot of versions out there now to inspire! Enjoy making yours!

  5. Zoe

    Amazing!!!! I can’t thank you enough for your kind words about the pattern, you have made a truly glorious version. Big love and hugs xxxx

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  7. Nicky B

    I do love a zingy lining! Beautiful bag, great with the skirt but I think it will look fantastic with anything because of the great fabric?

  8. Alessa

    How wonderful that you now have a bag in that precious fabric!
    I’m still looking for a good bag pattern, and I thought the Anya bag was too small for my needs, but yours looks quite perfectly sized…

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