We sweat and we sew! And that makes us easier to spot in races!

So Melissa at Fehr Trade launched the Spring Race challenge.  This is for all of us who make workout gear (or who want to make workout gear) to nominate a specific event/ race to actually put our handmade workout gear to the test (not necessarily Fehr Trade patterns – whatever you use).  I whooped with glee.  Great idea!!  For so many reasons that may become apparent as you read on.

Spring Race Challenge
I didn’t have as many races planned this year, but I did have the Bupa Great Manchester 10k booked up & as it also takes place in May (Me Made May) it was a collision of the fates.

Manchester 10k

I do have a slight problem however with my me made workout gear.  The problem being that none of it (or hardly any of it) has been designed/ styled/ coordinated as an outfit.  I have jumped from one fun make to the next fun make with very little that coordinates, let alone that is in the same colour palette.

My me made workoutsAs evidenced above.  When trying to pull together total me made outfits I am limited, or else I venture out in even more un-Nike-like looks than normal (not that that is a problem mind you).  I seem to have a few red-based bottom halves and orange/ pink/ neon tops.   Magenta & red anyone?  (See Me Made week 2, May 9th for proof).

I have rectified this to a small degree as I wanted to make more MD  Olivia oversized tees & have made yet another in white now (colour choice informed by the analysis above!)  I also had been stifling the urge to make a pair of Duathlon shorts that were not quite booty length, but were mini shorts – nearer boy shorts.  And come the week before the race, was sure enough of the weather that it was time to crack that urge right open.

Manchester 10k 2014

I made a pair of Duathlon shorts out of some grey supplex & some scraps of blue left over from my MD Olivia 3/4 length top.  I unscientifically cut the length in between booty length & biker length & then finalised the hem when I tried them on.  They’ve ended up with a 6″ inside leg.

Mini duathlons

The way it turned out I have got a small triangle at the bottom side edge – this would look cute as a contrast!

Mini duathlons

The pockets are fully functional whatever length you make these babies up in.  I used mine for keeping my iphone stashed & didn’t need the safety pin I’d brought as extra security to pin the opening closed – this pocket is so snug around your iphone that it’s definitely not going anywhere!

The race was great.  I do love Bupa Great Runs – incredible organisation & a great atmosphere in the starting area.

Manchester 10k OK, downside is the cost – they are expensive, but you get an awesome medal (as above), a nice quality cotton tee as well as a well stocked goodie bag – if you are interested in what’s left over from the run itself (apart from your pride 😉 ).  I love the route though – being a huge adorer of Manchester city centre, the route then goes out past Old Trafford and over to the Imperial War Museum on the return.   Most of it is on dual carriageway so generally enough space- but with 40k runners you can expect some clogging at narrower parts especially near the beginning.  And then you return back into Deansgate for the finish.

Manchester 10k 2014 Great bands were playing (I was cheered by live cover versions of my latest two top running tracks – Pharrel Williams – “Happy” & Daft Punk  – “Get Lucky-”  awesome!) and then of course there is a Manchester music theme that pervades with Stone Roses, “This is the One” for example, being pumped out before the start.

Guys it was too hot for me though- even with the in-race “shower” that I keenly looked forward to at about 7km.  I am a terrible runner in hot temps & I have not yet acclimatised to running in heat – 20 degrees was scorchio!  I did not get a PB, but hey, never mind.  I was not expecting to get one this time.  But I did enjoy wearing my Fehr Trade XYT top in leopard print & my new Fehr Trade Duathlons.  Oh yes, & the eagle eyed among you will also notice obligatory running bows & my me made hairband.  But here’s something else.  I was soooo hot that I would have actually been better wearing my booty shorts – that’s how much I heated up.  Get that!

Thanks Melissa for hosting such a great challenge (& clearly for designing such fabulous workout patterns!!)  So folks, if you are running in a race this Spring (Northern) or Fall (Southern) I’d recommend making your own kit – then your superfans & groupies have a much better chance of spotting you amongst the obligatory Nike-wearing running crowds!  Because I tell you, hearing your loved ones hollering out when you feel like crumbling, is just the tonic for an extra spurt of adrenaline.

And now Karen at Didyoumakethat has launched the Sporty Summer Sewathon & I just know what I will be making for that! And it’s going to be cheeky [wink wink!]

15 thoughts on “We sweat and we sew! And that makes us easier to spot in races!

  1. Debbie

    Oh wow, Winnie – I am so impressed with yo ur running!! The duathalon shorts look fab, love the grey and contrast stripe.

    And leopard print top? So great. I am still giggling at the technicolour marvel of the srcuffyB running gear collective viewed en masse!

  2. Kbenco

    Awesome running gear. The leopard print top particularly cool.in appearance. Its a pity about the heat, I admit that I had wondered how you were able to use such a variety of fabrics for your running clothes – I had not sufficiently considered that for you 20* is really really hot. I cannot imagine running with 40K people – that would make it even hotter!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Yes 20* is really hot, particularly as we have been running in evenings where the temperature, even if sunny, was a lot (I mean 13*) lower. I am experimenting with which fabrics (unwicking) I can get away with for what. It’s an interesting experiment. The leopard print is not at all technical, although the shorts are.

  3. Noelle

    Well done! It’s winter here right now and too dark in the mornings to run, but you make me want to just do it! I’m totally envious of all your me-made running apparel, and I love that none of the colours ‘go together’. Just go for it and wear burgundy with orange!

  4. Geo P

    I love love love that top! I haven’t made one yet, but I do plan on shamelessly copying it 😀
    Before my Spring Race Run I had the opposite problem – I only had coordinated outfits, not as many as yours though, and they didn’t quite go with each other. So I made a new one in a red palette, but using different fabrics for the accents.

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      I think the next step is to apply a colour palette to my workout fabric buying – but it’s harder as I see it as the place to go wild with colour & pattern! Which is why I am where I am!! And please go ahead & copy the leopard top – maybe you’ll get more speed ?!

  5. Louise

    You look FABULOUS Winnie 🙂 I love what you’ve done with the Dualthon’s. I’ve been thinking about doing the same. I love my Booty shorts but I can’t help thinking I’d feel more comfortable with something a little longer!

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