PB Jam Leggings (capri length) with a hint of cheetah

I’ve been promising you these for a while now, haven’t I?  The PB Jam Leggings by Fehr Trade.  I was lucky enough to be involved as a tester & have been timing this blog post to fall outside the initial flurry of excitement when the pattern was released in case any of you have forgotten to go & get it !  You see they are an awesome design & I love them!

pb jam leggings(OK, so next door have a patio with a lovely large table …..)

My first pair are not worth showing due to poor fabric choice on my part (I chose fabric that was far too flimsy for being worn as running leggings.  Maybe as an extra layer in normal use under a skirt, but not for wearing outdoors with nothing to protect others’ eyes against my really visible panty line ! Classy!  )  This pair of PB Jam leggings are made using a magenta wicking fabric from the Sewing Chest which is rather lovely against the skin & has a lovely amount of stretch.  The leopard swishes are just any old lycra – not a technical fabric.  Well I say “any old lycra”  but in truth it just happens to be the same lycra as I made my XYT workout top in – so I now have a coordinating set of running togs that are flaunting more than a hint of cheetah.  Maybe the cheetah will rub off into my psyche & I shall run with grace and break my personal land speed records.    OR kick the pants off some bad dude who is thwarting justice?


Anyway, I had tested the pattern using the not-to-be-shown flimsy fabric & so had a grasp of how it all fitted together, along with any adjustments for fit.  I knew that making them shorter as capri length would suit me & the time of year I would be wearing them in, so I just shortened the PB Jams to that they stopped at the end of the back knee contrast – I didn’t cut out the lower back leg piece below this.  I shortened the front lower leg using the knee notches for measuring & comparing against – hem at the bottom of the back knee piece was several inches underneath the knee notch – I made sure the front lower leg’s new hemline was the same distance below its knee notch.

pb jam leggings( & the remains of a clematis which we know will resurrect itself)

As with other Fehr Trade patterns (ie the XYT Top) the instructions are well illustrated & guide you through the construction which just looks more complicated than it actually is.  I mean these leggings are a wondrous jigsaw & the pieces really do fit together !  It’s amazing!  The only step I would urge taking extra care with is transferring notches & matching notches with the swirls to make sure you get them set in the legs the right way up.  I have made that mistake – it’s easily done!

pb jam leggings

I haven’t taken photos to show you, but you do know that there is a canny pocket secreted inside the upper back of the PB Jams that is cleverly constructed don’t you? & just the right size for a phone, or some keys & a gel or two.

pb jam leggings(More of a nose next door – I know you are curious)

So what do you think?  I haven’t actually worn my “lycra suit” out as a pair in public.  I am not really into matchy matchy plus it has not been warm enough yet.  I also think it looks a bit more “Olivia Newton John” than I can pull off.  But guys, I think you’re worth the whole pose.

pb jam leggings

And  in front of the gap in next door’s fence?  I did that for you too.  I had considered drawing some funny stuff on the photo so that there was a rare view of the hanging gardens of Babylon , but in the end my photo editing skills would be far too basic & would look like something a 4 year old could do better at.

pb jam leggings

Anyway, back to the PB Jams.  They have been worn & work well.  OK, so the cheetah legs have not materialised just yet but I am sure it is a matter of time.  You can get them right now as a download!  And you should see other versions that are springing up- clever use of fabrics.  I am planning to make a pair out of the same coloured fabric but use my overlocker’s rolled hem to create faux piping along the swirly seams.  They’d look a bit special I think.


31 thoughts on “PB Jam Leggings (capri length) with a hint of cheetah

  1. Debbie B

    A fabulous set, they’re the loveliest I’ve seen yet, not too matchy matchy at all, they look like a really expensive set of workout pieces.

  2. Kerry

    Honestly Winnie, you have the BEST running clothes. I bet you get lots of requests from your running mates to make them similarly cool gear! Also quodos for your brilliant photos 🙂

  3. Becky

    Oh, these are gorgeous! You should definitely wear them as a set for your next race! You would look faster, even if you weren’t! I love these. I will have to screw up my courage and see if I can make a set for the gym. Very cool, very cool!

  4. vintagerockchick

    Great leggings – worth all those fiddly pattern pieces.
    I can’t help thinking you should get that fence replaced though – before your neighbours call the authorities to have you taken away x

  5. Karen

    Perfect. The capris are brill too. Its warming up abit in Leeds now and full legs are a bit much. I dont have a lot of experience but you have given me the push now to just get on with it. Thank you K xXx

  6. maeve

    Hi Winnie

    I love these leggings, so much I’ve just gone to Sewing Chest and ordered some of that fabric, will use a different contrast. I’ve made & blogged the leggings and XYT top already and think they are both excellent patterns. Happy Running Winnie.

  7. Lady Stitcher

    These look great, and they work really well with the top (I don’t think they’re too matchy-matchy!). I love seeing what you’ve made for running and this look like another really useful sportswear pattern.

  8. Jane

    Ooh fab! Being the world’s most unfit person, I can’t see myself ever making them, but I can admire them on you! And thank you for the Thundercats reference, my brother was obsessed with them! x

  9. Gail

    This is an awesome set, and you should totally wear them together! It won’t be Olivia Newton John unless you also wear a matching headband. Please don’t do that.

  10. Laura

    This is an outstanding exercisual outfit!! I love a bit of leopard, you should definitely wear the set on your next big run event, it’s fabulous!

  11. Amanda

    You had me at Cheetarah! These are so damn cool!

    I’m going to aim for some She-ra themed leggings and together we can stride through cities looking fierce and 80s-tastic!

  12. LinB

    I can definitely see the resemblance to Cheetara. Go thou forth and run a purple streak down the highways and byways.

  13. Janet

    Oh wow. You have inspired me to make my own running kit. Awaiting all clear from my consultant after back surgery in December- assuming I get the go ahead to return to running, I am going to buy this pattern and some cheetah fabric to celebrate. Thanks for another fab post.

  14. Rebecca Pattydoo

    Ok, I’ve just been nosing through your workout outfit posts and saw the snakeskin first, which I thought was awesome, but now I have seen this combo and I WANT IT. Your workout wear is fab. It ALMOST makes me think sport could be fun. Almost…


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