Dolores Top Dr Jacobi style

When I wrote about my first forays into making the Dolores top & dress I think I exuberantly shared the fabric that I had in mind for making my autumn Dolores top – one with long sleeves.  The fabric in question was this wild fantasmagorical tropical viscose jersey , or large vibrant floral, as it is described online.  I had just bought it & received it as I wrote that last Dolores post, & was overcome with spontaneity to get on & make it for wearing now.

Dolores top This has to be one of the brightest autumn/ winter tops I have made for a long time.  It rocks the tropics!  Which is why I have dedicated it to Dr Jacobi, he who transformed his Twin Peaks Hospital consulting room into a Waikiki  paradise.  And Twin Peaks has been on my mind recently (not that it ever left my heart) with the news that a new series is going to be on air in 2016.


YouTube Preview Image

Having been huge devotees of the series from its original screening, such that Tuesday nights were never the same once season two came to its unnerving end, we are beyond ourselves with excitement.  It is so good on so many levels (many of which I have yet to understand – part of its brilliance), & I love that we watched it when my children were babies & now they have both become huge fans, watching it with us, as we re-watch the series on DVD.  {Happy sigh}

So onto Dolores.  What a stellar top.  But you know that anyway.

Dolores top Its shape makes me want to show off my batwings!

You know I’ve said before what a speedy simple make it is.  And I was thinking that this really is a great beginner’s pattern if you ever wanted to start sewing with a simple knit pattern.


Dolores top

I can remember neck bands causing me so much trouble when I first tried making t-shirts – getting the right amount of stretch.  Whether to sew it on after both shoulders are sewn in a loop, or close one shoulder, then add neck binding, then close the other shoulder. The Dolores neck band is applied to the front and the back separately before either shoulder is sewn- it makes it simple to sew.  The sleeves are sewn flat, with the option to pleat or gather the sleeve head to fit.  (I always pleat because gathering would involve another step & you know I am generally as lazy as I can get away with being).

Dolores top

See this is what it looks like in normal wear, when I resist the urge to fly … another great feature with patterned fabric is that this top has no discernible front & back.  Today the front looks like this.  Another day I could swap & have this as the front….

Dolores top

So the fabric is lovely.  It’s said to be a viscose 4% spandex jersey & feels nice & warm – it’s got a reasonable drape but would not be suitable for leggings I don’t think.  Not enough stretch.  PJs though?  They would be groovy, & cosy, wouldn’t they?  I chose it because I am a sucker for large bold bright prints that remind me of the type of environment in which a hummingbird would be at home.  Plus it’s got a teal/ turquoise background- that is so much  *my* colour.

Dolores top

And this is how I wore it on a semi mufti day to work.  It does also look exceedingly good with another pair of Ultimates I have yet to show you…..coming soon!

So it’s the weekend- at last.  I hope you all have great weekends planned.  I have barely sewed all week, & not last weekend either, so I am really looking forward to getting back on it.  And catching up with blog reading too.  It has just been a crazy few weeks.

Feel free to share your Twin Peaks exultations in the comments too!!

Happy sewing & making 🙂


13 thoughts on “Dolores Top Dr Jacobi style

  1. Caroline

    We absolutely loved Twin Peaks in our house too (was it the late 80’s /early 90’s?). My Mum, Dad and brother all gathered around to watch it together and sat for ages discussing what the flipping heck was going on. I do remember being scared witless by Bob!
    Great Dolores top too!!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes, early 90s, and it completely reinvented the ‘whodunnit’ genre. I can remember semi outrage by some when you are no clearer at the end of series one! Bob was terrifying, wasn’t here?!

  2. maeve

    Winnie, I was an impressionable teenager when Twin Peaks came out. It left a big empty hole in my psyche when it finished. I have series 1 on Dvd and am going to treat myself to S2 soon. I cannot wait for the new series. Your top is awesome by the way. Dr. JACOB I I WOULD BE PRO I’D.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Thanks maeve!! We were the same. What would life be without Twin peaks on a Tuesday night. There were a few things that came after in imitation and of course it’s inspired some other weird and wonderful entertainment, but it broke the mould didn’t it, and was a pioneer. But on a personal level that kind of experience only happens once and everything else gets compared to it.

  3. Zoe

    Oh Winnie, this is the very definition of EPIC!!!! What a perfect combo of fabric and pattern. Twin Peaks has a massive place in my heart too. We watched both series through the end of my pregnancy and beginning of Dolores’s life! I wonder if she would have weird flashbacks if we played her the theme tune now?!
    Lots of love

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I just have to hear the theme tune and I melt! I’d guess dolores would have picked up some great vibes from the music- that too is one of my fave soundtracks ever. So glad you think I’ve got a hit here with your awesome pattern. I’m wearing it weekly – it’s so versatile for work and not work

  4. Barb

    A) what an amazing top, I really want one!

    B) Surely you don’t rate Twin Peaks over Miami Vice?? Come on, I remember how much you loved Don Johnson and his sexy pushed up jacket sleeves 🙂

  5. Ginger

    CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE TWIN PEAKS! I’m rewatching them all for the third time because I got so excited after the announcement! I’m not even ashamed to talk about how much of a crush I had on Agent Cooper when I first saw the show (although now I’m pretty sure Sheriff Truman is cuter). SO GOOD.

    I love that you channeled Dr. Jacobi! Do you have a coconut to hide all your secrets in?


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