By Hand Victoria Blazer – {gasp} unlined and made in a knit!

This was a desperation make. I had recognised the inadequacy of my me made cardigan portfolio and had a bit of a do to go to. I really did not want to compromise my me made may pledge, yet I was going to be wearing my Happy Ever After dress to Tilly’s book launch and wanted to look decent, not like I’d raided the dressing up box.

Victoria Blazer

The night before I applied myself to whip up a jacket. After cogitating upon the options over my tea, my decision was made: another Victoria blazer in some navy blue Morgan crepe I’d bought from Minerva Crafts for my Coco stash when Coco was released. I’d made the Victoria blazer out of morgan crepe before, and whilst the faux fur collar is awesome, it limits its usefulness (hey, guess what?  I’ve never worn it to work!). It is however pretty cool in a knit, even though the knit doesn’t behave itself as well as a woven would when it comes to wearing – the collar doesn’t like sitting flat. Anyway, This navy blazer was going to be uber plain, no frills or whistles. And it had to be made in a single night. The heat was on!

victoria blazer

Good job then I’d chosen the Victoria. I’d remembered that it’s a very straightforward make and I was even going to make this without any form of lining, relying on most of the seams being overlocked to neaten seams as if it were a cardigan.

victoria blazer

There is just one seam that I didn’t overlock and that was the neck seam from each front dart around the back of the neck to the other front dart.   But being a knit, I don’t think it matters.  Apart from that I overlocked.

victoria blazer (4)And I made it in a night. That even included unpicking some ill advised edge stitching that I’d made to the neck edge in the hope that it would help the collar to stay in the right place. Word of warning- in a knit this just results in a highly fluted and stretched out of shape neckline.

Victoria blazer - dont do this

Not nice. I did however use a straight stitch for the hem- that worked out ok. When I got to the end of the instructions I read my notes that reminded me last time I’d shortened this jacket. I’d forgotten that, and now have a longer line jacket than I’d perhaps planned, but that’s ok, it is like a cardigan.

And the Morgan Crepe is a perfect weight & such good value for this kind of jacket.  Be warned though, in this knit & my other version, the collar does not sit well on its own, hence the use of brooches to make it behave.

And I wore it the next day.
With my Happy Ever After dress. And lots more times since, as you will see in my Me Made May round ups.  Hoorah!

14 thoughts on “By Hand Victoria Blazer – {gasp} unlined and made in a knit!

  1. Sweetpeagreen

    This may be an obvious newbie question, and untechnical, but if the line of the collar had been followed in an unbroken line, rather than having ‘vents’ would it have laid better, or would it have meant the whole of the collar then didn’t lay properly?

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Ahh, no it’s not a silly question at all. What doesn’t work so well for this jacket in a knit is the fold back and hold of the collar. It lays down fine, but flops around and is not crisp enough to stay in place in its own. I’m sure with a woven, you press, interface etc and it stays put.

      1. oonaballoona

        i love seeing this in a knit! sweetpea, if the knit is stable enough, you could do away with the lapels, the darted “under”collar also makes a really nice shape on its own!

        and now i must haz one in knit.

  2. katie

    That’s a great basic piece. I made a Victoria in ponte back when I didn’t know what I was doing, and it got consigned to the recycling bin. I need to make another some day, thanks for the reminder! And one night, that is impressive!

    1. scruffybadgertime Post author

      Well, if this has got your ideas flowing, I have you to thank for the Julia cardigan – another brilliant basic- just need to get around to blogging it. And one night is do-able, but I certainly felt on a mission!

  3. Ginger

    This is so cute! I’ve been meaning to make a knit version of this for ages (and even have some leftover leopard ponte designated for it!) but couldn’t quite work out how to deal with the lapels and whatnot with a knit. This looks great!

  4. Eliza-sew-little

    I love it. I’m needing some more cardis so can’t decide between this or Julia or modifying a built by Wendy jacket. I like the straight line down the front of this one and everyone else has said how easy it goes together.
    I’m enjoying seeing your May outfits. I’ve been scuppered by new dress code at work so am onto repeats.

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