Tropical jungle explosion- scuba circle skirt!

I have already shown you this skirt… hanging on rather a run of the mill wooden coat hanger against a rather mundane white door.  But this, I think, is not a mundane skirt.  Absolutely not.

This wild scuba fabric  was a surprise gift from Josie at Fabric Godmother – she picked out something that she thought I would like.  Such great gift-picking- it is totally me!  It’s positively bursting with vibrant colours, lush tropical flowers with a very cheeky blend of leopard skin thown in!  I know of quite a few people who would be drawn to this fabric hahaha!

scuba circle skirt 1

So, this is scuba, and to be honest I had been a bit unsure of scuba.  What to use it for?  I did not really think I was a bodycon dress wearer.  Marie at A Stitching Odyssey made a scuba skater dress (in fabric that looks very similar too!)  But as it was coming into Spring, did I really want to make a dress out of something so “polyestery”?  And that’s where my imagination stopped.  Until that is I saw a post on the Fabric Godmother’s blog where she used black scuba to make a Hollyburn skirt.  That really opened my eyes – you mean scuba can be used for skirts….with pockets?  (I am wary of assuming  knits can handle pockets – side seam pockets & even the front pockets as on a Hollyburn- because I think you need a knit with some kind of a structure for the latter & am still uncertain about side seam pockets per se for most knits ….but that’s probably my own experience & not having cracked it yet).

scuba circle skirt 2

OK, sorry, back to scuba and skirts.  I googled ‘scuba skirt’ & then narrowed in on either a scuba circle skirt or a scuba skater skirts.  It became clear to me that I had enough fabric to make a circle skirt & that the scuba would give it structure, yet its weight should allow it to hang pretty well but with a sleek waist.  No more prevaricating.  The whole decision process possibly took longer than the making once I had decided.

scuba circle skirt 3

I used the Cake Pavlova skirt as I had previously made it in jersey (& linen here) & the jersey skirt has had a lot of wear & it is one of my faves.  It has two seams & a waistband.  The waistband is elasticated for the knit version.  I omitted the pocket this time as I thought it would mess up the already wild print  & would take extra time!  This skirt, people, took next to no time to make!  But this is just a circle skirt, people.  In a knit, perhaps one of the easiest skirts to make- seriously.  No fastenings.  Sew with a stretch stitch/ narrow zig zag or an overlocker & you’re away.


And guess what else saves time?  Following Josie’s example I have left the hem unsewn & unfinished.  [Gasp]  I let the skirt hang a few days before measuring up from the floor ….& I just cut the hem at the length I wanted.  It feels kind of naughty!

scuba circle skirt 4

Now wearing this skirt is like a breath of fresh air.  It really does hang beautifully & being a circle skirt is not too bulky around the waist.  I hate to say it but the elastic waist is also very comfortable (OMG I must be getting old!!!!! )  I would love to be wearing it as I am modelling it, wedges & bare legs- but I’ve had to layer up & stick leggings underneath it to stop the May chills.  In my view though this is one of those pieces that glams up causal wear! (even with leggings on!)  And being a circle skirt it is so much fun moving around in it, letting the wind catch it (encouraging the wind to catch it too!), swooping down the stairs.  Heaps of pleasure for those of us easily pleased 🙂

Now I understand if this fabric isn’t quite to your everyday wear, but there are quite a few scuba fabrics at Fabric Godmother – some more prints as well as some gorgeous solid colours with embossed details in them (so not “plain” at all but very practical !).

I am no longer fearful of scuba!  Hurrah!  I get it!

16 thoughts on “Tropical jungle explosion- scuba circle skirt!

  1. Meg

    It turned out beautifully! I have yet to sew with scuba fabric, but your delightful skirt is definitely inspiring me to go that direction!

  2. Kbenco

    It looks so delightfully summery, and chosing a circle skirt gets rid of all the issues with bouciness in seams or darts.
    I agree with you about seams in knits!

  3. MrsC (Maryanne

    Wowzers, it is gorgeous! Like yourself! and I love it with that soft coloured top too. As for the hem, if you did decide to finish it at some stage, the roll hem on your overlocker would do a lovely job of it. Actually I never use the true roll hem on mine, I don’t like it, I jsu use a very narrow, quite close together stitch length setting and I love that.
    I hope the weather improves a bit – it woulds like we are sharing a May, but as it is autumn here it makes a lot more sense 🙂

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Nice tip on the rolled hem and its alternative. I think I’ll remember that as I am soooo lazy and doing a rolled hem on my over locker involves removing a needle and that in itself is enough to make me think twice!!! Although it is always worth it as it’s a lovely finish. But the idea of a cheating rolled hem really appeals!!!! Thank you ?

  4. Marie

    Oh Winnie, our fabrics are so similar…we’re so super cool :o) I love your inspired circle skirt, the weight of the scuba is perfect for it…yet it would have never crossed my mind!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think there’s a lot to get to know about scuba! It was funny with this fabric, because I saw it and thought immediately of you without remembering at all the fabric that you made your scuba skater dress out of!! Funny ☺️

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  7. Amy

    Oooh Josie nailed your taste so well! Love the circle skirt. I just made an embossed scuba dress with a circle skirt and it just hangs so so nicely doesn’t it! Are you off to buy all the scuba now?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      It’s a great skirt isn’t it?! Thanks Amy. Well, I have a much better informed position on scuba now, having made it. I know what it can do & that’s what you need. And scuba can be really interesting, can’t it? Like you say, it can be embossed – nice!


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