Ultimate Pencil skirt in autumn florals

I have been captivated by the colours this autumn, even more than usual because my current journey to work involves walking through Royal Victoria Park (aka ‘Vicky Park’ or ‘RVP’ to locals ) whose 57 acres takes you into town under the gaze of the Royal Crescent.  It was actually opened by Queen Victoria herself apparently when she was 11 years old, & is a wonderful mix of formal flowerbeds, (the Parks teams are so talented) a landscaped duck ponds & discrete gardens inside the Park- like the Botanic gardens.  I love it for its abundant trees which are currently on high show & in various breath taking colours.

And of course passing underneath the Royal Crescent is pretty special too.  Oh and counting squirrels to  identify whether I have a ‘two squirrel walk’ or even a ‘four squirrel journey’ – simple pleasures!

I should try to get some blog photos here, shouldn’t I, but guess what?  If I love it so do countless others- visitors and residents alike- & it takes me a supreme effort to pose in public, as you know ….so I didn’t this time …

ultimate pencil skirt

Anyway, this fabric is from Fabric Godmother & I only needed a metre to make a pencil skirt.  It’s stretch sateen, called ‘Mandy‘ & I suspect before too long the gold/ black/ blue colourway will be sold out but it is still available in blue.  That’ll be because it is so seasonal, surely, but Fabric Godmother has pages of stretch cottons & sateen …..

ultimate pencil skirt

I bought this fabric with a little pencil skirt, above the knee, in mind.  Having a black background it would be a great match with darker winter woollies, & of course black tights.  Choosing the pattern was also a cinch – having made the Ultimate Pencil Skirt by Sew Over It before (my grey lined flannel version here) & it fitting right out of the packet, a second skirt was destined.  Remember this skirt has awesome curves in its design but is also eminently wearable- the style of a wiggle but with room to move.  It’s also an easy to sew skirt – centre back zip (I used a lapped zipper), a faced  high waist, with curvaceous side seams, & I made a kick pleat instead of a vent.  This time I did not line it.

ultimate pencil skirt

It took next to no time to make, but that much longer to finish as camping sewing means things like irons & ironing boards are not set up & I am actually using my sleeve board.

ultimate pencil skirt

I’ve been wearing it today & it’s very comfy & totally seasonally appropriate.  The stretch in the sateen has just the right amount of comfort so that it doesn’t really feel like other high waisted pencil skirts can.  Do you join me with a ‘Hurrah’ for autumn dressing?

17 thoughts on “Ultimate Pencil skirt in autumn florals

  1. kitkatkrispie

    Fab skirt for one of my favourite Bath walks. Much envy when it comes to your route to work. Certainly a great place to strut your stuff in your latest Autumn garment.

  2. Linda

    Love the skirt! Yes the colours are just right for Autumn! Lucky you walking through the park in Bath on your way to work! My son was at Bath university, and as you can imagine, we visited him a lot! Lovely town!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh I am a restricted sewer at the moment, definitely. I don’t want to impact too much on the others in the house – using the dining table for cutting out & sewing….and that’s obviously where we eat but also when we work from home its the same place. I am getting very fond of the dining room!

  3. Wrigglefingers

    That’s worked really well! Love the colours too. I could get very fond of the dining room table too, it’s a most convivial place to be.

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