Made Up Initiative- and my pledge

Well hello again!  I am sure that you will have seen the buzz that’s going around sewing blogs caused by Karen as she launched  the Made Up Initiative last week.

In case you have missed it, returning from your hols or some such, Karen and Love Sewing Magazine have concocted a great fundraiser, where you pledge a donation and set your own challenge to make something before September 10.  It can be anything, small, big, complex, simple and not necessarily sewing related either.   There will be oodles of prizes for those who complete their challenge on or before the deadline. All the money raised goes to the National Literacy Trust.

Once again Karen has thought ‘big picture’ with regards to the online community for a cause close to her heart & probably a huge number of us too.  I take reading from granted I have to say & read voraciously.  I got huge amounts of pleasure going to the library as a child each week & finishing my pile of books so that I could go back again.  And sitting down with a brilliant book was the perfect way to entertain my boys as children, & they would be forever soaking up as many stories as we would read them.  But at work I have seen a number of projects started to spread the love of reading amongst children in our district who for various reasons have not been filled with the same love of reading.  Projects with much the same objectives as the National Literary Trust that always resonate with me.  So how brilliant to combine support for more reading & sewing!

So for my part here’s my pledge – I will be making the Ginger jeans before September 10th this year.  Yes, this is also going to be my September Minerva Network project (I have cleared it with Vicki at Minerva to spill the beans way early!) & it was the kind of thing I wanted to do for this initiative.  i could have made anything, remember, but I chose Gingers because it’ll give me an added incentive to get going!  I am really looking forward to making some not as skinny jeans as my Jamies & will make the lower rise version.  Fabric is prepped- (several pre washes), but pattern is not as yet printed out.   Oh, and I have sold my house so I have the no small task of starting to clear ready to move.  Oh, and don’t forget the marathon training too!  I’ll be busy this month then!

Will you join in?  Go on!  It doesn’t have to be a big project – it can be as small as making a tote – or even not using sewing but another craft.  You just need to make something by the deadline. And even if you don’t think you can manage anything by the deadline, you could always just make a small donation.

For all the info on the Made Up Initiative, visit  Karen’s blog post. You can also donate directly to the Just Giving page.  Wow, this could be huge!

One thought on “Made Up Initiative- and my pledge

  1. Debbie

    You sound as if you will be so busy in the next month! Moving house and marathon training??
    I hadn’t heard about this initiative so thanks for the info. I love reading and loved reading as a child too. I am looking forward to seeing your Ginger jeans. xx


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