Watch the birdie! Biscayne blouse strikes again!

Hello again!  I seem to have taken a bit of a blog break & haven’t had time to do much writing.  Luckily there are some photos.  And pretty recent ones too.  I am managing to find some sewing time & that seems to be my release & reward when I have done some of the ‘preparation for house moving’ tasks which are quite that, ‘chores’.  I am starting early though so only have to do a little each day, but that still cuts into time I would otherwise spend blogging or sewing ….

 birdie fabric

So let’s get onto my blouse of the summer.  Usually it’s a dress but this summer I seem to have made more separates.  (If I was to pick a dress of 2015 it would definitely be the Sew Over It Vintage Shirt dress – every time I wear it, every time I iron it, I hanker for another one.  The weather is too bad to consider making another sleeveless one,  & to see if I bought enough Liberty lawn….which I am itching to.  But it might mean that I make one with sleeves in the autumn….who knows?!  )  Anyway sorry, digression over, the Biscayne Blouse by Hey June has to be my blouse of the summer.

Biscayne 1

I have made two and they both fill me with delight.  My first was a surprise joy, but enabled me to make my second out of the precious birdie fabric I bought in Truro fabrics in May.  Now I only bought 70cm of this fabric (yes, it felt expensive & I wanted to max my budget that day ;-)) & I knew I was only making a summer top out of it.  But it is wide enough for me to cut the two bodice pieces next to each other on fabric folded twice with the selvedges meeting at the centre – plus being able to get out the other pieces too.  It was tight, but I managed it.  Hurrah!

I have to say that sewing it a second time was a lot easier as I knew what to expect with the wonderfully technical details.  The placket with the hidden buttonholes:

The welt pocket of happiness

Gimme more welt pockets!  I am in love

Gimme more welt pockets! I am in love

And the all round gorgeousness of making this blouse with its blousey fit out of such awesome to work with and awesome to wear fabric.  This lawn loves the gathers at the neckline:

biscayne 3

It holds the slimline half collar beautifully

biscayne 4

I did not however have enough fabric to make self bias binding so instead found some flowers in the garden for the birds  from my Fifi summer PJs. This is used for the armhole facings.

biscayne 7

The Biscayne has to be my favorite this summer because it is so light & airy to wear & the technical details have really elevated it in my sewing memories.  It’s nice to make something just a little more complex without having to go full blown tailored jacket.  And I think getting the fabric choice right really paid dividends as well.

biscayne 8

I would make another, as I could so easily be hooked on the dual feeling of accomplishment & essential easy summer styling, however, these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago indoors as it was raining outside & it doesn’t really look as if we have much summer left to dump cardigans & run around with shorts on in wild abandon.  But let’s cross our fingers anyway shall we?

I’ll be back soon with more summery makes and more…have a very good week 🙂

11 thoughts on “Watch the birdie! Biscayne blouse strikes again!

  1. TamsinW-P

    I ***love**** this fabric Winnie. A lovely top – shame the weather has changed. I have a piece of silk that is a bit bigger than your piece,that I want to make a simple top out of but looking outside I might put it away until next summer! Good luck with your moving preparations.

  2. Amy G

    This is so lovely and I’m really impressed with your placket and welt pocket. They look incredibly professional. It’s funny how much difference the fabric makes because this one is totally up my street where as I hadn’t noticed the pattern as appealing to me particularly from your first one. I’ve just gone back and re-read that post. Now I think I will be investigating this pattern as an alternative to my beloved Colette Sorbetto. I don’t want everything to be the same after all!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh we can make lots of the same and make them all look different, – if it works well it’s a good pattern, but then it is nice to have a go at something different. I have a feeling once you make one of these you will itch to make more! Just to show off your welt pockets and placket making !!!

  3. Eliza sew little

    Beautiful! Have you seen Saturday Night Stitch blog? Might be same fabric !
    Lovely pattern. Good one to keep my eye on thanks.


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