Itch to Stitch Carey Top in a ditsy floral jersey

Happy birthday to Itch to Stitch!  Kennis contacted me to ask me if I would like to participate in the birthday tour, & whilst I said yes, I went to check out what has been happening over at Itch to Stitch and was pretty impressed with the pattern collection that she has grown in the last year.  (10 patterns from shorts & culottes to dresses!)

As part of the tour, Kennis has arranged for various bloggers to make one of her patterns up – but as a hack.  And there are also giveaways – you get a chance to win some prizes. Kennis has got 7 designers to give away their patterns and 7 product sponsors to give away their products. She will feature 1 designer per day on her site, and one lucky winner will get 2 patterns from that designer.  So make sure you check Itch to Stitch out between the 8th to the 14th October.  Check out more information towards the end of this post …..

So what did i chose to make?  And what kind of hack did I come up with?  Bearing in mind I did not get this sewn before my move ?

Well I chose the Carey top.  I think I do have a thing for slouchy tees after all!!  This is a batwing top with a nice scooped neckline that can be made in a knit or a woven.  It has sleeve panels and drawstrings to ruche the sleeves up.  I opted for knit and bought some of this luscious delores viscose jersey from Fabric Godmother.  Oh it is so soft & so drapey, and the florals are soooo pretty.

Another slouchy top!

Another slouchy top!

So to make mine a hack I decided to do something other than use a contrast lace in the sleeve insert- as that is to me, just a design option.  (But it had been my first thought! hahaha)  I decided to leave out the drawstrings altogther and to incorporate piping (or faux piping) instead.  I used Fold Over Elastic (FOE) in hot pink as my piping – it seemed the way to go.  It did involve a little thought however & an additional step to the sleeve sewing process.  This is what I did if you are interested.  (Sorry no pictures, I am ‘camping’ remember & haven’t the usual space for my sewing paraphernalia ..)

carey top

So I folded the FOE in half & then pinned it to the seamline of each shoulder seam on the front and back bodice pieces.  I stretched the FOE so that it was 4 or 5cm shorter than the actual shoulder seam because 1. the elastic needs a bit of tension otherwise it has a tendency to wrinkle & 2. If there was a ruched effect that too would be OK because this top is designed for ruching. I reckon you could stretch the elastic even more & it would replicate the drawstring, don’t you think.   And the FOE was pinned so that an even amount would show to form the piping.


Once I had machine basted the FOE to the seamline I could attach the sleeve panels.  I sewed the shoulder seams with the bodice piece on top so that I could follow the basting stitches & sew the piping at the right distance.

carey top

And I think it has worked out nicely!  A bit sporty, don’t you think?!

carey top

I followed the instructions for the Carey top for the most part, but did sew the neck band to the outside as a deliberate design detail- I liked the idea that it would be shown this way.

carey top

For info I have sewn this on my regular machine with a narrow zig zag for the seams and a three step zig zag for the hems.

carey top

Looking at the neckline inside too

But due to the order of sewing the seams (eg hems are sewn before side seams) – I did sew a few lines of stitches at the hem edges to keep the seams open but not showing seam allowances at the hem edges. (Are you still with me?!)

carey top

What do you think?  Maybe the sleeves are longer than when ruched & it’s a very roomy batwing, but it is sooo comfy.  Do you think this qualifies as a ‘hack’?

I was provided the Carey top pattern at no cost in exchange for taking part in this birthday tour, and enjoyed making it and now wearing it- it so suits my casual working at home wardrobe.  I have started the Lindy petal skirt (which is free peeps!) & am also attempting to add some piping – but not FOE this time.  I will of course keep you posted 🙂

As promised here is the info about the birthday tour.  Enjoy!

Itch to Stitch Birthday Fun

(scroll to the bottom to enter to win!)

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Be sure to scroll to the bottom for your chance to win great prizes by these sponsors:

Itch to Stitch First Anniversary Sponsors

The Fabric Store – $100 Gift certificate

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Follow Itch to Stitch’s blog closely to win these patterns!

