The Buchanan dressing gown – very posh- my own slice of luxury

I mentioned before how Amy at Sylkotwist was the influence behind me buying the Buchanan dressing gown pattern by Gather.


Luxury is…a pot of tea on a Saturday morning in the garden *in a flouncy gown*

I had been mooning around wishing I had a better summer dressing gown, one that works for the majority of summer when the morning sun isn’t blazing through the windows & provides enough gentle warmth by wrapping itself around you when you need it, & floating, billowing out behind you when you don’t. Something that is not the fleecy winter dressing gown, but a bit more than my above-the-knee kimono which is pretty good for heatwaves.


Fabric though eluded me. I had a certain aesthetic in mind in terms of quality (plenty of drape essential for ‘flouncing’) but of a pattern that harked back to vintage dressing rooms. It didn’t have to be ‘vintage’ but I knew the kind of colour combination I wanted & the scale of floral. The grey floral I bought from Croftmill is lovely, but is too sheer – it is a chiffon. (Wait until you see what I made out of it instead!)


And then I found myself in the Clapham shop belonging to Sew Over It. Of course there would be something suitable here. The website shows such a fine array of rayon/ viscose that I knew I would be taking my future Buchanan home with me. I almost chose this one. But the fabric I took home is not online by the look of it. You’ll have to go into the shop! A beautiful navy floral. I needed to get a contrast for the collar, cuffs, belt & pocket top & matched a plain navy poly lining in my local fabric shop – being able to make sure it had the quality I was looking for to work well with the floral viscose.



So I cut it up pretty quickly after purchase as this is something I had an immediate need for. I added 30 cm to the length as this pattern usually hovers around the knee perhaps?


This is my first Gather pattern, and I liked the envelope for starters – it is robust & has a gusset so that your pattern pieces, never the same once you have to refold them, easily fit back in.

Hanging loop

Hanging loop

I had a feeling it would be nice to make it up & wasn’t wrong.

Lovely instructions But it was the order of the construction that I liked. You start by getting all the ‘bits ‘ ready- sewing the belt & hanging loops, prepping the pocket, sewing the cuffs onto the sleeves.


And then you make the gown, with everything ready waiting for you.


French seams

– I varied slightly by using French seams throughout as the fabric is fray-heavy- both types.

I loved the way the belt loops are caught in the side seams.


Finishing the hem of the front contrast

I also finished the hem of the front contrast collar as you would the front facing of a shirt rather than turn it up as part of the hem.


Securing the facings (front & cuffs) can be done with the machine & some nice top stitching but because my thread was not a brilliant match I hand sewed them all – it took 2.5 hours, but a great thing to keep my hands busy whilst sitting in front of a film.

The only thing I would change- is the pocket placement- my fault- the pattern comes with options for both patch pockets and side seam pockets.  Well I chose patch pockets, because of the contrast top, but only wanted one.  And even though I thought I’d got it on the right front, it turned out that it’s the left!


I love the luxury of wearing this gown though….the satin contrast feels amazing next to my neck, and the gown itself is so light & yes, it can billow (not that there was a breeze when the photos were taken).


And that bow!  How can you not look at a scrumptious satin bow & not think “posh”?

And I always store away ideas for sewing gifts & making up a Buchanan dressing gown for someone special is now also on my list.

42 thoughts on “The Buchanan dressing gown – very posh- my own slice of luxury

  1. Kat

    Gorgeous gown! Looks absolutely perfect for swanning about on summer mornings 🙂

    One of these days I’m going to get one of the Gather patterns – I love their aesthetic. (Dratted international postage costs! Oh well. One day…! 😉

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks Anne, yes, I think fabric has really done me proud with this one, although I can see this pattern being made up in something more fluffy, something warmer or even a brocade for a resemblance of a smoking jacket!!

  2. TamsinW-P

    Lovely – looks very luxurious! I need something like this – my towelling dressing gown is sooo heavy and has been sooooooo hot recently….

  3. Sophie-Lee

    Ha, I can just imagine you skulking around, desolate that you haven’t found the right fabric yet. But this one looks perfect – I had never even thought about making myself a dressing gown but now I can totally imagine sitting on our deck in one, once the weather warms up

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes, it’s coming up to your winter, so this must seem far away for you at the moment! Fabric was key for this, it had to look and behave how I was dreaming it to be, so yes, it was worth holding out for the right one, thank you!!

  4. jennifer miller

    The sheer volume of your sewing amazes me, and you do such lovely work! I can only dream…… So I’m wondering, since I just had a very bad “shifty” fabric experience and am sticking to cotton-y ones for a bit, would this pattern with something like a lightweight cotton/rayon/etc? Maybe a seersucker? And your deck looks so inviting!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hmmm. I think it would work just as well with a light weight cotton, and even a seersucker, but it won’t be as flowing and billowy. But to avoid slippery fabric nightmares you could definitely give it a go. Think about how it would feel against your skin, I would not recommend anything with too much stiffness. And thank you for admiring 🙂 x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh the fabric was s important! I knew what I wanted and I just wasn’t going to compromise…..I bet the pattern will be lovely made into a warm fluffy one for the winter too, but I don’t need one of those yet….

  5. Vicki Kate

    This looks like the perfect summer gown, for sipping tea on a lazy sunday morning or maybe a drink or two after work in the evening sunshine (if we ever get it back!). I’m really quite envious ! I hope to make the Named kimono pattern with the swishy sleeves if I ever get time to go and play with my sewing machine – I’m really enjoying being inspired (and living vicariously) through your makes though, and I’m sorry I don’t comment as often as I’d like – please know I’m reading and enjoying your posts!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Oh Vicki Kate, no need to apologise at all!! I think you might have your hands full!!!! I saw the named kimono and it looks heavenly too. I hope you do manage to reserve some sewing time for yourself and thank you for leaving me a comment this time x

  6. Mette

    What a lovely dressing gown. It’s a perfect fabricchoice for this sort of garment. I’m nearly finished making a newlook dressing gown in liberty. Not as drapy as this wonderful fabric, but I can’t wait to be able to lounge in style instead of shabby t-shirts:)

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