Me Made May 2015 #3

The last third of me made outfits. I’ve still been in recovery & off the exercise, and squeezed in a week in Cornwall – holidays! Lovely & much needed 🙂 But I packed way too much – in fact the clean unworn clothes I brought back outnumbered those that I put in the laundry! I took a photo – look!!

My unworn clothes I packed to take to Cornwall this May

My unworn clothes I packed to take to Cornwall this May

Over optimistic packing shorts, bikinis & my favorite sleeveless tops …

May 21st

A day at the office, grabbing lunch in Parade Gardens with the Empire Hotel in the background.

21 May

Simplicity 1459 dress (oh my, this dress washes like a dream – no ironing !! I have to admit that I was a bit fearful the first time I washed it, imaging all that skirt to press…..but no ironing required. Score!)

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

Then when I got home I slobbed out in …

21 May pm

Deer & Doe Plantain top

Polka dot leggings & skirt combo (yet to be blogged)

May 22nd

Working at home & feeling chilly….

22 May

So Zo Dolores batwing floral dress– now this is best when worn with a cardigan mainly due to its all over floral, it is a bit overwhelming without the solid colour to break it up. But as a cosy stylish dress, it’s a winner ….

Teal cardigan (yet to be blogged)

May 23rd

Holidays started!

23 May

Polka dot leggings

Chambray dress (yet to be blogged)

Red Oslo cardigan

May 24th

It was a damp & rainy day today & we went for a rainy walk, exploring the neighbourhood a bit, but no photos in the rain …

May 24

So Zo Dolores top- Dr Jacobi style

Sew Over It denim trousers

Teal cardigan

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

May 25th

Today’s walk to the beach …

May 26

Maria Denmark white Edith blouse

Sew U – Red cigarette pants

BHL Victoria knit blazer

May 26th

Sneaking in another read at the beach …

May 27

Built by Wendy dresses – Brighton Pavilions dress (yes! That means it was summer that day!)

Red Seamwork Oslo cardigan- to be blogged

But in the evening snuggled up with my

27 May pm

Drafting top

Floral ¾ Hudson pants

May 27th

Started with Floral Hudsons, Red Oslo and Drafting top as the evening before

changed into

May 28

Black Maria Denmark Day to Night drape top

Megan Nielson Tania Culottes

Red Oslo cardigan

May 29th

Shopping! Rain! Truro fabrics 🙂

May 29

SoZo Dolores batwing top (this one is actually made by Zoe herself & was a gift. I think it counts for MMM?)

Teal cardigan

Tilly & the Buttons denim Arielle skirt

Sewaholic Robson Trench coat

May 30th

The perfect holiday dress – super comfy to spend 4 hours in the car driving home

May 30

Kitschy Koo Comino Cap dress

Red Oslo Cardigan

May 31st

I managed to go for a run today – I felt that I had enough recovery time & my friends were running around the country lanes, even though it was raining….

May 31 running

Nothing but Flowers Megan Nielson Virginia leggings

Maria Denmark Olivia tshirt (not blogged specifically)

Then changed into

May 31

Jamie jeans

Liberty Lawn Simplicity 2614 top

Muse Jenna cardigan in grey

Suede jacket- Kwik Sew 3334

And on a related note, here is a shot of my me made Pjs- summer versions. I have been refashioning those cotton finishers’ tshirts that I have got after half marathons using SoZo’s vest pattern. They are so much more wearable now.

so zo vests

I have also an array of Pjs – full length, but recently whipped up a couple of pairs of shorts using T&B Love at First Stitch Margot pattern – but shortening them. Using my four thread overlocker stitch I can whip these up in less than an hour from cutting out to sewing a button on to identify the front.  Sorry no photo here!

So my thoughts about Me Made May? I do really only tend to wear my self made clothes every day, including pants (most days & of varying quality!)  & slips, so the challenge is always taking the photos for me.  Having good solid jackets & cardigans make all the difference to completing a me made outfit & I loved my Suede jacket & my new as yet unblogged red & teal cardigans.

