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I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, having splurged a few months ago on some new sewing tools when WeaverDee opened for business.  But before I wrote about them I thought it was worth actually using them first to report back!  Do you like new toys for sewing too?

Needle twister

So first of all I was captivated by the needle twister because I had previously been such a lazy (but completely normal) sewist, sticking needles in my pin cushion.  What happens when you do this?  They sometimes get lost- poking right through & losing themselves in the insides.  Or you accidentally pick a needle when you really want a pin & growl with frustration as your speed has to slow & maybe something has slipped in the meantime.  AND it also meant for me that I really only kept three needles at most in the pincushion & when I needed them, it would be a challenge locating them amongst the pins.  Sound at all familiar?

Needle twister


SO this gadget made me smile, especially when I saw the video.  I have to confess i do not usually watch products on YouTube, but I wanted to understand how this worked. I treated myself to new needles as well and couldn’t wait to play with it when it arrived.

And it hasn’t disappointed.  It’s a slim little tube with a click on lid.  Wind the tube to raise the magnetic ‘home’ of the needles.  By doing this, all your needles fan out like a team of synchronised swimmers’ legs making a star in the water, but don’t fall out.  I have dropped this on the floor, with the lid off (maybe not whilst the needles have been on display) & the magnet keeps needles in the holder.  It makes selecting your needle very easy.  It also fits very nicely in one of the pockets of my sewing tidy – easy to hand.  And if you carried projects around with you it is an excellent way to transport your needles without fear of stabbing yourself accidentally or losing any.

Aqua glue

OK, what about this aqua glue marker?  I was also intrigued – as I love using Wonder Tape for setting hems on knits particularly, and also for setting zips in zip pockets.  This was a wash out glue.  how would it compare to Wonder Tape?

I tried it out first on a zip pocket in lycra and I have to say the fixing did not work.  This glue didn’t like the lycra, maybe it was because it was sports lycra & it resisted the “aqueous” part of the glue.  However, I did try it on wovens – look here, I took some photos.

Using it on the first side of the zip

Using it on the first side of the zip

I used it to set the first side of the zip (using the lapped zipper technique) in some shorts i will be sharing later on this blog.  No pins at all – it was great.

Look no pins!

Look no pins!

However, for the second side of the zip I was not convinced I would get a perfect match with the waistband seam, and so reverted to pins again.  It may have been OK, but somehow I was not confident that the glue would hold for a double thickness of folded zip lapping.

Gluing belt carriers

Gluing belt carriers

I was really impressed with how it worked for creating belt loops – gluing the folds down before sewing.  (Even if I didn’t use them in the end!)

Glue is white

And I also used it to fix the ribbons that I used instead of belt loops.  You can see here that when the glue dries it is white, no longer yellow.  It also came off really easily with water.  I shall be using this glue for some of the jobs that I do, but still have my Wonder Tape for working with knits.  (I stacked up in the sale!)

Wonder tape

This is like double sided tape, except it dissolves in the wash.  Not only is it a great way to fix hems before sewing without pins, but it is a really good way to set hems when the fabric is messing you around & you want it to behave.  I’ve used this tape on fine knits & also crochet knits where the hems want to stretch out of shape.  This tape asserts the sewist’s control once again.

OK, they are a couple of reviews I’ve made – & if you want to buy anything from WeaverDee, including any of these products, use ‘SCRUFFY’ at the checkout to get 10% off.  I have shopped a few times with WeaverDee & they turn orders around really quickly & have had awesome sales!  I stocked up on invisible zips & the wonder tape above at the last one!

Invisible zips

Now, what some other gadgets/ tools? I have not used them yet but will give them a go soon.

Collar stays- I bought these in Truro fabrics as I make a lot of men’s shirts as gifts for my boys.

collar tips

Has anyone used them?  Any top tips?  I guess you have to sew little diagonal pockets for them?

And then I also bought this pencil from WeaverDee.  Iron pattern  transfer pencil, water eraseable.

Transfer pencil

Basically it looks like it would be brilliant for embroidery and maybe applique too – Trace a design onto plain paper, then iron onto fabric. Pink pencil marks will disappear after the first wash.  Has anyone used this yet?  I am planning some embroidery, but I am not sure this will be helpful as it’s to be done on a dark fabric….I will let you know.

And finally can I share what is my idea of the ultimate comfort?

Elastic by the reel

It’s having whole reels of elastic!  I have a couple of different widths & it makes life so much simpler – not having to buy on demand….what about you?  Have you worked this one out before?  Places like WeaverDee & Minerva sell by the roll as well as by the length.  As a convenience I think it is definitely worth the outlay- & it will all get used.

Do you have any top tips for tools / shopping that make a sewists’ life that bit more relaxing & easier?  Please share!

14 thoughts on “New sewing tools

  1. Philippa

    Thank you for posting this! I clicked through to the Weaver Dee website to have a look at the Wonder tape and they have in stock Seam Tape Interfacing! I don’t know whether I should mention this a it is as rare as hen’s teeth but I love it for light but permanent support, mostly in areas of stress on knits. I have ordered two rolls (thank you so much!) and two of the Wonder tape and used the code. I am hoping the Wonder tape may reduce wavy-ness on the hems of jersey tops which I still occasionally get despite mastering both overlocker and twin needle 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oooh seam tape interfacing eh? That’s a useful tip thank you Philippa! I use clear elastic but I have seen seam tape interfacing used in some instances (but can I remember what they are?!) I’ll add it to my shopping list for next time, sounds worth a try!

  2. Alison

    What great gadgets, I am definitely getting the needle holder, glue pen and wonder tape, will check out Weaver Dee too! Thanks for all the great information!

  3. Jan Brown

    Thank you for introducing WeaverDee. I have placed an order and delighted with discount, thank you. The aqua pen and refills are just what I need. Have signed up to their newsletter too so you did a great job for them.

  4. ParisGrrl

    ooh, thanks for sharing those. The needle twister looks like a good way to keep my beloved Merchant & Mills needles separate from the riff-raff. 🙂

  5. Sara

    Thanks for the post! Placed an order yesterday for some zips, wonder tape and some silk pins I’ve been hankering for. They arrived an hour ago! Very quick dispatch, think it’s my 3rd purchase from Weaver Dee and I keep going back!

  6. Amy

    Thank you from me too; I hadn’t heard of WeaverDee until this post, what a great site! I’ve signed up to their mailing list and will be placing an order over the weekend.

    Those are great sewing tools, too; and I love the picture of all those zips!

    I’m fairly new to sewing and I have an air erasing pen, which disappears after an hour or so from being contact with air. It’s been invaluable for me to line up marks and draw cutting lines on. The glue pen looks like a great idea, I will be adding that to my stash of tools. 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hello Amy! There are some pretty cool tools aren’t there? I like the idea of an air drying pen- mine is water eraseable & often I am wearing something for the first time & realise there are turquoise dots left showing where I haven’t washed them out!!!

  7. LinB

    I still rely on the old “throw it in a basket and then hide the basket so you’ll never find it again” system of organizing my needles. This fabulous little etui seems like a much better system.


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