Oh go on then! I’ll have a floral Linden this time….

Oh people I have had some mega sewing going on this last week, but because I was also hugely busy work wise I am a bit behind with my writing – & I have so much to write about!   I have to start with the simplest as some downtime calls (& I’m watching something with subtitles at the moment which means no multi tasking!) So here we go on the next episode of my causal wardrobe, suitable for warehouse work (maybe rather posh for warehouse work in all honesty but I’ll do it anyway) & also for general mooching around looking rather groovy.

Linden sweatshirt

Yes, my attraction to the Linden sweatshirt continues, not having resolved the pocket issues from the green one, but having worn the grey one * very much indeed*, may I present the newest addition to the Linden sweatshirt stable?

This fabric is from the Fabric Godmother (& was provided for me to review)- the floral is a rose pique jersey in blue  (there are two other colourways- pink & purple) & the solid navy is a gorgeous Milano jersey, stretchier than a ponte, thicker than your usual t-shirt weight with something *very* cosy about it, without it being too thick.  I am smitten with it to be honest, & am already thinking of some navy Hudsons – it would be perfect …. just like it is for the sleeves, cuffs & bands for this Linden sweatshirt.

Linden sweatshirt

Don’t you just love the two-tone raglan sleeve top effect?  I love raglan sleeves anyway, but it’s times like these when two fabrics pair so wonderfully that the raglan comes into its own.  I may have been swooning over the navy Milano jersey, but let’s face it, the rose pique jersey is the star.  It works so well in its pattern – bring on the flowers I say!  Sweatshirts can be pretty too!

Linden sweatshirt I ‘ve made this a few times now & it’s a 100% overlocker make – I think it took me about an hour to sew….

Linden sweatshirt

So many photos! That’s because I LOVE this sweatshirt. I’m so thrilled to have made something that is eminently functional but pretty. But I’ve also taken a few extra to show you  a new part of my cottage  – surreptitiously.  This is the upstairs hallway.  To the left is the bathroom & straight ahead is my bedroom.  It has loads of olde features – including these doors with latchy handles (note technical olde worlde terminology).  The camera in in the doorway of the back bedroom (aka sewing room/ office) & both bedrooms are on a higher level than the hallway & bathroom.  Nice step up to both.

Linden sweatshirt To my right are the open plan stairs.  There are a few nooks & crannies including the recess to my left which is a nice little presentation space….

There ends the guided tour of the only non room in my cottage.  Just because you might be curious.  I will bring you other backdrops as time progresses!  And who knows, maybe even more Linden sweatshirts!!!

In the meantime have a very good week & I’ll be back soon with some more – I have a couple more tops to show, some trousers using my block pattern & then a special posh frock that I wore to a bit of a do in London last week…

Disclaimer, the fabric was provided to me free of charge for me to review.  All views are my own.

19 thoughts on “Oh go on then! I’ll have a floral Linden this time….

  1. Claire

    Gorgeous! Your cottage looks very cute! Are you watching Narcos by any chance? I usually crochet in front of the TV but Narcos ended that for a while!

  2. Careymoonbeam

    Thanks for the partial tour of your new place! I love all of your Lindens. I like the pattern, but my neck ends up a bit chilled in mine (and the neck shape is a little too oval to look good with a tee layered underneath).

  3. Kate

    Hi, I read but I don’t comment hardly ever. I just thought I would let you know that your pictures are not coming through in Feedly. Something has changed because they used to some through just fine, but the last time the pictures worked was the post dated 4th December.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Kate thank you for telling me but I’m sorry I have no idea why- although as well as moving house I have upgraded my laptop in that time to a Windows 10 one, but am using the same blogging platform. And I really don’t understand anything beyond the basics…. 🙁 x

    2. Careymoonbean

      I use feedly too and am having no trouble with the photos. Have you checked to see if you have latest update? Every once in awhile I have to re-add a blog to my feed to get it working properly. Good luck – I would hate for you to keep missing out on Winnie’s fun photos!

      1. Kate

        Thanks for that, Careymoonbean. I was having problems with other WordPress blogs at the same time. I didn’t make any changes my end but it all seems to have straightened itself out now. I would hate to miss Winnie’s photos, too, as they are always such fun!

  4. Zoe

    I love your sweatshirts! I have just used the same floral fabric to make a top ( a shortened adaptation of Tilly and the buttons Coco). Now I’ve seen yours I am wishing I’d mixed it with a plain, I feel like it might be too much, too full on floral!

    I love reading about and seeing all your makes, I am interested in your new life, as I too have more need for a casual wardrobe. Keep up the good work!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Zoe!! I’m glad you’re also in the floral sweatshirt camp, I think there’s real benefits of mixing the two up!!!
      So kind of you to be interested in my doings…likewise still working it out and not had the chance to be in-busy for which I should be grateful! I’m sure that time will come ….and then I’ll have to go looking for work…. Xx

      1. Zoe

        Ooh yes, definitely like the floral, I forgot to say that mine is the purple colour. Still deciding what to do, not sure plain sleeves will look as good with the Coco pattern though as the raglan sleeves really make yours look good.
        Hmm, know what you mean work wise, I was made redundant just over a year ago and I’ve been trying to figure it out ever since, I’ve been trying to sell some handmade items, but not sold many so far. I’m enjoying having more time to make clothes though!

  5. Claire

    I have been planning to make a raglan top , but I never thought of using a floral pattern with a plain for the sleeves . I love it !


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