Happy New Year my friends!

Oh my gosh!  It’s 2016 and I hope that it brings you all the very best of everything, but that it includes heaps of sewing fun, of course!


The best stocked fridge comes with moving house and leaving your job!

I have been on a non stop deadline driven December before finally finishing my job on 31st.  It is only now, on the 2nd January that I can look back & recognise that this has been the most stressed I have ever been- moving house three weeks before Christmas, leaving my job of 15 years – but not the relaxed ending I had imagined – still to experience ‘gardening leave’ – & then as a maker, Christmas is usually a time of making gifts.  What pressure we put upon ourselves!

This year I could not make everything I wanted and had to give fabric – the wonderful potential- & the promise to make…January plans.  I did however make a few pairs of posh boxers & even made this pair out of Liberty lawn on Christmas morning!

Liberty boxers

I have sewn them all with the label on the front waist – to avoid any scratchiness but I also thought it looked cool.  Oh I got grief!  The recipient didn’t take that perspective!  But in a joking way.

Here are some of the others.

All of these were made using Simplicity 9958 & various sizes from small to large & using my fabric reducing trick, all took only 1m of fabric.  There are a couple more to make as part of my January gift-sewing catch up!

I also made a few things out of gorgeous brushed cotton/ flannel from Croftmill.  Remember Simplicity 1502 was one of my ‘Year’s supply of sewing patterns’?  Well I made the nightie out of it, using this fabric.

Simplicity 1502

It’s a size large & I followed the instructions to the letter except for using a self bias neckline facing & sewing it so that it showed on the outside as a nice contrast.  It was a really satisfying make- quick to sew.  Sadly I didn’t have enough fabric to match the checks, but that just made the sewing quicker ‘;-)

And finally a quick pair of PJ brushed cotton/ flannel shorts for the hubbie of the nightdress.  He wears shorts a lot around the house & I thought he might like these- plus with the elasticated waist you don’t have to be so precise with making the right size.

PJ shortsSee the label on the outside again ?

So folks, that’s it on my makes.  Are you interested in January sewing related sales?  Well Weaver Dee is one of the many to be offering some tempting discounts across the range – fabric, patterns & habbie.  Remember to use the code ‘SCRUFFY’ to get a further 10% off….

And a brilliant summary of where to find other sewing related sales is here at the Foldline. Me?  I have had to keep it clean.  I have been buying lounge furniture & after seeing how much fabric I have in my stash (pictures to follow, I promise- I need to confess!) I need to reduce that first …oh, but what am I like?  I did succumb to the John Lewis fabric sale when out furniture shopping…Am I beyond help?

So I am going to leave it there & wish you all a happy new year.  I am taking a much needed holiday so when I come back it really will be a new start- for work, for running and most definitely for sewing & blogging.  What a lot of fun we are going to have! PS what this means is that I really won’t be able to reply to any comments or queries until I get back xx


15 thoughts on “Happy New Year my friends!

  1. del

    Have a brilliant, relaxing time off & a Happy New Year!
    (So glad to hear I wasn’t the only person sewing on Christmas Day… he-he!)

  2. Charlotte

    I’m exactly the same – I was also resisting fabric sales & also fell off the wagon in John Lewis as I got tempted by fabric and Sew Over It kits! Well done on finishing the boxer shorts on Christmas morning – I finished one of my gifts two days after Christmas & delivered it yesterday

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      John Lewis sale was brilliant! I will be sharing what I bought …. with some thoughts & requests for inspiration
      Well done for keeping going with your Christmas sewing too – I have still a pair of boxers & two shirts to go … but no especial hurry now that I missed the real deadline 😉

  3. twotoast

    Happy New Year to you too! Congrats on moving into your you home and also on retiring. I’m guessing that we are quite similar in age so I am very jealous! Love the fabric you made the nightdress from – I remember ordering fabric from Croft Mill when they used to send out a mailer with fabric descriptions – not photos, so when the fabric arrived it was interesting to see how well aid interpreted the descriptions!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hello and happy new year to you too! I have to clarify I haven’t retired – but am just switching gear in my work-life balance. Long way to go until I work out how to fund my new plans however!
      Croftmill’s website is carrying on those quirky fabric descriptions, but it must have been huge fun receiving your parcel of goodies based purely on this basis!

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  5. gill

    I got the same vintage-look floral fabric in the JL sale too – a while ago now, and I still don’t have clear plans for it.
    My two penn’orth for the boiled wool …..
    Marcia Tilton Jacket pattern Vogue 8430 (feel free to ignore the mad embroidery)
    or I can heartily recommend the April Rhodes Popover Poncho – I’m definitely NOT a poncho bird, but I love it.
    Blogged about here …….
    Happy planning x


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