Arctic Hudson Pants

Oh my, I cannot believe that it’s been over a week since I last posted anything on my blog.  You know that means that I’ve had serious stuff taking me away from fun.  And it’s true.  I always knew November was going to spawn a monster (to quote the Moz – who, incidentally I shall be seeing later this week- oh yeah!!  For a few hours on Saturday I shall be a head over heels obsessive) And yes, the monster was just a heavy work month which impacted my energy levels & time to be creative, but is now behind me.  Go monster, back to where you belong, a hostage to kindness and all that.  So let’s have it.  Let’s get this show back on the road.  And what better make to showcase than my successful winter version of the Hudson Pants.

Hudson Pants

You see I’m feeling a bit lazy (& tired, or should that be tired & as a result lazy? ) at the moment, and seem to be grabbing the same clothes to wear at home. And as I am working from home more these days, that also means that my sartorial elegance during the week has taken a nose dive, but still rather a handmade nose dive & one that could be argued still has elements of style & colour for all that I am favouring my Jamie jeans and “joggers”.

Hudson pants

It’s these new “joggers” that I am going to share here , since I made them aaages ago. Of course they are going to be more stylish than your usual sweat pants as they are the Hudson pants, neat design, tapered legs with a cuff & cute front pockets – all crying out for use of contrast to perk them up. So I started with some extremely warm fluffy fleece backed sweatshirting from UKfabricsonline (very reasonable price) & wanted to try out some of the ribbing at Plush Addict, as I had never used it & had seen people put it around neckbands & was rather curious.

Hudson pants

(And there are sooo many colours to choose from folks!)

Hudson cuffs

So grey sweatshirting already bought, I opted for the turquoise ribbing. Of course. When it arrived I was immediately captivated by how soft it is, but that’s by the by.  And when you’re using it for cuffs & waistbands, a little goes a long way, so I think I ordered a metre of this lovely stuff & have plentiful supplies now for other neckbands & waistbands, cuffs, the lot!

Hudson Pants

So having made the Hudsons before in floral jersey, (which were also my go-to come home from work change of clothing) I felt optimistic about making a longer length version.   Due to limited stretch with the jersey I was careful to sew smaller seam allowances, wondering if I should have gone up a size (which I didn’t & it was all fine).  Foolishly I managed to sew the pockets wrong (too cocky by half) & had to unpick & watch my notches. But that was all that emerged as an issue …until I got to the waistband. You might think it looks a bit uneven & dare I say lumpy & shoddy? Well, my overlocker really didn’t like dealing with the many layers of thick fleecy fabric – sewing the waistband ribbing onto three layers of sweatshirting at parts of the pockets was not its idea of fun, & it told me so in its deeds.

Hudson pantsIt really did not like sewing through all that.  It was not pretty.  And is still not particularly pretty.

I almost looked into changing the blade, but that would have been extreme serger maintenance, although possibly it’s time by now. It has seen many thousands of serger miles. Any advice on serger / overlocker blade sharpening?

Hudson PantsAs for these Hudsons, gee whiz, but they are cosy & comfy. I don’t feel as if they are particularly flattering, but who cares. They wrap themselves around my legs & I feel fully blanketed up. This is thick sweatshirting & it feels as if I am wearing tights plus trousers, that’s how warm my legs are, when snuggled in these narrow legged trousers. I love the turquoise details, even though I can’t bring myself to look too closely at the waistband. I think turquoise lifts what would otherwise be too boring a pair of sweats, I mean grey deserves to have some fun, doesn’t it?

So, how many pairs of these do I need if I am relying on them to see me through my autumn/ winter evenings, that is the question!

And, any thoughts on overlocker/ serger blades, please let me know! Thank you….

24 thoughts on “Arctic Hudson Pants

  1. Lynn

    Cute pants! Change the blade on your server, just go ahead and do it! I changed mine and it was super simple, involved 2 screws and the position of the blades could not be fouled up. You will be glad you did.

  2. Wendy

    Love the contrast of turquoise and grey! I have just had my serger serviced ( it was playing up ) and the guy sharpened the blades for me. I thought I did quite a good job of keeping my serger clean etc but he said when he opened it up it was crammed with fluff under the covers! So maybe worth having a service and a sharpen.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      That’s a good tip Wendy, thank you. I had it serviced last year….can I make it last a bit longer? But I do think I have seen a spare blade somewhere…..that at least can’t wait I think.

  3. R

    For joggers they look pretty stylish!

    Thanks for the fabric tips. I was wondering where to get sweatshirt fabric, I didn’t think of looking under “brushed jersey”. The ribbing looks ace too.

  4. TamsinW-P

    Very snazzy! I love the turquoise contrast. I have this pattern but think having seen lots of versions now, that I would make the rise a bit higher. A current pet hat is when waistband and hem don’t meet and I end up getting litte icy drafts!

  5. Louisa

    Also if it won’t cut through the lumpy seams easily, you can trim those areas by hand with scissors before serging. Sometimes we just ask too much of our poor sergers!

  6. Stevie

    Love the contrast Winnie! I’m also currently sporting my brushed jersey hudsons in a glittery grey with neon tie.
    I pretty much live in the damn things and I love the ribbing on yours! Must try that after my crazy patterned pair!

  7. Lysy

    They look so warm and snug! Love the contrast fabric! I have that pattern and you have inspired me to go and get some fabric 🙂 I agree with Lynn about the overlocker blades – mine went dull and were chewing everything up. I ordered a new one, just had to unscrew two screws, and the improvement was amazing!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thank you Lysy! I will make the effort as it’s not even tough thick fabric that my overlocker dislikes these days, and I have given it quite a lot of work over the years ….yes- go get some fabric for some stylish lounging!!

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