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33 thoughts on “Itch to Stitch Carey Top in a ditsy floral jersey

  1. Molly K

    I have many fond sewing memories. One early one is making headbands for my stuffed animals when I was little. A more recent one is finishing a pair of jeans for my three-year-old. I never thought I would understand enough about sewing to accomplish that.

  2. Catherine Marie

    What a great idea I have a growing collection of FOE, I hadn’t thought of using it as piping. I didn’t even know what it was when I bought my first bunch I just liked the candy colours. I have so much Its now been promoted & has its own drawer rather than sharing with old school elastic.
    I like the roomier sleeves and love the design, off to check out the other nine patterns now.

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  4. Sarah Jane

    Love your Carey top. The FOE is such a fabulous idea!!!

    Kenis’ patterns are great – I just finished an Idyllwild tee for myself and promptly went and bought fabric for two more today! 🙂

    As for fondest memories sewing? It would be my first memory of sewing. Mom was busy sewing something on the machine and I wanted to sew too. I think I was about four or five years old and so my Dad helped me hand sew a little sleeping bag for my barbie doll. I have such vivid memories of it even now forty years later.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Sarah Jane, that’s what my sewing memories are – sewing for my dolls and a sleeping bag sounds like the perfect first project! Fabulous. I’m so glad you like the FOE piping! I have just finished a Lindy skirt, so look forward to showing that off soon.

  5. Diane

    What a cute top! I think my fondest sewing memory is when I made something for someone else and they really loved it. Prior to that I only made things for myself. Thanks!

  6. sarah

    my fondest memory was learning to sew peg dolls (kate greenaway style) with my grandmother when I was 16. I definitely think that this influenced my eventual love of all creative things.

  7. Shawna

    I don’t think I have just one fond memory. I just started to learn to sew about 2 years ago and am still very much a beginner. I love being able to call my mom and grandma up for questions about sewing, and then they will start talking about some project they had made when they used to sew, I have really enjoyed learning more about them as I have learned to sew.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      It’s a great way to connect with your family – I have found that too. My Mum is still the one I turn to with any sewing questions! And I love sharing things I am proud of with her too. She also told me about my female relatives and their sewing exploits. You are so right- great sewing family histories to uncover!

  8. Karen

    I have only been sewing a few years but my fondest memory so far is making something that fits and that I can wear out in public! 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hurrah! I don’t blame you that this features as a highlight! Something to be very proud of- & you know you are improving every time you sew…it’s great to hear from newer sewers too. Thank you!

  9. Littlebit_Bod

    Definitely a hack and I love how it worked out. Going to add this to my selfish sewing list as it is perfect for the nursery where I work: comfy and not prone to wardrobe malfunctions

  10. Tatiana

    My fondest sewing memory is when my grandmother was teaching me to sew by hand and to do cross stitch embroidery for kindergarten when I was about 5 years old.

  11. debbie

    That looked like a great transitional autumn top and I love the piping effect. I have fond memories of my mum teaching me to sew. And now I am teaching my eight year old. She has almost finished her first dress from a pattern!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That’s fantastic Debbie- how proud you must be! Yes, I think memories of my Mum teaching me are very special too …your daughter will remember this in her adult dressmaking days!

  12. Laura A.

    My fondest sewing memories came from working in a fabric store during college. I learned a lot from the older ladies who worked there and I got to to make many displays.

  13. Anne Sibley

    My fondest sewing memory is when my daughter started getting interested in seeing also, and she and a friend spent each made a skirt.

  14. Cammie

    That’s such a pretty top, the fabric is gorgeous! Um, sewing my prom dresses would probably be some of my favourite sewing memories. They were the ones where I probably had the most fun planning them sourcing pretty/fancy fabrics… But then again my fondest sewing memories would probably be learning to sew with my grandma as a child… We made clothes for my Sylvanians and she would always compliment me for sewing in a straight line.

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