Mississippi Avenue top – Sew Indie Month Pattern Bundle

So folks, it’s going to be Sew Indie Month next month & there is going to be stacks going on all through September celebrating indie sewing where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials.  It’s accompanied by a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes.   And to accompany it there is a cool Sew Indie Month bundle of patterns from your fave designers – the sale has just a few more days to run – see below where I go into the deets.

So this time I was asked to take part in the promotion & whip myself up something from one of the patterns in the bundle.  It was so hard to choose, & clearly these patterns are highly desirable because I have already bought some of them!  So I decided to choose something that was totally new to me  the Mississippi Ave Dress & Top by Sew House Seven.

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I was totally taken by the images of a few Mississippis hung on the washing line, light filtering through from behind, showing the seam lines & evoking, yes, something of the deep south.  Or pics of my Great Grandma…..

Mississippi avenue top

The Mississippi Avenue dress & top is sleeveless with a v neck & not quite an empire waist that is cleverly constructed using elastic, thereby making it comfy & simple with no zips or buttons!  No facings but bias is used instead- you can cut your own from the fabric – or I used store bought.

Mississippi avenue top


I made this in just a few hours, but made it a bit more of a challenge for myself by being awkward and using a secondhand Boden linen bias cut skirt that I had bought at a car boot sale a few years ago.  Yes.  note italics.  This could have gone horribly wrong.  I had to cut all of the pieces on the bias as there were no other options for squeezing this top out of it.  And I was being stubborn.

Mississippi avenue top

The fabric was perfect – soft, light & with flowers in vintage faded hues.  Ideal summer top material.  And I could eek this skirt out to cut out all pattern pieces except for the bias facing pieces to make the arm hole & neckline bindings.  As long as I contended with each piece being 45  degrees off grain with the risk that a. it would come out bigger or b. stretch out of shape.  To combat this I cut out carefully trying not to stretch the fabric out of shape at the outset.  I also cut the pattern notches whilst the pattern pieces were still in situ, on the floor, just having been cut & before I moved them.  I then stay stitched every edge of every piece 1cm from the edge, using a long straight  stitch.  It worked a treat.  The stay stitching helps to keep the shape of the fabric true to the original pattern piece & avoid stretching out of shape, and the pattern notches are really useful to make sure I did not stretch seams in the wrong places.  I also used my walking foot when I sewed & used a light touch – not dragging the seam through at all!

Mississippi avenue top

So, as I said, I made this beauty in a few hours.  It just has a few pieces & a few seams.  The pretty gathering at the waist is created with elastic & made by an elastic casing.  This is done the same way that Bettine’s elastic casing is made- with separate pieces for the upper bodice and lower bodice – & then using another seam to enable the seam allowance to become an easy to sew casing.  But there is slightly more sophistication in the design as this casing does not quite encircle, but starts & finishes either side of a pretty shaped centre front.

Mississippi avenue top

I think this is such a pretty design with the diamond like centre front bodice.

Mississippi avenue top

It has ties to gather the shoulders.  I tried making it without – but you can see that the shoulder seams are not designed to be worn tie-free – there is extra fabric designed in.  Better tied.  You can see I took some of the other photos in this write up pre-ties too.

I can see me wearing this lots.  And I do fancy making a dress now.  It’ll not only be a quick make, but in the right fabric (light weight, a bit drapey with definite vintage florals), I know it would become a firm favorite.

Mississippi avenue top

So onto the Sew Indie Month Pattern bundle details.

The sale will run from Monday August 3rd to Wednesday August 12th, so only a couple of days left!

Remember the Perfect Pattern Parcel?  Well SIM bundle builds on the success of this and supports charity like the Perfect Pattern Parcel.

This is what is in the bundle, including the launch of  two new Patterns:

The Saltbox by Blueprints for Sewing and Sorrel Dress & Top by Seamster Sewing Patterns are brand new patterns that are being released with the bundle. During the sale you can only buy them as part of the bundle.

Links to participating Bundle 1 designers and their patterns:  OOOOhhhhh!!!  what goodies!

So remember I said that Sewing Indie Month (SIM) takes place in September and is accompanied by a sewalong contest with prizes. Well, since the patterns in the SIM Bundle 1 are mostly wovens, this sale gives you time to make muslins before the contest begins in September while supporting small women-owned businesses and raising money for charity.

This year the Sewing Indie Month HQ will be Sew Independent, which Mari from Seamster Sewing Patterns took over from Donna, who decided to step back from the site. You can buy the bundle and keep up to date with the latest SIM news on SewIndependent.com 


Pay what you want for the bundle! The more you pay, the more rewards you’ll receive. 

  • Pay $25 or more to get the Sutton Blouse, Cressida Skirt, Sugar Plum Dress, Mississippi Ave Dress & Top, and the Ultimate Trousers.
  • Pay $32 or more to get the Cookie Blouson and Bonnell Dress.
  • Pay $38 or more to get the Melissa Dress, Blouse & Skirt, the NEW Saltbox Top, and the NEW Sorrel Dress & Top.
  • The 10 people who spend the most will get printed copy shop versions of the patterns mailed to them as a free bonus.

Pop on over to the other bloggers taking part and see what they made:

Exciting!  And did you see it is called ‘Bundle 1’  which suggests there will be another one……don’t you think?

I love Sew Indie Month, I can’t wait.  There is always so much activity, new ideas, hacks & challenges.  I really appreciate the extra work all the designers put into it as it is a month of inspiration.  Really looking forward to what’s in store.  Are you?

17 thoughts on “Mississippi Avenue top – Sew Indie Month Pattern Bundle

  1. Sarah

    Hello Scruffy Badger!
    I’ve been a long-time reader of your blog, but mostly a lurker because the blog reader I use doesn’t allow me to comment. Anyway, having just returned from a trip to visit family in Portland, Oregon, the name of this pattern jumped out at me. Mississippi Avenue is a trendy little neighbourhood in North Portland, where this top or dress would fit right in.
    I was curious if the pattern company was from Portland and I think it must be given the names of the other patterns. Portland is often referred to as Bridgetown or the Rose City and Alberta Street is not too far from Mississippi Avenue. Anyway, I don’t mean to correct you in any way, just feeling out with a little home-town pride!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hi Sarah, that’s a great bit of Intel about the pattern name. I don’t feel corrected at all- I would not have wanted to guess any kind of origin of the name, and making reference to the ‘deep south’ was just how the actual dress design made me feel…..I love that you have pride in your place, it seems like a thriving wonderful part of the world……than you for sharing the link ?

  2. Fiona

    Perfect match of pattern and fabric. I have a Boden dress in the same (rather faded) print, which I picked up in a charity shop with ideas of cutting up.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Well fancy that! The fabric is so soft as well as having such gorgeous faded florals. I think Boden are quite interesting in how they use the same fabric across a few things in their range. A dress could give you more to play around with!

  3. Debbie

    I like the shape of the top, it looks very flattering on you. You are crazy in the best possible way to cut it from a bias skirt! But it works. xx

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  5. Anne

    Hi Winnie, I’m a longtime lurker of your blog, which I enjoy. Had to comment this time as… I have that skirt!! And I’ve only just hoiked it out of the wardrobe, having decided that it is really too long for my taste these days, ready to make it over into something else. I was a bit worried about the bias-ness of it, but you made a good job of your makeover so I will be brave and tackle it soon. The fabric is too pretty to waste.
    Anne in Sussex

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh Anne! That is amazing and made me smile so much! i should have taken a picture of it so that you could see the before & after, but was too much in haste. I have never worn it myself, I just fancied the fabric too, just like the reason you are keeping yours!


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