Emerging from a very tired place with some sneak peeks

Hello all!  I think this is the longest break I have ever taken since I started my blog.  I have just been near exhaustion what with post marathon recovery & an exceptionally busy time at work that clearly had to be the priority for my energies.  But I am not one to harp on about things like that, but in case you were wondering about the silence….it is surprising how my creative energies get zapped & writing & social media is more vulnerable than sewing as I have managed to sew a few things before & after the marathon.

I have not taken photos / modelling shots of many of these though, so I thought, for a change I would give you a preview of what’s to come.  Hanger shots ahoy!

I have made skirts.


This is using some John Kaldor fabric from Sewbox – Susan kindly gave me a remnant – not enough to sell she said, but my beady eyes had clocked it previously as being something with potential. There is no more left unfortunately, but some other John Kaldor fabrics here.  It’s a brushed cotton- possibly not enough for a waistband I thought so I ordered some extra wide elastic….


Then there is this, a straight hemmed version of the Meringue skirt from the Colette Patterns Handbook using this fabric I bought from the Village Haberdashery which was in the sale earlier in the year, that has sadly sold out now.


But this one packs a punch!  This is a circle skirt using the pavlova pattern and some wild (& I mean rrrroooarr !) scuba from the Fabric Godmother.  What a treat!

I’ve made leggings, and a couple of tops, including a stripey v neck Aberdeen from Seamwork (being worn now, so not even a sneaky peek of that one today!)

dot leggings

Leggings for day wear in grey polka dots, from Tissu Fabrics


red ponte Manila  leggings by Seamwork and


leggings for running in this fabulous flashy pink/purple snakeskin also from Fabric Godmother – it has gold highlights!


And rather a fun dress for a Mexican themed party- using this Alexander Henry fabric from Fancy Moon, but you will have to wait for more pattern details!

I’ve also made some pants using the new pattern from Kitschy Koo- the Barrie boy cut briefs!  But they are ALWAYS either in the wash or being worn & therefore are very elusive to photograph….a sign of success….

Now most of these, with the exception of the dress, were simple quick makes- just what I needed when feeling less than full battery powered.  The dress I made over several installments, as some of it was tricky & I’d get too tired to follow it through in one go.   It was good that I knew when to stop!

So I shall get photographing to show them all in 3D & as part of an outfit so that I can tell their individual stories, you know, like I usually do….

I have stacks (well more than 14) photos for Me Made May.  I’ll have to split them as that’s far too much for one blog post!  You see I have a lot of catching up to do ……so now I have made a start & got back on the blogging horse, keep watching, more to come.  And a big big thank you to everyone who was so kind about my marathon in the last post …. mwah xx

11 thoughts on “Emerging from a very tired place with some sneak peeks

  1. Mandykatt

    Wow! You’ve done a lot for not feeling very energetic! Those all look like nice, comfortable summer pieces. Can’t wait to see the modeled shots.

  2. del

    Hey! Welcome back to blogdom! Glanced at your place last night, and thought, ‘she’s still recovering – don’t blame her.’
    Boy-howdy, have you come back roaring!
    Love that you’re using vibrant fabrics for summer, and eagerly await more to come.

  3. sewlittletime

    Glad to see you back winnie
    You have been busy! Just wanted to let you know that on my android phone if I accidentally click on one of your pics I am getting a lot of dodgy advertising popups and redirects to the play store. Don’t know if you have a bug wherever you host your pics but thought I would let you know!

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