I was disappointed to be so off form that I couldn’t play around with my running clothes – that would have been more interesting!  But in effect I had 3 weeks off running which was a shame.

In terms of the photos, I didn’t get out & about as much as I thought I would, so whether I hit my target of 5 photos off-site is doubtful. Why I would think I could get 5 shots in out of 7 beats me – I don’t work in the town as much as I used to, I think I was a bit rash…but the selfie stick was a fun toy to play with & I expect to use it more now. I love that it looks like I am doing something other than posing for a photo as I have to use two hands – makes me see how I would look water skiing …..

Have you enjoyed celebrating your me mades in May?

18 thoughts on “Me Made May 2015 #3

  1. AlisonB

    Regarding pj bottoms – I’ve cut my production time even further by foregoing the front button / bow and instead stitching a little doubled-over loop of ribbon into the centre back of the waistband seam as I stitch it. Works a treat! Think it was a tip from MadeByRae for making baby leggings that Dad could put on the right way round……

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Great tip, yes, that is a simple idea. It’s an addition of 5 minutes for the button / bow which is a bit more frivolous. I’ll def try to remember the neat marker in the waistband sewing though for men pjs!

  2. Jo Three Stories High

    Hi You did really well. My final week of MMM was on holiday too, go and take a look. I totally agree with you on the cardigans and jackets thing. I came back scouring Minerva for Navy to make a summer weight jacket thingy. Jo x

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      If I didn’t work, I would have started loads of projects after me made may, with all the inspiration and also lessons learnt about which things work so well in my me made wardrobe! It’s so hard having lots of ideas and not being able to do much about them!!

  3. Debbie

    Lovely outfits once again…you look like you’ve got the knack of the selfie stick now. Your jackets and cardigans work so well. Xx

  4. Jennifer Hill

    Mm, so many lovely makes! And a couple are new patterns to me, I’ll look them up, thank you : ) Glad you had a lovely break – I do love Cornwall! Jen

  5. Alison

    Good effort with all the lovely photos – I think that’s the hardest part sometimes! Can I ask where you got the fabric for your Oslo? I’d love to make one but have never found anything that seems right for it.

  6. Berte

    Inspiring! After I discovered you a little while ago (on the Minerva blogging network, iirc) I have been having fun reading through your back log. And goodness me, it is massive! In a very good way. Up to feb ’13 now… It’s such great fun to follow your journey towards a personal, fitting self made wardrobe. And so inspiring. I’ve mostly been sewing for my kids and various stuff, but not much clothes for myself – but what I have I love. And seeing all that you make, how you work through different issues, is giving me a much needed nudge. It has now spurred a gadget shopping frenzy, different feet will come my way soon. Like a foot for invisible zippers. Looking forward to that! There is, after all, a sizeable pile of fabrics to attack. And if I shrink after making something, I will just have to use that as an excuse to make more. Thank you for sharing all you make!

  7. Ann Watts

    what a great wardrobe! I think you must own more clothes than me!!!!( mine are mostly bought though as I have only just restarted sewing) love your blog…in fact I just love all the blogs. None of this on line stuff existed when I used to sew, so it’s really great to see all the tips, reviews etc , discover new patterns ( x years ago there was no such thing as Indie patterns) and be inspired by other people’s makes. Might even start a blog myself!!!!, one thing I am really envious of….I keep seeing references to sewing meet ups in USA, and lately Milan. Does this ever happen in the UK I???
    And glad to see you didn’t waste the rainy day – fabric shopping opportunity!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Hello Ann! Good to hear from you & yes, the world of sewing certainly has developed since the days I was sewing too. There really is a fantastic community with access to so many resources, advice and yes, friendships. There are sewing meet ups that take place in UK. The larger ones have tended to centre on London, but there have been a few in Birmingham too, Scotland gets a gathering going every now & then! And I am sure there are those I have not been aware of. if you are reading blogs you are likely to see if anything is being organised – word of mouth travels!!

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